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Exports Data from Office 365 Mailbox to ext0 / EML / MSG / MBOX / PDF

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  • Extracts Data from Office 365 into ext / EML / MSG / MBOX / PDF File Type
  • Exports Emails, Contacts, and Calendars from MS Office 365 User Accounts
  • Exports Office 365 Shared Mailboxes & In-Place Archive Mailboxes Locally
  • Offer Date & Category Filter to Export Important Data First from Office 365
  • Maintains Read / Unread Status of Office 365 Emails After Export Process
  • Offer Naming Convention Option While Exporting Office 365 Emails Locally
  • Splitsext1 File Option available during export process of Office 365 mailboxes
  • Exports Multiple O365 Users Mailbox Data Using Admin Credentials In One Go
  • Generates Export Report & Allow to Save in CSV File Format
  • Office 365 Export Tool Supports Majorly All MS Office 365 Subscription Plans
  • Adaptive with the Latest Versions of Microsoft Windows OS

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Why SysTools Office 365 Export Tool is the First Choice of Administrators?

Date Filter
email format and domain name
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 Re-Run Export
Re-Run Export
Re-Run Export

SysTools Office 365 Mailbox Export Tool

Why Folks Prefer Tools Over Manual Solution?

Interestingly, there is no specific method provided by Microsoft to download Office 365 mailboxes data on local system. eDiscovery is used to search and hold the content of Office 365 for legal purposes. It also allows users to move the searched content into ext9 format on local environment. However, the eDiscovery Export tool also has various shortcomings, making it unfit to handle the crucial data of Office 365 primary and shared mailboxes.

Major Reasons to Avoid Traditional eDiscovery Approach

  • To use the eDiscovery tool in Office 365, the user account should have Discovery Management role group permission. Without this permission, no one can use In-Place eDiscovery tool and find content in Exchange online environment. As a result, no data can be transferred from Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes.
  • If user is working on Internet Explorer 9.0 or earlier without the assistance of .Net Framework 4.5 and tries to download Office 365 eDiscovery Export tool, then, the following error is experienced by the user: ‘Cannot Download the application. The application is missing required files. Contact application vendor for assistance.’
  • On a fundamental level, Microsoft Office 365 E3 or above plan is required to take the full advantage of Advanced e-Discovery Tool across SharePoint mailboxes, Exchange online, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business. Additionally, you must to have Exchange Online Plan 2 license to hold mailboxes content.
  • Slow retrieval of data from large-sized mailboxes is a common problem faced by users of the eDiscovery tool. Due to the large volume of data, the tool may also return irrelevant search results. These limitations force the user to re-run the search process repeatedly to export accurate search results.
  • Many times, when users try to extracts data from Office 365 mailboxes on the local system, the file downloads with the following errors:
    • Office 365 eDiscovery export tool not working
    • Office 365 eDiscovery search failed
  • In order to save the searched content from Office 365, the system should have the following configuration:
    • The machine should run on Windows 7 or above operating system
    • Installation of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7 application is required
    • Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 10 or above must be used as the browser

Choose Office 365 Export Tool Over Manual Method

  • To extract data from Office 365 mailboxes, the software only needs O365 Administrator or User account credentials. After that, the user has to select some option and the rest of the process takes place automatically. So, there is no requirement to assign specific role to download O365 mailbox data in ext3EML, MBOX, PDF & MSG format.
  • SysTools Office 365 Export Software can be downloaded using any browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Thus, there is no Web browser dependency to use this tool.
  • Office 365 mailboxes, archive mailboxes, and shared mailboxes can be downloaded in ext4EML, or MSG format from all subscription plan. Further, the tool supports Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 A1, Office 365 A3, Office A5, Office 365 F1, Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online Plan 2, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Enterprise E1, E2, and E5.
  • The resultant file whether it is in the ext5EML, MSG, MBOX or PDF is completely error-free. User can easily import the output file in its supportive mail client and access its content.
  • With this Office 365 email export tool, users are free to select any data folder like Mails, Calendars, Contacts, or Archive Mailbox and export its items on the local machine in the desired file format.
  • The tool also allows users to download only some specific data from the Office 365 mailbox folder instead of archiving the entire data by using the Date Filter option.
  • The Office 365 Mailbox Export tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 (64-bit).

Which Data Components Can Be Extracted From Office 365 Mailboxes?

Email Messages All email messages export along with their complete meta- data properties. The read or unread status of the mails is also maintained.
Mail Attachment All email attachments i.e. documents and files will be migrated.
Folder Attachments of Cloud Location Attachments from all the folders, such as Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Junk Email, Search Folders, RSS Feeds, Calendar, and Contacts are extracted.

