SysTools Migrator – Technical Help (Google Vault to Office 365 Archive)

Common Pre-Requisites

  • There must be enough space to download the data.
  • Selected NTFS folder must have read-write permission.
  • G Suite admin user must have access to Google APIs.
  • Google project must be created to get Client ID and P12 file.
  • Domain-wide scopes must be provided for source domains.
  • The destination account should be having a valid license.
  • Provide the UPN for Office 365 admin user.
  • The destination domain should be having Mail.ReadWrite(Graph) , Mail.ReadWrite, full_access_as_app(Exchange) , permissions granted on the Azure project.

Features (Supported & Not Supported)

Feature Point Description
Demo Version License 2 Users
Date Filter From - To supported (on Send/received date)
Folder Structure Not Supported [Mails will be migrated in Archive / _Archive]
Special Characters / Foreign Language Names For Mail Items Supported
Deleted Items Supported
Subject, To, Multiple To, Cc, Multiple Cc, Bcc , Multiple Bcc Supported
Read/Unread Status Every mail will have Unread status
Flags Not Supported
Conversation Threads Supported
Mail Timestamp Retention Mail Sent/Received times maintained. Drafts created timestamp
Maximum Mail Size 25 MB
PST Download path Program Data
Starred, Important, scheduled, spam, snooze Not Supported
Categories Not supported
Labels Not supported
Chats Not supported
Drive Attachments migration Not supported
Calendar Invitations Supported
Delta Migration Not supported
Retry Failed Supported
Rerun full Migration Supported
Summary Report Supported
Detailed Report Supported
Enable Multiple Accounts (Settings window) Not Supported
Delegated Mailbox Not Supported
Collaborative Mailbox Not Supported

Known Issues

Issue Reason
Mail count get mismatched in Processed Item table count and Destination account. When migration stop & resume with applying Date filter. We are setting MessageId as ItemId and duplicate mails contains same MessageId. So in database it creates only single entry for each MessageId.
Time not coming properly for corrupted mails; which we are migrating on one drive. DateTime is setting from MIME content and we are not editing the mime content.
It sets last received time for the email item. (For the emails having Invalid MIME) DateTime is setting from MIME content and we are not editing the mime content. (office 365 shows received time )


Google Vault API :$discovery/rest?version=v1

Graph API :

Third Party Libraries

DotNetZip : For Zip Extraction.

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