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Published On March 11th, 2024
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In this article, we have explained how to move domain between Office 365 Tenants with users’ emails while keeping the same domain name. If you looking for the same then you will find the complete procedure in this step-by-step guide.  

The most common problem users face while migrating a domain between tenants is that they are unable to add the same domain in two Office 365 tenants. There is no direct solution available to transfer the domain between Office 365 tenants with users’ data. So if you want to avoid the Office 365 migration failure, then read this complete write-up. 

To make it possible, we have to do migrate the domain user’s emails to the destination tenant before detaching the domain from the source tenant. Then we have to detach the domain from the source tenant and attach the domain to the destination tenant to keep the same domain name.

To successfully perform this task you will have to go through given different stages.

How to Move an Email Domain Between Office 365 Tenants?

You have to follow all the steps to transfer the domain between Office 365 tenants sequentially. Let’s start the process!

Stage 1 – Move Office 365 Domain Emails to New Tenant?

Sadly! There is no direct solution available to migrate Office 365 Domain emails to new tenant. In fact, Microsoft itself suggests taking the help of professional software to move data from the tenant.

For this, we would like to suggest an automated Office 365 to Office 365 Mailbox Migration Tool. It supports the email migration of [email protected] to [email protected]. Moreover, with this tool, you can easily migrate emails from to However, before heading towards the migration you should check the Microsoft 365 pre and post-migration checklist


Now, first, create temporary user accounts in the destination tenant (according to your source domain users) where you will transfer domain users’ emails, contacts, calendars, and documents. Then with the help of this tool, you can migrate domain users’ emails to a new tenant.

Follow the Given Steps to Move  Office 365 Domain Emails to Tenants with the Tool

Download the Tool – Download Software   Purchase Software

There are some pre-requisites of software you have to fulfill before starting migration domain between Office 365 tenants –

  1. Source and destination admin accounts should be created.
  2. Register the application with Microsoft Azure, enable permissions, and generate an Application ID. Read More.

Now we are ready to start the migration process.

Step 1. Install and start the software to migrate domain between Office 365 tenants. Select Office 365 as the source and as the destination.

Step 2. Click on the Email, Contact, Document, Calendar, Task, and Category checkbox.

Step 4. Enable Migrate Document Permission, Use Group Mapping.

  • Migrate Document Permission – To migrate documents with their permissions.
  • Use Group Mapping – To map create between source and destination groups.

Step 5. You can apply a date filter. Click Next to move domain between Office 365 tenants.

Step 6.  Now, Login source and destination with the application ID, and Admin ID. Then click on the Validate button.

Step 7. After that, you have to import a CSV file (in which you have to maintain the source and destination user ID). Click on Import Users.

Step 8. Now, browse the CSV file and click on the Upload button.

Step 9. You can see source and destination users are mapped. Click on Validate.

Step 10.  Now, that permissions are validated click on Start Migration.

After that, you get domain users’ email data into a new tenant. Now, we are ready to detach the domain from the source tenant.

Stage 2 – Detach / Remove Domain From Office 365 Source Tenant

Before attaching the domain to the new Office 365 tenant we need to detach the domain from the source tenant.

This step is necessary because we cannot access the same domain from two tenants.

Here, we are going to explain the steps to remove the domain from Office 365 source domain.

Step 1 – Move Domain Users-

  • Login to Office 365, and choose Users > Active Users.
  • Select the box which is next to the user name you want to move.
  • Now, in the bulk actions pane select Edit Domains.
  • In the Edit Domain option choose a different domain.
  • Now, choose Set as primary, then Save.

You have to do this same for yourself (for the Admin mailbox) if you are on the same domain that you want to remove.

Step 2 – Move Domain Groups –

  • Select Groups > Group Name, Select the Group that is associated with the domain.
  • Now choose the Edit option (next to the group name).
  • Under Group Id, choose another Group in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Save, then Close.

Step 3 – Remove the Domain

  • Select Setup > Domains.
  • Now select the domain which you want to remove.
  • Then in the right pane, choose Remove. Then click Close.

