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How to Take Google Contacts Backup : A Systematic Approach

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Google Contacts is a significant part of Google’s web-based mailing service, Gmail. Specifically, it helps the users to take Google Contacts Backup. In fact, Gmail allows its users to access Google Contacts anywhere, anytime without any platform dependency. Though it is required to backup Google contacts, still, there is a possibility that a user is not able to access his or her Gmail contacts or is unable to login. Sometimes, he or she wants to move contacts to some other location. In such scenarios, taking regular backups will be a helpful approach. But, the question that emerges in the user’s mind is how to backup Google Contacts that too without any data loss. In this blog, we will discuss some of the related reliable approaches for Android and Computer device.

Why is it Important to Backup Google Contacts?

Suppose, the user’s device has stopped working due to some reason or the user wants to migrate the contact details from one device to another. At that time, if the user already has Google Contacts Backup, then it becomes easy to restore the contacts. Hence, Backup Google Contacts to PC is quite beneficial for the users as it helps them to overcome all kinds of data loss situation of the contact details.

How to Create Google Contact Backup in Multiple Ways ?

So, it’s necessary to know about different approaches one can follow to backup Google Contacts to PC and Android Phone. Here, in this section you will have extensive knowledge about these ways.

For Android Phone

If the user has linked an Android device to the Gmail account, then an automatic Google Contacts Backup is created for the android device.

Steps to turn automatic Google backup on or off:

1. Go to Settings of the android device.

2. Under Systems heading, choose the Backup option

3. Set the Back up to Google Drive option to ON or OFF as required.

For Computer Device

Tip: Google’s Automatic Contact Backup is a basic backup facility by Google. However, it is limited to retain the deleted information including the contacts for a period of 30 days only. Therefore, it becomes important for the user to create a backup of the Google Contacts which is not limited to any time bound.

A user can Backup Google Contacts to PC in two ways:

  • Via Inbuilt Export Option
  • Via Professional Solution

Method 1: Export Contacts & Create Backup

In particular, this inbuilt Export option lets user download Google Contacts either in CSV or vCard format. Now, to do the same, follow the steps listed below:

1. Open your Google account and move to Google Contacts.

2. As Google Contacts window appear, move to the left pane of the window.

3. Under the More option, select Export.

4. Here, either choose selective contacts or export All contacts as per your choice.

5. Choose the desired Export option (For example, Google CSV).

6. At last, click on the Export button.

After this, the contacts are exported and Google Contacts backup is created successfully.

Method 2: SysTools Gmail Backup Tool

To emphasize, the methods discussed above are not foolproof solutions in all scenarios. There are some limitations like single VCF file for each contact, lengthy process in case of large number of contacts. Thus, to avoid all these drawbacks, a user is suggested to take help of some professional solution. SysTools Gmail Backup Tool provides the users with the facility to create backup of emails, documents, contacts and calendars. Specifically, this backup tool helps the user to deal with the contact list data loss. Moreover, it helps the users to restore the contact details, by providing them with the facility to backup Google contacts to PC. Additionally, it has provided advantages including the ability to create local backup in PST, MBOX, MSG and EML formats. In fact, It also provides users an option to save Google contacts in VCF format that is supported by number of applications.


Contacts play a crucial role in ones’ life, whether we talk about the professional front or the personal one. Therefore, when contacts’ access becomes an issue for a user, it hampers their work. Thus, to avoid any such crisis, it is imperative to backup this crucial data on a daily basis. So, in this blog, we have elaborated on all the different ways to create Google Contact Backup on Android as well as a Computer device. However, if a user is looking for some guaranteed and simple solution, must directly use the third-party software which is being explained above in this blog.

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