How to Export Emails from Apple Mail to PDF – Full Guide for Beginners

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How to convert Apple Mail Emails to PDF? What is the right method to export emails from Mac Mail to PDF format? Let’s make an analysis and explore different ways to save Apple mail email to PDF.

Many users want to convert Apple Mail to PDF may be, there is a need to save their emails into PDF file, or need to manage the data or make a report… etc. There are many reasons to print Apple Mail emails to PDF and every reason varies in different users scenarios. So, we do not talk about what is your reason to export emails from Mac Mail to PDF, we will talk about how can you convert Apple Mail email to pdf. Let’s start from the beginning!

Apple mail or Mac mail email client is included with the Mac Operating System. This is one of the most preferred email application by Mac users. It is the default email application of Mac, so every Mac user used this application to email communication. It uses platform dependable file to store emails data, to access data of this file you need a specific type of application. Other hand, PDF or Portable Document Format is an independent of software, hardware, operating system. It is an easy way to present, exchange document. For their own requirement, the user wants to export Mac Mail to PDF, but the user doesn’t know how to export Mac mail email to PDF in bulk. Therefore, Here we will provide you multiple methods to compile this task. So, keep with us and continue reading.

How to Export Apple Mail Email to PDF Through Mac Mail Interface?

User’s don’t know they can save few Apple Mail emails as PDF by using the Apple Mail. Yes, if you want to save a few emails into PDF file, then you can use the Apple Mail email application to completed this procedure. Follow the steps –

  1. Open Apple Mail, and double click on the message which you want to export as PDF.
  2. Click on File and select Export as PDF.
  3. Then select destination location & click on Save.

This is a direct & easy way to save & export Apple Mail to PDF, but what if you need to convert Apple Mail emails to PDF in batch. If you are going to use the above-given method for all your emails, then you have to think once again. Because it cannot be denied this process will take to much time to export entire Apple mail emails, so such situation you have to select an alternate solution to batch converts Apple Mail to PDF. In this upcoming section, we will describe the whole procedure to export emails from Mac Mail to PDF.

How to Convert Apple Mail Email to PDF in Bulk?

This procedure is divided into two parts, in the first part, we will manually export MBOX file from Apple Mail, and in the second part, we will save Apple Mail emails into PDF format. Now follow the procedure to export MBOX file from Apple Mail.

Step 1 – Extract MBOX file From Mac Mail

  1. Open Apple Mail email client.
  2. Select folder (inbox, draft, sent, trash, etc) which you want to export as MBOX file.
  3. Now, goto menu bar >> Click on Mailbox >> Select Export Mailbox.
  4. After that, select destination location & click on Choose button.
  5. It will take a few seconds to save file. Now, you have successfully extracted the MBOX file from Apple Mail.

Step 2 – Convert Apple Mail Emails to PDF

To convert emails from Apple Mail to PDF in the batch you need to download MBOX to PDF converter. With this software, you can easily convert Mac mail to PDF file in bulk without any data loss. Working with the tool is quite easy, technical and non-technical both users can operate this tool. You have to follow few steps to save or print Apple Mail emails to PDF.

Download the software & Follow the given steps to export emails from Mac Mail to PDF

For Windows Users –

For Mac Users –

  • Install & run the software.
  • Add Apple Mail file to export emails to PDF file.
  • Now, you can preview all emails.
  • select emails & click on the Export button to save in PDF.
  • Browse the destination location & click on Export.
  • Now software starts converting Apple Mail emails to PDF.

After completing the process, you will get all Mac Mail emails into PDF file from the destination location.


Sometimes, users face difficulties to convert Apple Mail to PDF file in batch mode. Therefore, we have provided solutions for the users who search for How to export Apple Mail email to PDF. We explained two methods for that, select any one according to the requirement.

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