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SysTools Exchange to Exchange Migration Tool
Move Mailboxes from Live Exchange to new Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016

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SysTools Exchange Migrator Box

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  • Performs any Exchange Server 2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013/ 2016 to Exchange Migration
  • Allows transferring all mailboxes from an older Exchange version to new one
  • Allows Exchange to Exchange migration : emails, contacts, calendar, Journals etc.
  • Supports Auto-Detection & Preview List of All Users before Migration
  • Provides Pre-Migration Data Analysis when moving Exchange database to another
    This allows to displays data of all mailboxes like the number of Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Journals, Tasks, Notes etc.
  • Provide Option to Migrate data from Exchange Server Dumpster
    Whenever any data is deleted from Exchange Server Mailbox, this data moves into Recoverable items folder known as Dumpster
  • Provides date and time filtering options to export selective data in the destination
  • Keep folder structure intact while copying On Premise Exchange Data to new server
  • Active Exchange Server is required for moving Exchange Server to new server

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Key Features of Exchange Migration Software

Migration of all Exchange versions

Migration for All Exchange Versions

The Exchange to Exchange Migration tool enables clients to migrate mailboxes from any Microsoft Exchange Server to new Exchange Server. An Active Exchange Server is required for moving Exchange Server to new server for successfully transferring data. This tool allows following migration :

  • Exchange Server 2013 to 2016
  • Exchange Server 2010 to 2013/ 2016
  • Exchange Server 2007 to 2010/ 2013/ 2016
  • Exchange Server 2003 to 2007/ 2010 / 2013 / 2016
  • Exchange Server 2000 to 2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013/ 2016

Export Mailbox & Items

Export Mailbox & Items Selectively

After the Tool generates preview list of All Users, you can check or uncheck the User from which you need to migrate Data from one Exchange Server to another Exchange Server. It also allows users to select from five different Categories : Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journals, Notes etc. This provides users to selectively migrate data according to their requirement for migration

Note : It is mandatory to enable Exchange administrative permissions for importing mailboxes.

Auto-Detection & Preview Users

Auto-Detection & Preview Users

After Adding the Admin Credentials of Exchange Server , the software automatically scans & loads all the Users of Exchange Server & displays all the Exchange Server Information like : Mailbox Name & Permissions etc. This will enable users to view the Active Directory Details. Further , you can also Right click Username to view the details of Mailbox in Detail.

Pre-migration Data Analysis

Pre-migration Data Analysis

One of the challenging task with importing Exchange database into new Exchange is figuring out an effective method. To overcome this problem, we render a previewing feature of on premises Exchange Server mailboxes. This Exchange to Exchange Migration Tool displays data of all mailboxes like the number of Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Journals, Tasks, Notes etc.

Filter Data by Date

Filter Data by Date

Another advance feature of this Exchange to Exchange migration software is exporting individual in-house data items like : Mail, Calendar, Contact, Task, Journal and Notesbased upon client preferences. Users can perform data based filtering with this tool that will enable to filter Mail, Calendar, Task, Journal etc according to specified Date. This will help to sort data within specific time range & helps users in reducing the time taken to move Exchange Server to new server for specific data.

Allows Dumpster Data Migration

Allows Dumpster Data Migration

Whenever any data is deleted from Exchange Server Mailbox, this data moves into Recoverable items folder known as Dumpster. During Exchange to Exchange Migration Process , this software provides facility to enable Option "Allow Dumpster". This option will help users to move all the items from Dumpster of selected Mailboxes into destination Exchange Server.

Allows Dumpster Data Migration

Export Sub-Domain Mailbox

This Exchange to Exchange Migrator Tool allows to search mailboxes of Sub-domain & selectively migrate Mailboxes to another server. To enable this users, you need to check option namely , "include sub-folders".

No Data Manipulation

No Data Manipulation

The SysTools Exchange Migrator product is not only having responsibility to move on-site mailboxes but, also has duty to hold data integrity. It is developed to maintain the original folder structure & meta properties. After complete data transfer, the items/folders in the source and destinations server are the same.

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Steps of Exchange Migration Software

Watch How to Import Exchange Database into New Exchange Server

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Common Queries

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What Clients Say

Thanks to SysTools Exchange to Exchange Migration tool, This Exchange Migrator helped me accomplish my tasks very accurately. It will be surely my first priority & will suggest it to my fellow teammateswho need to switch from old Exchange version to new Server.

Reginald Alvarado, Argentina

Just because of this program, I was able to Migrate Exchange 2003 to 2016 without any difficulties. There were around 2000 mailboxes in the server that I have to move in 2016. Before coming across this software, it was a risk for me to import Exchange Server Mailbox to new Exchange Server. But, this tool removed all my fear and now its like a game for me to perform transfer data items for upgradation.

Ben Garner, Jordan

It ws really difficult for me to import Exchange database into new Exchange Server. Someone suggested me SysTools Exchange Migrator through forums . It was really a big relief for me! The application is brilliantly designed with an easy-to-use interface. I want to thank developers for this efficient software!

Amber Beck, Columbia

Unter all den Organisationen, die Exchange für das Migrationstool bereitstellen, fand ich SysTools als das Beste. Dieser Exchange Migration führt die Aufgabe auf sehr einfache und schnelle Weise aus. Als Administrator werde ich diese App auf Lebenszeit behalten. Wann immer ich von exchange server 2003 auf 2013 migrieren werde ich dieses Tool verwenden

Amber Beck, Germany

We wanted to restore mailbox from Exchange 2007 to 2010 but we couldn’t find any quick solution to do so. Then our IT admin came across the SysTools product to perform Microsoft Exchange to Exchange migration. We love the way this application made our task to transfer/move Exchange 2007 to new server so easy and effortless. Kudos to team SysTools!

Ranish Kumar, India

My company just decided to upgrade services and perform Exchange 2013 to 2016 migration. It is a very difficult task moving multiple mailboxes with years of data manually. Luckily I found the ultimate export program apt for this. This Exchange to Exchange Migrator Tool has saved on hours of needless hassle.

Ailis, Germany

The new business that has acquired our own comes with new technology. It uses a newer version of server that is unfamiliar to us all. We used the Exchange 2003 to 2010 migration algorithm to solve our problem. It saved us a lot of time and money in training a personnel or hiring one just for this purpose

Walter Lyons, South Korea

The recent merger believes in using the latest technology for all employees. This has led to multiple employees opting to Exchange 2007 to 2016 migration. I have also wanted to try the latest but was hesitant about data integrity issue. This Exchange to Exchange Migrator Tool helped me move complete mailbox without any data loss.

Miguel Harrison, Afghanistan

Étant un utilisateur d'entreprise, c'était un cauchemar pour moi de migrating exchange server 2003 à 2013. L'administrateur Exchange de mon organisation était absent lorsque cette procédure de migration était extrêmement importante pour moi. Par la communication téléphonique, j'ai contacté l'administrateur et elle m'a dit d'utiliser SysTools Exchange Migrator. C'était vraiment un grand soulagement pour moi! L'application est brillamment conçue avec une interface facile à utiliser pour migrating exchange server 2003 à 2013. Je tiens à remercier les développeurs du fond de mon cœur!

Adalene, France

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