SysTools Office 365 In-Place Archive(Backup) – Technical Help

Common Pre-Requisites

  • Destination folder should have write permission.
  • Destination should have enough space according to size of source account.
  • Bandwidth should be minimum 10 Mbps.
  • Proxy Settings should not block the network call.
  • Antivirus should not block the application.
  • In-Place Archive should be enable for source account.
  • Microsoft O365 Admin ID required for authentication for Source.
  • The source domain should be having Mail.Read(Graph) , full_access_as_app(Exchange) permissions granted on the Azure project.
  • Provide the UPN.
  • Project should be created on Azure portal.

Features (Supported & Not Supported)

Feature Point Description
Demo Version License Only two users
Date Filter Supported [Applicable on Creation Date Time]
Folder Structure Original Structure Maintained [If folder hierarchy reaches its folderpath limit then we create folder at root level and the items of remaining folders will get exported to that folder. ]
Unicode Character Names For Folders Supported
Folder Name Existing conflicts Supported [It Creates with incremental counter.]
Max File Name length 50 Characters
Subject, To, Multiple To, Cc, Multiple Cc, Bcc , Multiple Bcc Supported
Trash Not Supported
Categories Not Supported
Read/Unread Status Not Supported
Mail Attachments Supported
Mail Timestamp Retention Supported [Mail Sent/Received times maintained.]
Drafts Timestamp Retention Supported
Maximum Mail Size Supported
Importance (high, Normal, Low) Supported
Plain Body Supported
HTML body Supported
Calendar Invitation Supported
Foreign Language Subject, Body, Attachment Name Supported
Follow-Up Flags Not Supported
Signature Settings Not Supported
Mail Folder contain Calendar Item (Inbox and Sent items) Not Supported
Folder path length Supported [244 Characters]

Shortcomings and Limitations

Limitation Reason
All folders will be present even if they are outside the date filter’s range. The application is designed to pre-process the folders first and then the files.

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