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SysTools Google Vault Downloader

  • Tool Downloads Google Vault emails in PST, MBOX file formats
  • Date filter option to download selective data-range data
  • Category filter for downloading emails and document from G Vault account
  • Google vault downloader comes up with two options to fetch user accounts
  • Requires Admin email address and service account to download Google Vault data
  • Provides options to preview the downloading status: List and Tile View
  • Facilitate user with Advance Dashboard to preview all ongoing downloading process
  • Option to assign priority among the user to download certain user data first.
  • Automatically splits large size data into standard file size.
  • Generates Summary Report after completion of the download process
  • Google Vault downloader is compatible Windows 10 / Server 2012 / Server 2016

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What Can Be Downloaded Using Google Vault Downloader?

While downloading Google Vault emails, this tool provides an option to download all or selective user's data into PST and MBOX file formats. It also provides a Category and date-range filter to download only selective date-range data of vault users. By using it users can complete the downloading process of sensitive data of Google vault.

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Remarkable Features Offered by Google Vault Downloader

Downloads Complete Google Vault Emails into PST, MBOX Files

migrate between Google Apps

Downloads Complete Google Vault emails

The Google Vault Downloader is specially designed to allow Google vault users to effortlessly download data. A user needs to login via the admin account to archive and downloads the vault data in the desired file format. Apart from emails, this tool also downloads Drive data of each selected user to the destination location.

transfer files from Admin Account

Download Vault Data Via Admin

This software allows users to download Google Vault emails using Admin account credentials only. To perform the download, a user needs to login via the Admin account and create a Google cloud console project to provide permission to tool for downloading Google Vault emails.

transfer G Apps to New Domain

Multiple options to Fetch Users

The Google vault downloader provides dual options to fetch the Google vault user's account for downloading emails, documents. Following are the two options to get Google vault users accounts:

  • Fetch Users: This option allows Admin to automatically fetch all the user Ids from the Google vault platform. This tool will list all the fetched users on the User window.
  • Import Users: This software also provides an option to import a CSV file containing a list of users whose account data need to be fetched. Admin can browse the CSV file containing using this option.

display the progress status

Download Google Vault in 2 Formats

A Google Vault Admin can download the Google vault emails in two file formats. This tool will archive and download all the emails and attachments of each selected user in the chosen file formats:

  • PST: Download all emails of a user in Outlook PST file format which can be imported in PST file supported email clients such as Outlook, Office 365.
  • MBOX: This Software can also download all Google vault emails of users into MBOX file format. The downloaded file is supported in MBOX file supported email clients, such as Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, PocoMail, etc.

view of progress

Multiple Filtering Options

The advanced feature of this Google vault downloader is that it provides a unique filtering option to download only selective data from Google vault account. This tool provides Category and date filtering option for selective data download.

dashboard for tracking

Re-Run Download Option

After completion of download process once, the G vault download wizard provides two options to re-run the process again:

  • Retry Failed Items: This feature will retry download the failed items during the last attempt (if any)
  • Re-Run Full Download: After completion of download process once, in the next attempt, this option will run counter for items of each category and download skipped items of last process.

dashboard for tracking

Display Downloading Progress

As the download process begins, Google vault downloader will display the progress report on the software screen. It will show the live status of archiving and downloading of both emails and documents of the Google vault. The user can see the live status in the list or tile view.

set priority

Generates Summary Report

After downloading the Google Vault emails, this software has an option for saving the report. These report files contain information about the amount of data downloaded of each category of every user account.

G Vault Downloader Specifications

Download Software to Archive Complete Google Vault emails

Software Download

Size : 91.5 MB

Version : 6.4.0

MD5 : 608733940bfef6a79b83d85515d642fc

Trial Limitations

Trial version of Google Vault Downloader will migrate complete data (Email, Document) for 2 users

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 500 MB space is required for installation
Require at least 5GB of free space to store data.

Around 8 GB of RAM is recommended

Minimum 8 core Processor 2.3GHz
NOTE: We recommend using higher machine hardware configuration for better performance.

Operating System

Windows 11 (64-bit), Windows 10, Windows 2012 / 2016 Server

Pre Requisites

  • Make sure to Enter Service Account Client & Browse p12 Key Path of Google Cloud Platform Console Project. Know How to Create Google Console Project and Add Scope Read More



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Software Customization

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SysTools Google Vault Downloader – FEATURE COMPARISON

Get an Overview of Downloader – Demo & Licensed Version
Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Download Email, Document from Google Vault
Date-based Filter Option
Downloads Report
Re-Run Download
Support Windows 11 (64-bit), Windows 10 & Windows Server 2012 / 2016
User Priority Based Download
Unlimited Data Download Downloads 2 User Account
Cost Free $25
(5 User)
Frequently Asked Questions
Download Google Vault Emails in PST and MBOX Formats
How Can I Download Google Vault emails of multiple users simultaneously?
Take the help of Google vault downloader to for saving emails and documents from Google vault account.

7 easy steps to download emails from Google Vault to PST and MBOX are:

  • Step 1 ➝First, Download and launch the Google vault downloader
  • Step 2 ➝Next, choose the destination file format (Outlook or MBOX)
  • Step 3 ➝Select the Category and date filters for categories
  • Step 4 ➝Enter Admin Account Id, p12 file path and App Id & Validate
  • Step 5 ➝Browse destination location for downloading Vault data
  • Step 6 ➝Select the option for fetching user ids
  • Step 7 ➝Validate and Click on the Start button to begin download
This downloader will archive and save complete Google Vault emails without any limitation. It will download all emails and documents of each user completely.
Yes, the Google vault downloader comes up with a Category and date-range filter option which allows you to set a date-range filter for downloading specific data only.
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