Features Of Free PSD Viewer Tool

Adobe PSD Viewer

Overview of PSD Reader Tool

  • View PSD Files of large size Images
  • Open PSD files in all Windows OS
  • Provides an option to Zoom Adobe PSD image
  • Read PSD file without Photoshop
  • Portable device to view Adobe PSD files
Maintain Image Style

Maintain PSD Image Style

Free Adobe PSD Viewer software is designed in such a way that it helps to open and read PSD files by retaining the text formatting, style, color, size, etc. of all PSD files. The application does not have any image size issue to view PSD file.

View PSD Files

Preview Single Adobe PSD File

Free photoshop PSD image explorer application open and load the single Adobe PSD file at a time. The PSD image reader preserves and opens multiple PSD files as layers without losing any PSD image file layer. It is free of cost and completely safe and secure to read PSD file and utilize on the system without Adobe installation.

Open PSD Files

Standalone Application to Preview File

Adobe PSD Viewer freeware does not require Photoshop on the system to open and read PSD file elements. The PSD File Reader is portable device and immediately open, load, search and view PSD file on your system. The software gives 100% accurate result within few moments without losing a bit text information of image.

Zoom in & out PSD

Offers an Option of Zoom in & out

PSD Image Viewer gives an option to load and preview the complete PSD documents image in exact form. It also provides an option for users to easily zoom in & out the image accordingly to read PSD Files. PSD file Viewer makes it easy for user to view and search the written text on the image more easily with PSD File Reader.

Mode Management

Mode & Channel Management

PSD file Viewer application preserves modes of an image, i.e. RGB, Indexed Color, CMYK Color, Lab Color, Grayscale, etc. In addition, it also retains the channel of an image, i.e. Multichannel, 8 Bits/Channel, 16 Bits/Channel, 32 Bits/Channel, etc.

Windows Support

Supports All Windows OS

The PSD Reader is compatible with all Windows OS and works well with all the Windows Versions

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