What is Google Drive Storage : A Safe Place for All Your Files

Explore Benefits of G Drive & How to Use Google Drive for Secure Online Storage

What is Google Drive

Every Gmail or G Suite user must be aware of all services provided by Google. However, web-based email applications user’s are always concerned about the storage space. So, what is Google Drive is one of the topmost searches over the internet as it help users in managing cloud storage. Now, Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage and synchronization service. It let users store the files securely on the cloud and access them from anywhere via Google Drive. A user can access the stuff stored in Google Drive from any system or a device like mobile phones also. The only requirement is to have an internet connection. Google Drive eliminates the need for storing data to a USB Drive or email.

Apart from this, a user can create, share, and manage file on Google Drive also. For example, create a new document using Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Forms, Google Drawing etc.

Also, Google Drive allows the users to share files making it easier to work with other users. Moreover, to make it more convenient, Google keeps on updating it and add new functionality. In order to know all how to use Google Drive, go through the blog. This will explain all the small and big benefits of Google Drive. However, when a user needs to migrate data from one Google Drive account to another, he or she can go for the migration tool offered by SysTools.

How to Create, View, and Save File in Google Drive?

No doubt that a user is allowed to store any type of data on Google Drive like photos, recordings, stories, drawing, videos, etc. However, the first 15 GB of storage is free within Google Account. Now, to know what is Google Drive and how to use it in a more powerful way, keep in mind that it contains Google’s office productivity suite. It includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Maps, Drawing, Jamboard. Every document created using these services gets automatically saved in Google Drive.

What is Google Drive

Apart from all this, there are some other services also offered by Google Drive of proper use to manage day to day work. All of them are listed below :

What is Google Drive Storage Limit?

Google offers a free cloud online storage of 15GB just for signing. But, a user should keep in mind that this free space provided is shared among Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. The items that take up the space are:

What is Google Drive
NOTE: Your space is not used by Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Sites.

How to Share File on Google Drive?

After understanding what is Google Drive storage, its time to understand in detail about file organization in G Drive. To share file on Google Drive, a user need to follow these steps :

  • First of all, open Google Drive on your system
  • After that, choose the file or folder that you want to share
  • Right-click on it and choose Share option
  • share
  • Then, enter the email address in the People section
  • people
  • In order to grant permissions, click on the drop-down arrow and choose between Can edit, Can comment, Can view options
  • folder sync
  • After that, click on the Done button to share file with permissions

By default, the file created or uploaded by a user is owned by him/her only. However, he/she can transfer the ownership to another person. A user can transfer the ownership of Google files and folders only. Though a user has transferred the ownership to some other person, he/she still owns the files inside.

A user can share files on Google Drive like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Maps, and Folders. Once the ownership is transferred, the user will not be able to:

  • Transfer ownership, even back to oneself
  • Delete that file permanently from Google Drive
  • Open Google Drive
  • Select the file you want to share
  • Click on Share icon.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Click on Advanced
  • At the right of name of person, click Down arrow
  • Click Is owner , Then, save changes
  • owner
  • 7. After you make someone else the owner, you can edit the shared files until the new owner changes your access.
NOTE: You cannot change owners from an Android device, iPhone, and iPad.

How to Use Google Drive on Desktop?

The Google Drive client can be installed on the desktop. This can be done by:

Click on Gear button at top right side and select “Download backup and sync for Windows”

The client which you have to install is “Backup and Sync”. This application provides to backup the files in addition to cloud storage facility.

Once this program is installed, Google Drive is added to your file system.

sync google drive

Now, you can backup any folder or file by right-clicking on that folder and choosing “Sync this folder”

Note: As you drag the files into Google Drive, by default, it will remain in your hard drive. But, also gets copied in the cloud. From the cloud, the files also get transferred to other places that you have connected with Google Drive cloud storage.

folder sync


This post discusses what is Google Drive storage & its capacity with details about how to use Google Drive on Desktop & Online. Google Drive helps to store different types of files in the cloud. All the files like audios, videos, images etc., can be securely stored in Google Drive. The files stored in this cloud storage can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Also, it facilitates the users to share and manage the files. Moreover, it can also be synced to desktop to save Google Drive storage space.