Enable Advance Settings in SysTools Migrator

Follow step by step guide to Apply Concurrent migration setting in SysTools Migrator

SysTools Migrator allows you to migrate more than one user mailboxes at once in batch mode. You can add and migrate multiple batches concurrently with this software which saves both your time and effort.

After activating SysTools Migrator, Admin can enable an optional settings for concurrent migration. The Setting tab displays two options:

Enable Multiple accounts: This option enables the user to configure multiple projects to be used for the migration. If enabled, an icon to add multiple projects will appear on the source and destination screen. The multiple projects are useful for migrating a higher number of accounts concurrently on machine with high-configuration.

Concurrent Users: This option enables the user to set the maximum number of users that will be migrated concurrently per project. That is, Number of Users in Migration = Concurrency Value * Number of Valid accounts.

The default no. of Concurrent users in a service account depends on the selected source and destination.

  • G Suite to G Suite - 40
  • Google Vault to Any - 10
  • Lotus Notes to Any - 5
  • All Others - 20

Migration Speed

Below are the system requirements for optimal performance:

  • 8 core machines
  • 24 GB RAM
  • Recommended bandwidth is 100+ mbps

The above recommendation is for the default concurrency for every combination.

How to Apply Concurrency?


Go to Settings >> click on "Enable Multiple account" checkbox option & enable it.

Set the Maximum range of users for the concurrent migration in a project.

Click on "Save" button for saving the Advanced settings.

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Choose the desired Source & Destination Platform and select Category >> Next.

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In Source platform, to Add multiple migration projects, click on "+" icon

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Now, software will show two accounts "default account" & "second account"

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Similarly, Go to Destination tab and click on "+" icon to add multiple migration projects in destination

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Now you are done with advance settings. Go back to previous page further migration steps

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