Step-by-Step Method to Perform Gmail Incremental Backup

Tej Pratap Shukla | Published: 2020-08-13T11:04:05+00:00 | Tips|

Occasionally taking backup of your Gmail account is a good practice. It help uses to always have an updated backup copy. But, downloading all emails every time when a user wants to take backup is a wastage of time as well as local storage space. No user wants to waste their time downloading of same emails again, just to backup new emails. So to handle such an issue, Gmail incremental backup is required.

Sadly Gmail doesn’t provide an incremental backup facility in their Google Takeout service. However, the good thing is a third-party tool such as SysTools Gmail Backup Tool is especially desired software to handle complex tasks. It provides an Increment Backup feature that allows users to download new emails in the next attempt of backup.

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How Incremental Backup Works?

After taking backup of emails once, the Gmail backup software stores a log file into the local computer. This log file contains the indexes of data that have been download. At the next time of backup, the tool will check for all emails in the Gmail account that are already downloaded in the last attempt using logfile & skip them. It only downloads new emails that are not present at the time of the last backup attempt. The good thing is, the tool will not take any time in checking all the emails. The software will quickly fetch log files and mark the indexes of already downloaded emails and provides backup without any interruption or delay.

How to Use Gmail Incremental Backup of Tool?

Apart from just Increment backup, the backup tool also provides a folder filter. Users can enable the folder filter to use the incremental backup on a particular Gmail folder. The tool provides easy to use interface that doesn’t require any technical knowledge for working. Just by using a single button, any user can enable these features of the tool. Following are the working steps perform incremental backup of Gmail account:

1. Download and Launch the Backup utility

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2. Login into the tool using Gmail account id & password.

3. Select the Category of data you need to backup

4. Browse the destination location to store backup data

5. Click on the “Increment Backup” button to enable the feature.

Gmail incremental backup

6. Apply Folder filter or ‘Delete After Download’ feature (Optional)

7. Finally, click on the Start button to begin the Gmail incremental backup.


It’s better to opt for technologies that work in favor of users. Taking backup of all emails, again and again, is unnecessary wastage of user time and their local storage space. To protect users from such troubles we have explained an advance utility that provides an Incremental backup facility. This feature helps in skipping already backup data in the last attempt and only download new emails from the Gmail account.

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