Know the Best Solution to Import Phone Numbers from Excel to Gmail

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Do you want to import phone numbers from Excel to Gmail? Unfortunately, are you not aware of the manual process to do the same? Then, you are fortuitous indeed as you are reading the correct blog. In this write-up, we will focus mainly on the steps to import mobile numbers from an Excel spreadsheet to Gmail in a most comprehensive way.

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Need to Transfer Excel Contacts to Gmail

Gmail being a user-friendly and free email application, it is used widely across the globe for both personal and business usage. Many times, contacts or phone numbers play an important role in one’ life. Moreover, users do not want to lose them in any way due to any technical or human errors in the future. Hence, it is important to backup or creates another copy to some reliable platform like Google Contacts. Apart from that, a user can upload phone numbers from Excel to Gmail in several ways as they can easily call or send emails from your Office computer.

Quick Tip: If you want to transfer Excel contacts to vCard Google Account without any data corruption issue, then it is recommended to use SysTools Excel to vCard Software. With this tool, you can easily convert Excel XLS, XLSX contacts to vCard .vcf file and then import into the Gmail account.

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As a result, there comes a circumstance wherein users look out to know the procedure to import mobile numbers from an Excel spreadsheet to Gmail. As Gmail provides an inbuilt facility to import the phone numbers in CSV format, hence it becomes easy to do the process in a hassle-way way.

Let’s have a quick glance at the below-described user-scenario to understand in a broad manner,

“Please help! Being a Sales Manager, I have some important phone numbers of my clients which I want to move them into my Gmail account. This will help me to sync a copy of my important contacts saved in excel spreadsheet to Gmail so that even if I lose any of the phone numbers I need not have to worry. Is there some way out to transfer phone numbers saved in an excel format to a Gmail profile?”

Manual Trick to Import Phone Numbers from Excel to Gmail?

In order to implement the process manually, the first one needs to create an excel file with all the phone numbers and later save the excel file in CSV format. Secondly, import the CSV file to a Gmail profile.

Step 1: Create a CSV File

  • Initially, enter the details like Phone number, First name, Last name, Email address and other details in MS Excel
  • Once the Excel file is created consisting of contact details, save the Excel file as CSV format to import phone numbers from excel spreadsheet to Gmail

Tip: In case the excel file, which carries the most crucial data is corrupted, then simply make use of Excel Recovery tool. It is a trustworthy and hassle-free tool, which not only repair corruptions from the Excel file but also performs the operation to recover data from the damaged excel file.

Step 2: Import CSV File to Gmail

  • To begin with, sign-in to the Gmail account. For that, provide the credentials i.e., Username and Password in the appropriate fields
  • Now, click on Google apps icon, from there select Contacts
  • Then, click Import Contacts to import phone numbers from excel to Gmail

select import option

  • After this, Import contacts wizard will appear, from there click on Choose file button and select the CSV file, which contains the phone numbers and other details to import into Google contacts

Import Phone Numbers from Excel to Gmail

  • Once the CSV file is uploaded, click the Import button to successfully import phone numbers from excel to Gmail
  • It will take some time to get uploaded into the Gmail account based on the data saved in the CSV file

Do You Know About Automated Solution to Transfer Excel Contacts to Gmail?

Apart from CSV format, Google contacts can support vCard file format. Even if the phone numbers are saved in Excel format, one can smoothly convert Excel Spreadsheet to vCard format using the SysTools Excel to VCF Conversion tool. Moreover, the vCard format is also supported in different email applications like Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, AOL Mail, Hotmail, etc.

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Let’s Sum Up

In today’s era, phone numbers or contacts play a crucial role. However, we cannot survive without it, therefore it is important to backup the contacts to prevent from data loss. One can import phone numbers from excel to Gmail profile, so that they can access a backup copy in Gmail, if in case the actual data is lost. In this blog, we have described its steps in a clear manner, which anyone can easily implement and do the needful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I import contacts from excel to Google contacts?

A. In order to transfer excel contacts to Google Contacts, you can convert Excel to VCF file and then import the contacts into Google Gmail account. To do so, you can take the help of Excel Files to vCard files conversion tool.

Q. Can I convert multiple contacts from an Excel sheet to Gmail?

A. Yes, the mentioned automated tool will help you to export multiple contacts from the Excel spreadsheet to Gmail account.

Q. How can I transfer contacts from Excel to Gmail Manually?

A. To transfer the Excel contacts list to the Gmail account, first, you need to export Excel to CSV file and then import the CSV file into Gmail.

Q. How do I import phone numbers into Google Contacts?

A. There are multiple ways to import phone numbers into Gmail Contacts. You can use your Sim Card, Bluetooth, Cloud Storage, and other third-party utilities to do the same.