Note: It will recreate the original folder structure.

Category & Priority The tool keeps the original Category and Priority the same after the export process.
Mail Folders The structure of all the email folders remains intact after being downloaded on the local system.
Date Filter Data items falling between a specific period can be exported instead of the entire mailbox.
Calendar Recurring Appointment Series and Appointments are exported along with their Start Date, End Date, Subject, Location, and Category during Office 365 export process into ext14 & MSG file types.
Calendar Attachments Files documents, and cloud attachments like OneDrive links are downloaded with their respective event, appointment dates, and other configured details.
Reminders The tool, by default, saves appointment reminder settings.
Contacts The Email Address, Mobile Number, Work Address, Home Address, and Location associated with a single contact are extracted.

Explanatory Features of Office 365 Export Tool

Export Office 365 Emails, Contacts, Calendar, & Archive Mailbox Emails with Office 365 Extractor

Export Multiple Office 365 Mailboxes

Export Multiple Office 365 Mailboxes

The Office 365 Extractor tool is developed in such a manner that you can export multiple O365 user mailboxes into Outlook ext6 EML, MSG, MBOX and PDF file format in one go. You only need to login as Office 365 administrator in the tool and save all the mailboxes data, including the admin mailbox on the local system in the desired file format. The utility is efficient enough to export the mailbox even if the primary email ID and UPN address are dissimilar.

Note: Admin account of Office 365 must be impersonated before you export email from Office 365 Mailbox.

Office 365 Export Archive Mailbox

Export Office 365 Archive Mailbox

Office 365 Email Extractor allows the user to export Office 365 Archive mailbox / In-Place Archive emails in multiple file formats such as ext7 EML, MSG, MBOX and PDF. A user can also retrieve emails sent/received between a particular date range by using the Date filter option. You just have to select the dates, using the From and To fields, while extracting Office 365 Archive Mailbox emails or In-Place Archive.

Note: For Office 365 legal hold export, administrator must enable In-Place Archive Mailbox for the required user accounts. Read More

Office 365 Shared Mailbox extract

Option to Export Office 365 Shared Mailboxes

With the help of this software, the user can extract O365 shared mailboxes on the local system in different file formats. Office 365 Mailbox Export tool downloads all the folders, such as Inbox, Drafts and Sent Items, of the shared mailbox in ext8 EML, MSG, MBOX or PDF file formats. In fact, with the help of filters, it is possible to export only the selected folders items from a particular date range on the system.

Auto Detect O365 Mailbox

Facility of Auto-Detect Office 365 Mailboxes

One of the great functionality of Office 365 Export tool is that it provides Fetch Users option, which automatically fetches all the existing mailboxes, including admin mailbox on the software panel directly. Adding to it, it is possible to search specific User ID from the junk of mailboxes. So, this will saves lots of administrator’s time by uploading multiple mailboxes automatically.

Office 365 Export Contacts, Calendar

Export Office 365 Calendars, & Contacts

One of the most remarkable features of Office 365 Data Export tool is that it allows you to download contacts, and calendar items using Office 365 admin account. It moves every single detail of Calendars, and Contacts. For instance, in case of Contacts, it saves the details like contact number, work address, and email address in their original state.

Maintain Emails Attachment

Maintain Mail Attachment & Attributes

The Office 365 Extractor tool preserves all the items associated with the email during the export procedure. It keeps the email file attachment, cloud-link attachment, label, subject, internet header, formatting, date & time, CC, BCC, and Hyperlinks in its original state. Moreover, it also retains the read or unread status of the mail after it is downloaded into the desired file type.

Download Office 365 Mailbox in 2+ Format

4+ File Types to Export Mailbox Data

The Office 365 Email Export application facilitates the admins to extract Office 365 mailbox and restores them in different file formats, such as ext15 EML, MSG, MBOX and PDF. It equips the user to get individual Microsoft O365 emails together with their attachment files. MS Outlook installation and configuration is mandatory for the working of the Office 365 export tool.

Extract Only Specific Data

Option to Save Data of the Desired Folder

Office 365 Extractor tool provides a choice to fetch only a limited amount of data instead of extracting the entire O365 mailbox. The user has to select the checkbox located beside the desired mailbox or other components in order to export emails from Office 365 account. This feature not only helps users to save time but also prevents irrelevant extraction while exporting mailboxes from Office 365 online.

Exporting Office 365 Online Mailbox Data

Extract Office 365 Mailboxes Data of Specific Range

There is an option within Office 365 Mail Export tool to select some specific data lying within a definite date range. The user has to enter dates in the “To” and “From” fields to filter data. This is a unique feature to avoid unnecessary data while exporting Office 365 mailboxes.

