Windows Administrator Password Reset Possibly Done

Check Out Multiple ways to Reset Windows Administrator Password

Summary: This is an important section dealing with issues usually users come across when Window XP password is unavailable. However, there are number of methods available for recuperating the loss due to Windows XP password loss.

Problem: Generally, our lives revolve around confidential matters and password is the source that can prevent data from being accessed. Windows XP password loss is a major loss which is mostly forgotten or sometimes administrator's absence prevail discomfort in the continuity of organizational tasks. In order to bring back smoothness in workplaces, Windows XP password is important to have. Some of the methods are recommended to resolve the matter.

Methods to Retrieve Windows XP Password

First Method: Administrative Privileges Method

  • This method is helpful when you logged on to an account with administrative privileges. It helps in changing user passwords with the following steps:
  • Click on the green button and then press ‘Run’

  • After this, type net user (Username of the Account can be net user Administrator*). Then press ‘Enter’ Make sure to spell the username correctly, and you have the ‘*’ after username and space between username and ‘*’.

  • Type in what you want to reset the password to. Click ‘Enter’ and then type it in again. Press ‘Enter’.

Second Method: Restart and Reset Method

  • In case, you have logged out of the computer and unable to make out the password at the start up screen, you can follow this method. (This solution is workable only for Windows XP Home Edition.)

  • Restart the computer.

  • Then, tap the F8 key repeatedly while your computer starts up. You will find list of options on your computer screen.
  • Select the ‘Safe Mode’ or ‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt’. Press ‘Enter’ in order to confirm the selection made by you.
  • Select your account. Wait for a while till all the drivers to load (all the scrolling stuff); you will find the Welcome Screen from where select account to log into. It is not possible to get into other accounts, but there should be a new account which is called Administrator.

  • Now, choose the Administrator account and utilize the Administrative Privileges Method given above to reset the password.

Third Method: Other Username Method

  • First of all log in with any of the valid account.

  • Select the account for which you need to change the password. Suppose, you change the password of administrator account then type the command ‘net user administrator *’ without using quotes. Now, Type the new password for the use, retype the password for confirmation and then press enter. The password will be successfully changed.

Important to Note: This might not work on a limited account.

Fourth Method: Windows XP Method

  • To run this method, first of all, Boot off your XP disk.

  • Carry out with an installation and “Repair” windows installation.

  • After the progress bar says ‘Installing Devices’, click Shift-F10 to avail  command window.

  • Type NUSRMGR.CPL in order to get User Accounts control panel. Required changes can be made.

Fifth Method: Linux Method

  • First of all Boot the machine with the latest version of Linux that runs off CD.

  • Now, mount the Windows drive  or volume with “Documents and Settings” in it.

  • Now, you can easily access files and folders you need.