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 Extract data from Office 365

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SysTools Office 365 img

Completely Extract Data from Office 365 Account in img

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  • Derive Office 365 mailboxes in img file type
  • Retrieve different components of O365 like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks etc.
  • A distinct feature of Login for Admin for several Exchange Online accounts
  • Users can extract Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes in different file formats
  • Option to regain limited and precise data falling within a specific date range
    The software provides multiple naming Convention Options : AutoIncrement, Subject, Subject_From, Subject_Date(DD-MM-YYYY), Subject_From_Date(DD-MM-YYYY), Date(DD-MM-YYYY)_From_Subject,Date(YYYY-MM-DD)_Subject, Date(YYYY-MM-DD)_Subject_From etc.
  • Adaptive with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 10
    Provides support for latest Windows 10, 8, 7 & below versions are supported.

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Explanatory Features of Office 365 img Tool

Retieve Office 365 Mailbox Data with Office 365 Extractor Software

Fetch Data From Office 365

Fetch Data From Office 365

The Office 365 Extractor tool gets the Office 365 mailboxes and restyles them to different file extensions. The utility is smart enough to extract data from Office 365 to the user accounts in the local machine. In addition to emails, other elements like contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc., are also regained with help of Office 365 mailbox Extractor.

Extract O365 Data

Extract O365 Data in Different File Type

The Office 365 mail Extractor application facilitates the user to extract Office 365 mailbox and restores them in different file formats: img formats. It equips the user to get individual Microsoft O365 emails together with attachment files. However, MS img installation and configuration is mandatory for the working of the tool

Extract Only Specific Data

Alternative to Extract Only Specific Data

Office 365 Extractor tool provides a choice to fetch only a limited amount of data instead of extracting the entire O365 mailbox. A user has to select the checkbox located beside the desired mailbox or other components in order to extract data from Office 365. This feature is of great use. It is not only a time-saving approach but, forbids irrelevant extraction

Retrieve O365 Data

Retrieve O365 Data within Specific Dates

Office 365 email extractor permits the user to screen out the data before regaining the data from the Exchange Online account. There is an option within Office 365 Extractor Software to select some specific data lying within a definite date range. A user has to enter the “To” and “From” field to filter data. This is a unique feature to avoid the unnecessary data when you extract Office 365 mailbox.

Pause & Resume

Pause & Resume at Any Instant of Time

The process to extract data from Office 365 can be stopped as many times as needed. To continue the operation, a user needs to click the Resume button. There is no requirement to start the process from the beginning every time it is paused. This feature is demanded when internet bandwidth is needed for other tasks too. Moreover, no changes are made in email formatting.

Several Naming Techniques

Offers Several Naming Techniques

The files, emails and other components extracted from Office 365 can be saved in different formats with the help of Office 365 Extractor Tool. A variety of naming convention is available like AutoIncrement, Subject, Subject_Date, Subject_From, Date_From_Subject, Date_Subject_From and many other combinations. Moreover, there are different formats to enter a date also.

mutltiple copies

Create Multiple Copies of Extracted Data

When an administrator login to the account, he/she can take multiple copies of the retrieved Office 365 data. To restore the data in img format, it demands an E3 license accredited to the company’s domain. Therefore, it is must to know admin details. Also, admins should be able to access OWA from the local server.

Note : Admin account of Office365 must be impersonated before migration

Status Report

Produces Current Status Report

The Office 365 mailbox extractor generates the status report during the process to extract data from Office 365. The final report generated at the end of extraction contains the necessary details like user ID, email count, calendar count, contact and task count. Also, a progress tick is present at the end which symbolizes the successful retrieval of Office 365 data items.

Office 365 Mailbox Extractor Screenshots

Office 365 Data Extractor tool
Step 1: Install & Login Office 365 Extractor Software
office 365 login
Step 2: Enter Office 365 Login Credentials
choose office 365 folders
Step 3: Extract Office 365 mailbox to multiple file formats
retrieve office 365 data
Step 4: Successfully Extract Data from Office 365 Account

Watch Live Video of Office 365 Mail Extractor Tool

Office 365 Extractor Tool Software Specifications

Office 365 extractor tool

Size: 18.9 MB Version: 3.0

Trial Limitations

Demo of Office 365 Extractor software exports only first 100 emails and first 25 other items to img (only email messages) format

Download Office 365 Export

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

  • Operating System: Windows 10 & all below versions
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent
  • RAM: Around 2 GB of RAM
  • Hard Disk: Minimum 34 MB space is required for installation

Other Requirements

Any one of the following is required :

  • MS img 2016/2013/2010/2007 is necessary to Export Office 365 data into img .
  • Microsoft Azure Active directory module for Windows Power shell.
  • Microsoft Online Services Assistant setup
    Microsoft Online Services Assistant setup allows users to sign in & authenticate to Microsoft Online Services like Office 365 without any need to re enter credentials again.

Note : Admin account of Office365 must be impersonated for Admin Account Migration watch video

Frequently Asked Question

Is it required to have the administrative credentials to fetch the data from Office 365 account?

No, to extract data from Office 365 mailboxes with help of Office 365 Extractor Tool, there is no need to know admin credentials. It can be done on an individual level as well. Admin credentials are required when any user appeals to extract Office 365 numerous accounts. But, if you have to retrieve a single O365 account, admin credentials are not demanded.

Does your Office 365 mail Extractor tool provide the feature to regain only some data and excluding the others?

Can your product save the extracted data to the shared drive on a network?

Yes,the Office 365 mail Extractor utility manages to store the extracted Office 365 data in the shared folder with prerequisite permissions.

Is the installation of Microsoft img a prerequisite to retrieve Office 365 mailboxes?

There are almost 1000 mailboxes in my Office 365 account. I have to extract them but, I have uninstalled my Microsoft img. Can this tool work in absence of the img environment?

No, MS img installation is required for working of Office 365 Extractor Tool.

How will I know if any of my emails are not extracted using this utility?

After the process to extract data from Office 365, a complete export report is generated. It will show a tick sign if there is 100% extraction, otherwise not.

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What Clients Say

Office 365 mail Extractor is a useful program. I have been using it for last 3 months and its performance is really very nice. The installation process is very easy. The user interface of the product is very simple. The features listed were genuine. This tool has made it very easy to extract Office 365 emails.

Sarah Gordon, Croatia

It is the professional tool to retrieve Office 365 data. It impressed me on multiple levels. No doubt, the tool yields very effective results in a very short duration of time. Moreover, the support team is very technical and offers a good customer service. Great job.

Gary Goodwin, Venezuela

The Office 365 extractor tool is a simple but intelligent tool. It saves a lot of time and effort to extract data from Office 365. It was the only tool that we were lacking previously. Thanks to the development team for making it painless, pleasant and most importantly hassle-free.

Jeremiah Klein, China

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