Pause & Resume

Pause and Resume the Exportation Process

The process to extract data from Office 365 can be stopped as many times as needed. To continue the operation, the user needs to click the Resume button. There is no requirement to start the process of Office 365 export all emails from the beginning every time it is paused.

Several Naming Techniques

Offers Several Naming Techniques

The files, emails and other components exported from Office 365 Online Mailbox can be saved in different formats with the help of Office 365 Extractor tool. A variety of naming conventions is available when you extract Office 365 emails to EML file formats like AutoIncrement, Subject, Subject_Date, Subject_From, Date_From_Subject, Date_Subject_From and many other combinations. The tool also supports different formats to enter date and time.

Office 365 Data Export Report

Generate Office 365 Mailbox Export Report

The Office 365 email extractor generates the status report during the data extraction process from Office 365. The final report generated at the end of extraction contains the necessary details like user ID, email count, calendar count, and contact count. In case of the Archive mailbox extraction, the report contains information like folder path, folder count, export count and fail count. The report displays a progress tick to mark the successful completion of the process to export Office 365 Online mailboxes to ext16 EML, MSG, MBOX and PDF.

Split Huge Resultant File

Split Large Sized Resultant File

Office 365 Export Software provides an option named as ‘Split Outlook Data File After’ to divide the resultant ext9 file into smaller files of defined size. This option prevents Outlook data file from corruption arises due to over-size. Interestingly, users are free to select size in GB or MB format and utility will break the output ext10file according to mentioned size.

Split Huge Resultant File

3 Tyoes of Re-Run Office 365 Export Options

The tool offers three options to re-run the export process:

  1. Retry Failed Items - Exports only failed items.
  2. Re-Run Full Export - Runs the complete export process again.
  3. Delta Export - Exports only the newly arrived data after a complete export.
Office 365 Email Extractor Tool Specifications
Easily Download Office 365 Mailbox into Multiple File Formats

Software Download

Size : 99.3 MB

Version : 6.6.1

MD5 : aef283812adca5ae3449f321b02e758e

Trial Limitations

Demo of Office 365 Email Export software extracts only 2 User Accounts toext11 / EML / MSG / MBOX / PDF (only email messages) formats.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 500 MB for installation & tool requires at least 20GB of free space to store data

Minimum 8 GB of RAM is recommended

Minimum 8 core Processor


Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows: Windows 2012 / 2016 Server, Windows 10 / 11 (64-bit).
  • Microsoft Outlook: 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)
  • Office 365: Enterprise E1 / E3 / E5 / Business Premium / Essentials & Exchange Online Plan 1 / Plan 2 & Office 365 A1 / A3 / A5 / F1



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Get an Overview of Office 365 Mail Extractor Software Features – Demoware and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version License Version
Extract Data From Office 365 Mailboxes
Extract Office 365 Archive Mailboxes
Get Office 365 Email, Contacts, & Calenders
Windows 11 (64-bit), & Windows 10 Version Supported
Apply Date Filter
Pause & Resume Option
Extract Office 365 Emails in ext10 EML, MSG, MBOX & PDF Formats Export 2 User Accounts
Cost FREE Starting at $50

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How can I export emails from Office 365 webmail using O365 export tool?

Easy 5 Steps to Extract Office 365 Data:

  • Step 1. Download & Run SysTools Office 365 Export.
  • Step 2. Opt Source as Office 365 & Desired Destination.
  • Step 3. Choose Required Mail Items & Apply Date Filter.
  • Step 4. Browse Location to Save O365 Account Data.
  • Step 5. Click on Start Export to Start the Process.

Yes, you must have admin credentials for extracting emails from Microsoft O365 account with help of Office 365 Extractor Tool. Using the Admin credentials you can extract Office 365 emails from multiple user accounts.

“I am using Exchange Online Plan 2 and have recently enabled O365 In-Place Archive on few of my mailboxes. Is it possible to export emails from all Office 365 Archive mailboxes at a time.”

Yes, this Office 365 Email Extractor software provides the "Archive Mailbox" option to extract emails from Office 365 Archive folder to a local computer.

Yes, using the date filter option, you can specify the required data, that you want to export.

“I am using the O365 account for around three months; however, I want to fetch the data of last one month only. Is there any solution to export only limited data from Office 365?”?

Yes, using the in-built Date Filter, you can easily extract the selective data from Office 365 account.

After the process to extract data from Office 365, a complete export report is generated. It will show a tick sign if there is 100% extraction, otherwise not.

Yes, Office 365 Mailbox export software allows users to export Office 365 shared mailbox easily.

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