Combine Two Calendars in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016 2013, 2010 in the Best Ways

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Are you looking for a quick way to combine two calendars in Outlook? If yes, this blog will guide you through the step-by-step. Here you will find the suitable answer to queries: how to merge Outlook calendars, how to combine multiple Outlook calendars into one, how to remove duplicates from calendars, and so on.

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop-based email application for communication over the internet. It has many features like sending or receiving emails, coordinating meetings, and most importantly use of the calendar. The calendar is one of the most important features of Outlook as it helps to save reminders regarding important dates like some official meetings, anniversaries, etc. A user can make multiple entries in the calendar and or can merge the calendars whenever required. But, how to combine two calendars in Outlook is still a question for some users.

In the below section, we will come across how to merge two Outlook calendars manually and via an automated method i.e. Advanced Merge PST Tool for Windows 11.

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User Query to Understand the Need to Combine Outlook Calendars

“I operate Outlook on two systems one at home and the other in the office. I am facing a problem with merging both my office and home calendar. It is beyond my understanding of how to merge them. Can you combine multiple calendars in Outlook? Kindly look into my problem as it is very important to me. I want to merge crucial data into one. Getting some guidance in order to merge calendars will help greatly”

There are two methods that can help to merge two Outlook calendars. The first one is the manual method and the second one is with the help of a tool. In the case of a manual method, we have to export the calendar which is in the PST file to the desktop of the other system. After that, the file will be imported and will be merged with the existing calendar in another Outlook account.

Automated Solution to Combine Two Calendars in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010

SysTools Outlook Data Merger is a great tool that allows you to merge two Outlook calendars into one in just a few simple clicks. Let’s know how it works to merge Outlook calendars step by step.

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Step 1. Start the tool and select PST files which having calendar data.

Add PST Files

Step 2. Select the Merge option and click the Next button.

Merge Outlook Calendars

Step 3. Choose options: Merge in New PST, Existing PST, or Outlook Profile.

Combine Two Calendars in Outlook

Step 4. You can remove duplicates from Calendars. For this select the “Skip Duplicate Items” box  and select criteria.

Remove Duplicate Items

Remove Duplicate Outlook Calendars

Step 5. Click on Next to start the process of combining Outlook calendars.

Merge Two Outlook Calendars

The software also provides additional beneficial features. Some of them are:

  • Merge and manage multiple PST files data items including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and notes.
  • Provides two merging options i.e., Merge and join Outlook PST files
  • Allows users to combine multiple archive .pst files of any size
  • Merging of Outlook contact folder from several PST files into one
  • The software supports MS Outlook 2021 and Windows 11 version to combine Outlook calendars
  • Securely combine PST files without duplicates from the calendar including start date, end date, subject, attachment, etc.

Manual Method to Merge Two Outlook Calendars

The process to merge Outlook calendars is well explained in the below section.

Important Note: Please create a backup of Outlook PST files before attempting any manual solution.

Step 1: Exporting of Outlook Calendars

  1. Start the Outlook Program and choose the Calendar option from the navigation pane
  2. Click on a File tab and look for the Option button
  3. Then, go to the Advanced option and then choose the Export button followed by Export Section
  4. After that, click on Export to a file > Next > Outlook data file and then choose the Next option
  5. Now, select the Calendar folder that you want to export
  6. Next, simply Mark or Unmark sub-folder box according to preferences for including all the sub-folders in export and then combine calendar item
  7.  Choose the Browse button and select the desired location where you want to export the calendar folder
  8. In the end, click the Finish button and close the MS Outlook application

Step 2: Importing of Outlook Calendars

  1. In the beginning, go to File and choose the Open button
  2. Choose Import and select Import from another program or file and then choose Next
  3. Select Outlook data file and hit the Next option
  4. With the help of Browse, navigate the location where the exported file has been stored and click OK
  5. Then, choose the Option and do not import duplicate items and select Next
  6. Opt for a calendar folder where you want to merge
  7. Select Import item in the same folder box and click the Finish button

Points to Keep in Mind While Merging Calendars in Outlook

  1. First, the user has to rename the calendar by clicking on navigating panel and select rename calendars.
  2. If the user needs to utilize two calendars, view them in overlay mode, and is possible only when that calendar events will be displayed in a single location.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  1. Lengthy: The method is time-consuming and lengthy for the users
  2. Confusing: At times manual methods can be confusing also.

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Author Suggestion

Microsoft Outlook is the best application that brings mail management features to users. One such feature is Calendar which is an important part of Microsoft Outlook. The above article clearly states how the calendar in Outlook can be used and how it can be merged for personal use. There are two ways to combine two calendars in Outlook, one manual and another one with the help of a tool. The manual one is lengthy and time-consuming with the help of a tool the procedure can be faster and time-saving. Thus, with the above article one can understand how to merge two Outlook calendars into one.


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