SysTools Migrator – Technical Help (Office 365 Archive to Office 365 Archive)

Common Pre-Requisites

  • The source and destination account should be having a valid license.
  • Provide the UPN.
  • The source domain should be having Mail.Read(Graph) , Mail.Read, full_access_as_app(Exchange) permissions granted on the Azure project.
  • The destination domain should be having Mail.ReadWrite(Graph) , Mail.ReadWrite, full_access_as_app(Exchange) , permissions granted on the Azure project.
  • Archive must be enabled for the particular user.

Features (Supported & Not Supported)

Feature Point Description
Demo Version License 2 mailboxes
Date Filter From - To supported (on Created Date)
Folder Structure Original Structure Maintained
Special Characters / Foreign Language Names For Folders Yes, if in accordance with Outlook rules
Folder Name Existing conflicts Folders remain unaffected and gets used
Folder Name Length 255 Characters as supported by Office
Subject, To, Multiple To, Cc, Multiple Cc, Bcc , Multiple Bcc Supported
Categories System Categories Map by default. User Categories map only if they already exist at the destination.
Read/Unread Status Maintained
Mail Attachments Supported
Drive attachments Not Supported
Signatures Supported
Flags Supported
Conversation Threads Supported
Mail Timestamp Retention Mail Sent/Received times maintained. Drafts get migration timestamps.
Maximum Mail Size 150 MB
Important, Priority Supported


The application is using the Microsoft Graph API which a REST based API for interacting with Office 365.

also Microsoft Exchange Web Service API is used for Outlook 365 communication.

Graph API :


API Request Volume Limit : 10000 requests every 10 minutes.

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