It will take time if there are many references like security groups, distribution lists, users, and groups using the domain.

Stage 3 – Attach / Add Domain in Office 365 Destination Tenant

After detaching the domain, you are ready to attach this domain to a different Office 365 tenant. You have to add the domain in the destination tenant where you had already migrated users’ emails in stage 1 (Move Office 365 Domain emails to New Tenant).

Both processes Remove and Add Domain are required to migrate or move domain between Office 365 tenants.

In the upcoming section, we are going to explain the steps to add the domain to Office 365 tenant.

  • Go to the admin center then choose Setup > Domains
  • Choose Add Domain.
  • Now, enter the name of the domain which you want to add, then click on Next
  • Choose how you want to verify that you own the domain.
  • Here, you have two options; 1 – Sign in to GoDaddy, and 2 – Verification email. Select anyone for domain verification.
  • Now, choose how you want to make the DNS changes required for Office to use your domain. Here, you have two options –1 – Add the DNS records for me – option; if you want Office to configure your DNS. 2 – I’ll add the DNS records myself – this option; if you want to attach only specific services of Office 365 in your domain. Here, we select I’ll add the DNS records myself (second option).
  • Now, click on Next, Now you can see the page with all records which you need to add to your registrar’s website to set up a domain. If you want to wait for that then scroll down and click on Skip this step.
  • Click on Finish.

Now you have successfully added the domain to the destination Office 365 tenant.

Afterward, we have to move email data from temporary users’ accounts to domain accounts, following stage 4.

Stage 4 – Move Data from Destination Tenant to Destination Domain

Now, we need to migrate email data that is stored in temporary mailboxes. But first, we have to create users’ mailboxes in the domain which is added in the previous step in the new Office 365 tenant.

After creating users’ mailboxes, you need to again use the suggested tool to migrate users’ emails from temporary mailboxes into domain users’ mailboxes.

Example – tenant Name is and domain name is Consider, we have already migrated data into temporary users account [email protected]. Plus, we also created users mailbox in domain in tenant. So, with the help of the tool, you will move users emails from [email protected] to within the same tenant.

To perform this task you have to enter the temporary user’s ID and password in the source tenant and the domain user ID and password in the destination tenant.

A few minutes later, you will get users’ emails into your new Office 365 tenant domain.


There are various scenarios when users need to move domain between Office 365 tenants or need to migrate a domain to a new tenant with users’ emails. However, there is no direct solution available to perform this task. However, with Detach and Attach procedure you can remove and add the domain, but, you cannot move users’ emails. Therefore, in this article, we have explained solutions on how to move Domain between Office 365 tenants with users’ emails.

With the help of the above-given solution, you can easily migrate or transfer domain with users’ data between Office 365 tenants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I migrate the email domain between Office 365 Tenants?

You have to follow these 4 steps to move Domain between Office 365 tenants:

  • Step 1. Move Domain users’ emails between Office 365 tenant
  • Step 2. Detach/remove the domain from Office 365 source tenant
  • Step 3. Attach/add the domain in Office 365 destination tenant
  • Step 4. Move data into the destination tenant to the destination domain

Now to move data you can follow the below 5 quick steps.

  • Step 1. Download and run the software on the computer.
  • Step 2. Choose Office 365 as the source and destination.
  • Step 3. Enable required mailbox items to transfer and set filter.
  • Step 4. Login with Admin account derails and validates.
  • Step 5. Choose user accounts to migrate and click start.
Q2. By using this method can I move domain users’ mailboxes?

Yes, you can migrate domain between tenants with all user’s mailbox data, Here we explain every step in a detailed way.

Q3. This task can be performed without using the tool?

You can attach and detach the email domain from Office 365, but to move domain users’ data between tenants you have to use this tool. Because Microsoft doesn’t provide any solution for that.

Q4. Can I migrate entire domain users from one Office 365 tenant to another?

Yes, you can migrate entire domain users between Office 365 tenants with emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks. This further means you can easily perform Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration using this utility. 


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