SysTools PST Compress

Tool to Reduce the Size of a Large Outlook PST File to Avoid 2 GB PST File Corruption

  • Compress large PST file size by removing, extracting & saving attachments
  • Option to compact multiple Outlook PST file size in batch
  • Supports compression of both ANSI & UNICODE PST file types
  • Compress PST file size to minimum possible size With No Data Loss
  • Generate a log report to show complete PST compaction details
  • MS Outlook Installation is required to compact Outlook PST file
  • Supports all MS Outlook Versions: Outlook 2013 and below (32 bit only)

List of Key Features in SysTools PST Compress Tool

compress large pst file

Compress Large PST File

An ANSI PST file that is about to reach 2 GB is a big concern as this leads to corruption. With PST Compress tool, you can compact PST file and reduce the size so as to make it easily manageable. Software will extract the attachment and save it as per the requirement.

compression options

PST Compression Options

You can compact the PST file in 3 different ways as per your choice:

  • Remove attachments
  • Extract and save attachments
  • Extract, save and compress attachments

remove attachments

Remove PST File Attachments

In order to reduce PST file size and compress it, the software allows removal of attachments. If you choose this option, the software will extract attachments and remove them permanently. This will shrink the size of PST file and remove the attachments from local machine as well.

extract and save

Extract & Save Attachments

With the help of this option, you can compact PST file without deleting its attachments. The software will extract all attachments found in a PST file and save them into a separate folder. You can find the PST file size reduced to a large extent with all attachments saved in a separate folder.

extract save and compress attachments

Extract, Save & Compress Attachments

Using this option you can extract and save the attachments. Besides this, you can also compact the attachments to minimize the size of attachments as well. The tool will zip all the attachments that are found within a PST file.

show progress report

Show Progress Report

Once you start with PST file compression process, the software will generate a complete export report together with current progress status. This report includes details like: PST file name, folder name, number of mails found, number of attachments found, and so on.

PST Compress Tool Screenshots

PST Compress tool
Step 1: PST Compress Screenshot
Remove PST File
Step 2: Remove PST File
select compression options
Step 3: Compression Options
compress pst file
Step 4: Compress PST File

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Download Compact PST Software

Size: 1.3 MB Version: 3.1

Trial Limitations

Trial version of PST Compress software compact the initial 5 emails from each folder of a PST File in order to render the preview.

Download PST Compress

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free hard disk space

Application Prerequisites

  • Microsoft Outlook should be installed and should be configured properly for any valid or dummy profile/account.
  • If you are using Window 8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1, 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • MS Outlook – Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 (32 bit only)
Frequently Asked Question

What is the need to compact PST file?

With growth in PST file size, Outlook becomes slower and after a maximum permissible limit, increase in file size causes PST to be corrupted. PST Compress software is the best solution to overcome this problem. It removes/compresses/saves attachments in order to reduce the size of PST file and improve Outlook performance.

Is this software compatible to the Windows 8 OS environment?

Yes, software works smoothly with Windows 8 and all its below versions of the OS.

Will this software work even if Outlook is not installed on machine?

No, Outlook installation is necessary for running this tool. It should be installed and configured properly on machine. You can install any version of Outlook (32-bit).

Can I process bulk PST files using this software?

Yes, you can add and process multiple PST files to the software at a time and in a very short duration it will show you precise results.

Does this software compress the size of PST file?

Software does not compress the size of PST file directly. It has three options to compress the PST; you can choose accordingly

  • Remove Attachments
  • Extract and Save Attachments
  • Extract, Save and Compress Attachments

Is there a size limitation set for PST file by the tool?

No, software can process PST file of any size without showing any performance issues. It can compact both ANSI and UNICODE type PST files.

Does software make any changes to the original PST file?

No, software only reads the original PST file and it does not produce any type of changes in this source PST file.

Is there any chance of data loss involved while using this software?

No, software is built with the best set of algorithms and latest technology so there is no chance of data loss involved with the usage of this tool. With the absence of malware, spyware, or adware along with no performance risks involved; it is completely safe and secure to use this tool.

What Clients Say

Using this Compact PST tool helped me a lot whenever I had to share an important file through the network connection. Thank You!

Celestina, Italy

We are really impressed with the preciseness with which PST Compress tool worked. It helped us convert multiple number of PST files at once which was quite time saving, thanks to its Add Files and Folder facility.

Jonna Keats, America
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