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A versatile and feature-rich utility to merge G Suite accounts / domain. The software is capable to merge emails, calendars, contacts, and Google Drive document from the current Google Apps domain to new Google Apps domain in a seamless way.

Safe & Secure

join Gmails of G Suite accounts combine contacts of two G Suite accounts merge calendar multiple G Suite accounts / domain join G Suite accounts

Pre-Requisites : Create Google Console Project

G Suite Merge Tool






Merge Multiple Google Apps Accounts & Domain

  • Permits to combine Google Apps accounts in a hassle-free way
  • Merge emails, contacts, documents (G Drive) from G Suite accounts
  • Admin credentials are necessary to combine single / multiple Google App accounts
  • Provides option to merge selective users between G Suite domains in a few clicks
  • Option to Assign priority as per your requirements while combining Google account.
  • Carry out Source and Destination User ID mapping with multiple options
  • Generates report in CSV format after merging G Suite domains using G Suite merge tool.
  • Embedded with special Error Handlers and Auto-Detect failure functionalities
  • Delta Migration option to merge new or updated emails in G Suite accounts
  • Transfer Document & Groups permission while merging G Suite accounts
  • Allows to display the progress of merge process in List / Tile View
  • Merge Google Apps Account data according to a specific date via Date Filter option
  • The utility is tested to merge G Suite accounts with speed of 40GB*/hour
  • After merging is completed, tool provides option to generates detailed and summary report
  • G Suite Mail Merge tool is Available for Multiple Operating SysTems

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Type of Data Merged While Combining Google Accounts With Another Account

While joining / merging Google business accounts with another G Suite account, the SysTools G Suite Merge tool permits the user to combine selective data items associated with the G Suite accounts. The user can merge G Suite domain data according to the requirements. The software offers the Categories Section, in which users can select the data to be combined while merging Google (G Suite) accounts. One can select Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Documents (G Drive).

Google Docs
Google Sheets

Google Contacts
Google Slides

Google Calendar
Google Form

Google Drive Documents

What Google Apps Email Merge Utility Does?

  • Allows to join all Google Apps items: Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Documents (G Drive)
  • Allows to merge G Suite domains after a merger or acquisition
  • Apply filters to merge G Suite accounts / domains
  • Directly import CSV file for adding details of Google Apps accounts
  • G Suite Merge tool doesn’t reveal or stores the credentials of the user accounts
  • Automatically authenticates the mailboxes to join two accounts
  • After completion of initial migration, it provide Delta Merge option
  • Mandatory to have valid details of Google Apps mailboxes to be combined

Merge Multiple G Suite Users

User ID Mapping to Merge Google Apps Accounts to New Domain

The SysTools G Suite Mail Merge tool permits the user to map user Id's between source and destination accounts. The software renders different options to merge G Suite account with another G Suite account / domain for destination users mailboxes that are:

  1. Fetch Users: This option will automatically fetch & display all the users accounts of source domain into the tool. After getting list of users, Admin can manually maps by providing destination accounts for each source users
  2. Import Users: Using this option, Admin can import a CSV file containing mapped source and destination user ids. The mapped file will contains source id,destination id, and status(True/False).
  3. Download Template The tool provides the option to download a sample CSV file for mapping source and destination accounts. This mapping file can be used to map the users whose account need to be migrated and import it using 'Import User' option

Prime Features of G Suite Mail Merge Software

A software to combine Google Apps accounts and domains

Join Google Apps account

Merge G Suite Accounts Data

SysTools G Suite Merge tool is designed to make it hassle-free for the users to merge Google Apps accounts with another account without any data loss. To integrate G Suite accounts, the user needs to add account credentials of both source and destination account, The tool is capable of combining multiple Google Apps account along with their data such as emails, contacts, calendars, and documents.

merge via date

Merge G Suite Domains Data via Date

Sometimes, the users need to merge Google account with another account / domain along with data according to a particular date. With SysTools G Suite Mail Merge tool, the user can combine G Suite accounts with data within a specific date range. The tool permits the user to apply the date filter while merging Google account to another domain.

live status

View Live Merge Status

The user will be able to see the status of the merge process directly from the screen after merging Google business accounts. Additionally, the software will also generate a report containing all the details related to joining Google Apps accounts or domain. The user can save the report on his/her local system for future reference. The report will contain information about Source User, Destination User, Contact Success, Contact Fail, Calendars Success, etc.

error handling

Error Handling and Detailed Reporting

The user can view progress details in List View or Tile View after merge G Suite domains. In List View, all the mailboxes are displayed as a list, divided into four tabs which shows status such as pending, processing, completed. The Tile View allows the user to view the merge process status in a separate tile for each single user mailbox with details like current status, total count, etc.

If in case there is a loss of internet connection, system shutdown or any other problem; due to which merging is failed, the Error Handler will generate error report and resume merge process.

combine G SUite accounts using admin credentials only

Merge Google Apps Accounts Using Admin Accounts

One can only combine G Suite accounts with a new account with the help of G Suite Mail Merge via Admin Account. To merge two G Suite accounts, the user must be having admin ids of source and destination domains. The G Suite Merge Tool needs to connect with both the admin accounts successfully to initiate the merge process.


