Features Offered by MAB file Reader

MAB Viewer

Overview of MAB Viewer

  • Read Mozilla address book contacts.
  • Open MAB file: Abook.mab, history.mab, impab files.
  • Extracts non-readable MAB file to readable text.
  • Read MAB file details and meta data.
  • Explore contact details from MAB.
  • Search among bulk of contacts.
MAB file viewer

Open MAB Address Book

Free MAB viewer tool simplifies the operation to read MAB file as any type of MAB files can be easily opened in the interface. It supports to open MAB file contacts from different applications including Thunderbird, SeaMonkey address book etc.

Read MAB of Thunderbird

Read MAB File of Thunderbird

The users can easily add the address book files from the Thunderbird account to view MAB file list of contacts. It displays a complete list of contacts as well as other fields including name, nickname, phone number etc.

View history.mab file

View History MAB File

Using the tool, the users also get an option to open MAB file history and view collected address contacts from the file. All contacts get enlisted in a tabular manner to provide clear understanding and accessibility.

View unlimited files

View MAB File Unlimited Contacts

Any of contacts can be opened by the MAB file opener tool as it does not put forward any restriction on the size of MAB file. Thus, MAB viewer freeware is an appropriate solution to read Mozilla Address Book file format; without any limitation.

Explore MAB Contacts

Explore MAB File contacts

MAB Viewer facilitates an option to view abook.mab file and explore the embedded contact information in it. It serves as an efficient approach to read MAB file contacts and study the associated information.

Smart Browse

Smart Tool to Browse Contacts

The MAB file opener makes searching for specific contacts an easy task for the users. With the help of its search tool, the users can look for a particular contact using any unique identity from the bulk of contacts.

Frequently Asked Question

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