SysTools SQL Log Analyzer

A SQL LDF VIewer Tool to Read & Analyze SQL Log File (.ldf) Transactions & Quickly Recover SQL LDF Data

List of Key Features in SysTools SQL LOG Analyzer

analyze sql files

Analyze all SQL Log Transaction

SQL LDF Viewer allows you to open, read and preview the complete log activity in an SQL Server database. Activity preview includes; Transaction name, transaction time, table name, query etc. As SQL Server saves all its log activity and transaction details in .ldf file, it is easier to analyze it to detect the possible reason of SQL Server corruption.

quick sql data recovery

Quick SQL LDF Data Recovery

To avoid complete scanning of corrupt SQL Server database for recovery SQL LDF Reader will be a great help. You only need to provide the last backup of your SQL log file with associated MDF file (Primary SQL database file). Software will scan & export the complete data into SQL Server and SQL Server compatible format; after thorough analysis. read more

add sql files

Add LDF & MDF File

Using the LDF Viewer software you can add single SQL LDF file at a time and it will auto detect associated MDF file; if both are present at same location. Otherwise; you will need to separately browse the MDF file location. In case you want to recover the corrupt SQL Server database, you have to provide the LOG details for last backup of your SQL data.


Preview All SQL LDF (log) Transactions

SQL LDF Reader scans and loads all the tables present in SQL database and generates a preview for all transaction activity saved in LDF file. It shows the transactions with fields like: Transaction, transaction time, Table name and query. You can view the operations like: Insert, Delete, Update etc with their details such as; class, id, name and status.

export sql log file

3 Options to Export SQL Log File

SQL LDF File Reader lets you export the SQL log file queries as SQL files in three different ways:

  • Export as SQL Server database
  • Export as SQL Server compatible SQL scripts
  • Export as CSV file

These exported queries as SQL files can be further used to get the corrupt SQL database in its working stage.

sql server database

Export as SQL Server Database

If you choose to export the SQL ldf file queries directly to SQL Server database then you need to provide the valid database credentials like: server name, database name, username and its password.

Note: Export the data on some other location in SQL Server in order to avoid the overwriting of existing database

compatible sql scripts

SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts

If you want to move recovered data to some other SQL Server database then it is recommended to export the SQL ldf file queries in SQL Server compatible SQL scripts. This SQL script can be used to export the data on any SQL Server as per your requirement. read more

export tables

Export Selective Tables

While exporting the SQL ldf file queries, you can check or uncheck the tables to save only selected data. If you want to recover sql ldf file data from any specific table then select and export the specific folders as SQL data base, CSV or as SQL Server compatible script.

sort log file

Option to Sort Log File Elements

An auto sorting option is available within SQL LDF file Reader software to re-arrange order of the list of items. You can sort the elements according to their properties like: transaction, transaction time, table name, transaction name and query.


SQL Log Viewer Screenshots

Watch Live Video of SQL Log (LDF) File Reader

Download SQL Log Analyzer Software


Size: 3.0 MB

Version: 2.1

Trial Limitations

Demo Version of SQL Log Analyzer Software allows the users to Preview, Read & Anlyze the Log file (LDF file)

system requirements

  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Question

Does the Software Support SQL Server 2012 LDF File?

No, the LDF Viewer software does not support SQL server 2012 LDF file. So far, you can open, preview and read the LDF file of SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

I have a laptop installed with Windows 8. Can I run this software on it?

Yes, Windows 8 and all below versions of the Operating System are now supported by the ldf file recovery software.

Do I need to have SQL Server environment for using this ldf viewer tool?

SQL Server installation is not needed for analyzing transaction details. However, SQL Server environment is must if you want to export into SQL Server database.

I have a corrupted MDF file while the LDF is healthy. Can I still restore data with this program?

Yes, it's only by processing LDF file that the ldf file viewer tool restores data from associated corrupt / inaccessible MDF file.

Can I run this LDF Recovery software on SQL Server v2012

No, currently SQL database of 2012 version is not supported. But databases created in SQL Server version 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2 are supported.

Is it possible to view transaction details with only Log Transaction file and no MDF file?

No, without an MDF file the tool will not process LDF file alone. You must have associated MDF file to see transaction details of the respective LDF file.

Will I be able to view deleted transaction with this sql log viewer tool if database records have been deleted?

Yes, regardless of the form of damage caused, the tool gives all transaction info via. Name of Transaction (Insert, Update or Delete), Name of Table on which transaction was performed, Date & Time of Transaction and performed Query.

Can this sql log viewer tool be used for forensic purpose?

Yes, being a log analysis as well as database recovery program; the sql ldf reader software is suitable for forensic usage as well. It gives out all transaction details of SQL database components with date, time and actions performed.


A meager carelessness from SQL Server administrators ended us up with a corrupt SQL database. Coming across the SQL Log Analyzer tool via online search results made us familiar with its excellent facilities that made things easier, precise and guaranteed.

— Vanessa Bruni, Russia

SQL ldf viewer is one of the finest applications that I have worked with till present date. We had been trying to restore MDF database using LOG files of the same but failed poorly. That's when a client of our organization suggested using this application that demanded - No efforts or time.

— Kacy Karren, London

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