SysTools DXL Viewer FREEWARE

Open, Read & View DXL Email Messages without Lotus Notes Installation

  • Open & view DXL files along with rich-text elements & attachments
  • No file number or file size limitation implemented on reading DXL file
  • Automatically search all Lotus Notes DXL files in a machine
  • Lotus Notes Installation is not required to view DXL file messages

List of Key Features in SysTools DXL File Viewer Freeware

open and view olm file

Open and View DXL File

The DXL file viewer allows you to open and view Lotus Notes DXL file messages along with attachments. The software generates an instant preview of all the emails with associated properties like; To, From, Cc, Subject, sent date, received date, file size in KB. Also for attachments like images, PDF, documents etc.

scan and preview items

Auto Scan and Load

As you launch the software, it will show a Windows explorer style interface. You can simply expand the folder having DXL files and software will automatically load emails after a quick scanning. This automated search option will help you load the DXL file even if you do not know its exact location.

save scanned olm file

Sort Emails with Attributes

After scanning the file, software will list its messages along with attributes. Now, if want you can easily sort all the emails by its properties like;sender email address, subject of email, to date, sent date, file receive date, and the size in KB. Sorting will help you rearrange the emails in any order suiting your convenience.

retain complete meta data

Switch Screen View Mode

The DXL file viewer allows you to change screen view mode of the software. You can change from vertical view to horizontal view or vice versa. By default, the software screen view mode remains horizontal and can be switched into vertical, as per the need.

save scanned olm file

No Lotus Notes Installation

In order to open and read DXL files without Lotus Notes installation, DXL file viewer is an appropriate solution. This tool can be installed on any machine with or without IBM Notes and can open and view multiple DXL files along with attachments. Thus, DXL file viewer is an independent tool, which can be used to open Lotus Notes DXL file messages.

retain complete meta data

Simple Graphical Interface

The software is made extremely simple so that even a novice can easily use it without having prior technical know how about it. Its Windows explorer style interface makes it more user-friendly and helps in searching messages automatically within the machine.

DXL File Viewer Tool Screenshots
dxl viewer software
Step 1: DXL File Viewer Software
preview dxl file content
Step 2: Preview DXL File Content
preview email attachments
Step 3: Preview Email Attachments
switch view mode
Step 4: Switch View Mode
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Download DXL File Viewer Software
dxl viewer pro

Size: 8.7 MB Version: 2.0

Download DXL Viewer Software

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Question
Can I use the tool on Window 8 machine?

Yes, you can use the tool on WIndows 8 machine or any Windows OS machine.

Can I export DXL email to any file format other than PDF?

No. Software supports exporting email file to PDF file format only. You cannot export DXL email to any other file format.

Is Adobe Acrobat installation necessary for DXL Viewer Pro?

No. There is no requirement of Adobe Acrobat for software to run.

Will this DXL Viewer Pro version work on Windows 8.1?

Yes. Software is compatible with all the Windows versions including Windows 8.1.

Is there any restriction on number or size of emails to be exported?

No. You can convert multiple emails of DXL file without any restriction on size of emails.

How are attachments of DXL emails going to be saved?

PDF files to which your DXL emails will get converted will have clips which can link to the attachments of that email.

Why are documents of DXL file, not visible in DXL viewer?

Software supports preview of DXL emails only. Export option is also available for emails only.

Is Lotus Notes application mandatory for DXL Viewer Pro application?

No. Lotus Notes installation is not required in the system to run this software.

What Clients Say

I never knew that DXL files could be viewed without the Lotus Notes environment. But this freeware has stunned me with its potential. It's absolutely great to have such a tool. Its handy yet free of cost!

Trevor Garza, Italy

The best thing about this application was that, I didn't have to search or load the files manually. The software already has a provision to automatically look for the DXL files on the machine and load them! Great tool.

Alma Walton, US

Upgrade to Advance Level – Lotus Notes DXL File Viewer Pro

open and view olm file

Export DXL Emails to PDF

Domino Lotus Notes DXL file email content can be exported to PDF file using the Export option with the upgraded version of DXL file viewer pro. Thus emails can be saved in a readable, secured, and printable file format along with the attachments which will be saved as clips in PDF file.

scan and preview items

Search Option Available

The Pro version is also having an integrated Search function using which an email can be traced according to a keyword. Using this search facility one can search within email body or subject line and also through more particular objective like; Search by "From" or "To" under different criteria.

save scanned olm file

Effective Sorting Option

To achieve organized alignment of email items, tool provides an option to sort DXL fileaccording to its technical properties. These properties comprise; subject, sent date, received date, size in KB, etc. This helps to perform analysis on DXL and afterwards one can perform export to PDF file.

retain complete meta data

Offers Selective Export

Software allows making selections for the emails using which one can perform selective export to PDF file. This can be done by checking the emails boxes, and only the checked DXL emails or ticked emails will be converted to PDF files maintaining the data integrity and properties of emails.

save scanned olm file

File Naming Conventions

Tool provides a distinguished way of saving multiple emails as PDF files. This can be done using the naming conventions offered. There are seven different naming convention options. By default emails will be saved as subject of email item. To change it one has to choose another convention.

retain complete meta data

Choose Own Destination

The Domino Lotus Notes DXL file emails exported to PDF files can be saved at desired and pre-allocated location. This can be done using Browse option and providing the location where exported PDF files will be saved. Tool also allows creating new folder at location of user's choice.

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