IMM Viewer

Free Incredimail IMM Viewer to Open IMM Emails & Convert into Outlook PST File

  • Independent Platform to View IMM Emails with Attachments.
  • Provide Option to Convert IncrediMail IMM to Outlook PST file
  • Check out Properties of Message in Different Types of Mail Views.
  • Read Multiple IMM Files in Single Interface with Complete Details.
  • Facility to Recover Permanently Deleted Messages from IMM Files.
  • Incredimail Installation is not required for Opening IMM Files.

List of Key Features in IMM Viewer Software

Read Email

Read Emails with Attachments

IMM Viewer gives a solution for opening and reading IMM emails and their attachments without availability of Incredimail. The tool has built-in previewer embedded in it that allows viewing a message with properties like Sender, Receiver, Date, or Size of Mail in KB etc. And you can export IMM file to PST file.

imm to pst conversion

Convert IMM to PST

As single IMM file is created corresonding to each folder, thus this IncrediMail to PST Converter export all IMM files in batch & helps you to access in MS Outlook. The tool automatically scan the IMM file & process entire IMM files in the pipeline for the IMM to PST File Conversion process.

auto locate and scan

Automated IMM Folder Locating

Interface of the software is designed for user convenience. Once the IMM file is added and scanned, the software keeps the track of file and its contents. When the case is opened, the same file contents will be loaded and can be previewed within the tool.

apply email filter

Search Option to Filter Emails

If a particular mail has to be filtered out from multiple IMM files, the 'Search' feature in the IMM File Viewer can be used. Using relevant keywords for message body or attachments, it is possible to extract the needed email from number of IMM files displayed in software' preview pane.

sort items

IMM File Sorting by Attributes

After the Incredimail IMM files are loaded into the tool, they can be sorted on the basis of attributes like sent date, received date, size, subject, Sender, and Receiver. Along with this, for every mail, the software will generate MD5 hash (hexadecimal value).

switch  view  mode

Choose Preview Modes in Tool

The tool includes horizontal and vertical preview screen. By default, horizontal screen is activated but it can be switched to vertical mode according to the suitability.

multiple preview

View Emails in Different Styles

For every email in IMM file, the software will generate different types of message views. Hex, Header, HTML, RTF, MIME, Property view of the mails can be checked within the tool. This quality of the .imm File Reader can be a help in digital examination of Incredimail messages.

Basic Information about IMM Files

Incredimail 2.0 is a desktop mail client that stores its email folder data into single mail folder with IMM extension. IMM files are created by the application till its configuration on Windows XP platform. These single mail files gets saved into following location:


Under the Identities folder, a user have to navigate to "Identities\{longstring}\Message Store" folder where individual IMM folder file will be saved as Inbox.imm, Sent.imm, Outbox.imm, Draft.imm & so on.

Advantages of IMM Viewer:

Platform Independency to Read IMM Files:

Every file is opened by a default application. To open and view IMM emails, it is important to have Incredimail installed in the machine. But there are scenarios where this default application is unavailable and this free IMM viewer program proves helpful. For example:

  • Incredimail crashed or it is in non-working mode.
  • IMM Emails are backed up and Incredimail is no more in use.
  • Emails in IMM format are received for compliance but Incredimail is unavailable.

Examination through IMM File Viewer:

Incredimail is globally accepted mail client for its creative interface, simplicity in usage, and spam-filtering qualities. For its qualitative features, it is used across the works for emailing. Its data files, i.e. IMM files can be used for analysis of email data.

The mail views in the tool gives a detailed information about the messages that ranges from its header and hex for routing data, the properties and MIME view for technical details of the mail, normal and attachments view for basic info of the mail etc. And also gives the options to export Incredimail to Outlook PST file

IMM Viewer Screenshots

Unified Platform to Read .imm Emails & Convert into Outlook PST File

IMM Viewer tool
Step 1: Browse IMM File
normal mail view
Step 2: Open & View IMM File
hex view of IMM email
Step 3: Hex View of IMM Email
export options
Step 4: Export IMM to PST
Watch Live Video of IMM Viewer

A Complete Guide for Viewing IMM File & Converting IncrediMail to Outlook PST

IMM Viewer Software Specifications
IMM Viewer box

Size: 31.9 MB Version: 1.0

Trial Limitations

IMM Viewer only preview 50 Emails.

Download IMM Viewer

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free hard disk space

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 7/8/8.1, 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • MS Outlook – Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010(32/64 bit), 2013 (32/64 bit), 2016 (32-bit)
  • IncrediMail – 2.0 Version
Frequently Asked Question
How many .imm files can I open in this free Incredimail viewer?

In single running instance of the tool, only one IMM file can be opened with the tool. An IMM files can be selected and the emails in it can be previewed.

For what time period can I use this tool?

The software is absolutely free. Once downloaded and installed on machine, it can be used for lifetime.

Do I need to have a special requisite to run the tool?

No, the software can run on normal Windows OS configuration. Plus, the added advantage is it is a platform independent tool that call for no Incredimail configuration for read imm mails.

Can I save IMM files locally?

No, the software is meant for open imm file and previewing the IMM file contents. It does not allow saving the data on machine.

Is there any difference in software license for personal use or for business?

The software is free and thus it can be downloaded and installed on any number of machines within an organization. There is no licensing criteria as such.

Can I install this tool on Windows Vista?

Yes, the tool is developed for Windows OS and thus it can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, and later editions.

Could I Export .imm file to another file format from this Tool?

Yes, you could export .imm file to .pst file .

What Clients Say

Until I spotted this tool, I did not know it is so easy to view IMM files without Incredimail. The tool is fast and so accurate. Its free availability and no adware made it my favorite file viewer program I have downloaded so far. Such a masterpiece.

Donna Martin

Free software range of your company is a part of our Administrator toolkit and this time we have added this IMM Viewer program to it. The best part of the viewer tools is they show the data and its properties effectively that makes basic analysis very easy.

Joseph Perez
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