How to Import PST into Gmail For Business Without Assistance of MS Outlook

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Are you trying to import PST into Gmail For Business on Mac or Windows? Do not know the method to export Outlook data file items into G Suite account? Have you stuck with the problem to import Outlook to Business Gmail account? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you the perfect solution on how to import .pst files to Gmail for Business without Outlook account. So, if you are eager to learn about PST to G Suite Gmail migration, then read this article till the end.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best desktop-oriented email clients. This application provides an option to manage your emails and add multiple different accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. in it. However, Outlook is a flexible program, so users can move and copy emails from its folder to any other accounts. This process allows you to synchronize email messages and export all emails from Outlook to Gmail for Business account.

As we all know, G Suite Gmail  is the most widely used webmail service provided by Google. Plus, it can be easily accessed from any device from any location. This is the reason, due to which users want to export PST file in it. So, they can easily work with Google Apps along with Outlook data. Therefore, in this write-up, a step-by-step solution to import .pst file(s) to Gmail domain account without the assistance of Outlook client is illustrated.

So, let’s get started!

User’s Query to Understand Why User Need to Migrate Outlook Data into Gmail For Business

I have both G Suite and Outlook account. Both accounts are necessary for me. But, at the time of travelling, I am unable to access my Outlook emails. So, I want to import my PST file that includes the data Emails, contacts, contacts group, and calendar appointments into Gmail for Business account. Can you please suggest me any reliable method to import PST into domain Gmail account ?

In order to resolve this problem, we have come up with this blog. Here, we are going to disclose a reliable and easy workaround for the same.

How to Import PST to Gmail For Business Without Outlook – Full Guide

If you are looking for a solution to import PST emails, then SysTools Outlook to G Suite Migration Tool works as a reliable way to move or export emails, contacts, and calendars from PST file to G Suite Gmail account. Also, the software comes as an effective solution, which can easily import ‘n’ number of PST files into multiple Google account in a single attempt. Apart from this, there are many advantages of this tool which makes it different from other application.

It can import Password Secured PST file, Minimum Corrupted Outlook data file, ANSI & UNICODE PST, Network PST file easily in Gmail for Business account regardless of its file size without any error. In fact, the tool has a free version that can be easily downloaded from this button.

Free Outlook to G Suite Migrator Purchase Now

Moreover, the utility has feature to import selective data items from PST file using Data filter option. User can use this functionality and migrate a particular time interval of Outlook messages and calendar entries into Google Mail or G Suite account. One can also apply filters on Email attachment and contacts and import desired data from PST file.  In addition, it supports .pst file of every version of Outlook i.e. MS Outlook 2019 , 2016 , 2013 , 2010 , 2007 and all other lower versions.

Some Other Prominent Features of the Utility

  • Simply Upload, Analyze, and Import multiple PST into Gmail G Suite  account within a few clicks.
  • Application allows to migrate either the selective or bulk data to the Gmail For Business account from Outlook PST.
  • You are allowed to setup & access this tool with all versions of Windows platforms and Outlook.
  • Facility to migrate contacts stored in PST file to Gmail domain account. To know more, refer this impeccable blog – How to import Outlook contacts to Google Gmail 
  • Support Incremental migration of Outlook data file into desired Google Apps account to save time & effort.
  • Proficient to import PST Calendar into Google Mail account and access remotely. Check this blog to know how to do this – Guide to Sync Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar
  • By using this utility, you can preserve the data integrity in exact form even after moving into the Gmail for Business account.
  • A standalone program to execute the conversion process of PST into Gmail for Business account easily without Outlook application.
  • Import PST file into all G Suite plans such as G Suite Basic, G Suite for Business / Enterprise / Education / Enterprise for Education.

How Does the Tool Works & Import PST to Gmail For Business?

There are some steps given below, which will help you to understand the working of Outlook to G Suite Migrator Utility to migrate PST files into it without Outlook application in a simple way. In fact, you can also view the working of software.

Import PST File to Gmail G Suite Account- Steps

  1. Open Outlook to G Suite Migration Software.
  2. Select PST file for the process.
  3. Input Google account credentials in which .pst will migrate.
  4. Click on Export.

Understand all these steps in detailed manner along with pictorial representation. 

Guide to Import PST into Gmail For Business Via. Tool

Step 1:- First of all, install and launch the software.

install software

Step 2:- After that, choose any of these options to add the Outlook data in the tool.
1. Add File
2. Add Folder
3. Add CSV

Add / upload PST file

Step 3:- After adding the required source PST files, click on the Next button.

Step 4:– Now, you need to enter the credentials of Gmail Business account for each PST file to be imported and validate it by clicking on Login button.

Step 5:- Further, you can choose the categories like Emails , Contacts , Calendars that you want to export.

import PST contacts to Gmail

Step 6:- If you want to import emails between specific date ranges, then you can set the particular date range according to your requirement. For this, you need to enter the specific date range , then click on Apply button.

Step 7:- You can also Import the contacts without any duplicate entries. For this, you need to check the option “Exclude Duplicate Contacts”.

Step 8:- After selecting the required filters, click on the Export Button to start the process of migration.

Import PST into Gmail

Step 9:- Now, the tool also provides you with Pause & Resume feature to Pause migration & then resume from the same point.

PST to Gmail Migration Done

Step 10:- In the next step, you can preview the status of export process within Export Report Window. Once the migration process is completed a prompt is generated “Export Process completed successfully”. Then click on “OK” button.

Successful Migration

Step 11:- Finally, click on the Save Report Button to save the generated Migration Report in CSV Format.

Save Export report

Wrapping Up

Gmail for Business  is  a more preferred mail service than Outlook because of its advanced facilities. Due to which, most of the users wants to import .pst files into it. Thus, we have discussed the trouble-free solution to easily import PST into Google Apps Gmail without MS Outlook client. Apart from this, we have also explained the step-by-step procedure to import contacts , emails , calendars from PST file to designated account in an effective way without consuming much time.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q – How Can I transfer 15 GB PST file into G Suite Gmail account?
A – PST to Gmail Import tool allows to migrate any size of PST file into custom domain Gmail account.

Q – How do I import PST Contacts Group into G Suite contacts?
A – Simply, you need to select the Category of Contact during migration using the Outlook to G Suite Migration Tool.

Q – How to import PST to Business Gmail Mac?
A – With the utility, you cannot move data on Mac platform as it is a Windows based utility.

Q – Can I use this GSMMO without the assistance of Outlook?
A – No, G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GSMMO) has a pre-condition that MS Outlook application must be installed in the system.