Stop Merge Process

The G Suite merge tool provide the option to stop on-going and in-process merge items. All the running process of all the G Suite account which are in pending and in-progress tab will be terminated.

dashboard for tracking

Native Dashboard For Tracking

The G Suite Merge tool is integrated with advanced functionalities which makes it effortless for the user to merge two G Suite account / domain. The software keeps the track of all the data transferred when it combine Google Apps account with another account. The user will be able to view the details related to accounts merged previously from the inbuilt dashboard.

set priority

Set Merge Priority

While merging Google business account with other G Suite account / domain, the user can assign the priority to the specific mailbox of the users. While the merge process the tool will combine mailboxes from source to destination account according to priority. This option permits the user to set the order of mailboxes to be merged in scenario of large number user mailboxes.

dashboard for tracking

Generates Merge Report

After completion of merging, the tool will provides two types of reports:

  • Summary Report: This option will generate a single report containing information about the user accounts and number of items that have been merged during the process.
  • Detailed Report: This option will create a .zip file which contains individual detailed report for all user accounts and detailes about categories & items which has been merged.

set priority

Re-Run Merge Process

After merging G Suite accounts, if Admin any items failed during the procees or need to merge newly arrived data of source account, then use Re-Run Migration options:

  • Retry Failed Items: During the initial merge attempt, if any item got failed, then this option will attempt to merge those failed items.
  • Re-Run Full: This option will run all categories to counter any items that was not merger in the initial run.
  • Delta Option: While merging the same G Suite accounts on the same machine again, then only the newly arrived or updated data will be merged.
SysTools G Suite Mail Merge Tool Specifications
Download Software to Combine G Suite Account to Another Account / Domain

Windows Software Download

Size : 92.3 MB

Version : 5.1.0

MD5 : 915848cc8cdb5d55fd399a4c048d9b4e

Windows Software Download

Size : 95.1 MB

Version : 5.1.0

MD5 : 75abdb7b22c5b01987572378c0a1fc4d

Trial Limitations

Trial version of G Suite Mail Merge tool will combine unlimited G Suite account data for 2 users only.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 500 MB for installation & tool requires at least 5GB of free space to store data

Minimum 8 GB of RAM is recommended

Minimum 8 core Processor 2.2 GHz Processor

Operating System

For Windows: Windows 2012 / 2016 Server, Windows 10 (64-bit)

For Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Architecture: x86-64

Additional Software

Microsoft .Net framework 4.6.1

Pre Requisites

  • Destination User(s) should be already created at destination Admin account.
  • Make sure to Enter Service Account Client & Browse p12 Key Path of Google Cloud Platform Console Project. Know How to Create Google Console Project & Add Scope Read More



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Software Customization

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Merge Email, Contact, Calendar – Document
Date-based Filter Option
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Support Windows 10 & Previous Versions
Support Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
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Merge Unlimited Data For 2 User Account
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Frequently Asked Questions
Merge two Google Apps Domain or Account
How to merge Google Apps account with another G Suite account via SysTools G Suite Merge Tool?
The user needs to follow the steps given below to merge G Suite accounts using SysTools G Suite Mail Merge.

Simple steps merge two GSuite account are:

  • Step 1 ➝ Download & Install "G Suite Merge Software"
  • Step 2 ➝ Choose the Source and Destination as "G Suite"
  • Step 3 ➝ Select Categories of data to merge & Apply filters
  • Step 4 ➝ Enter Source Admin Id, Application Id
  • Step 5 ➝ Enter Destination Admin Id, Application Id
  • Step 6 ➝ Select source and destination user id mapping option
  • Step 7 ➝ Click on "Start" to begin merging process
  • Step 8 ➝ List and Tile View after merge G Suite domains

Yes, you can accomplish the same by following the given below instructions:

  • Launch SysTools G Suite merge product on your desktop
  • Go to Select Categories section, check the “Mails” option to only combine the emails of the two mailboxes
  • Then continue to combine G Suite accounts
Yes, the software is capable to merge Google account contacts to new Google account / domain in just a few clicks. The user just needs to select the Contacts option in the Categories section.
Yes, the software maintains the records of all the G Suite domains merged previously. The user can check the records via the tool’s inbuilt dashboard.
No, there is no data loss or security issues while working with the tool as the software is embedded with high-level security and data protection algorithms.
No, to merge G Suite account to new G Suite account / domain admin credentials are required. Without admin credentials, the user will not be able to perform the merge process.
Yes, you can easily combine / join Google Apps accounts using our G Suite email merge utility.
Yes, our software is a Windows application, which works with all versions of Windows OS i.e., 10, 8.1, 8, and below versions to combine G Suite Accounts.
It totally depends on the size and number of mailboxes which are to be joined. Apart from this, tool tries its best to merge G Suite domains in a short period of time.
No, there is no requirement to install any special software to join / combine G Suite users. You just need to have the minimum system requirements and your PC should have the SysTools G Suite Merge Tool installed.
Yes, this tool allow you to merge / combine Google Apps accounts with attachments
Yes, you can easily merge multiple Google accounts (G Suite) of different domains.
Use SysTools G Suite Merge software to combine Google Calendar accounts. It can merge multiple Calendar accounts events into a single account in a few clicks.
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