SysTools Migrator – Technical Help (Office 365 Archive to Office 365 Archive)

Common Pre-Requisites

  • The destination account should be having a valid license.
  • Provide the UPN.
  • Project should be created on Azure portal.
  • The source domain should be having Mail.Read(Graph) , full_access_as_app(Exchange) permissions granted on the Azure project.
  • The destination domain should be having Mail.ReadWrite(Graph) , full_access_as_app(Exchange) permissions granted on the Azure project.
  • Net connection bandwidth minimum 100mbps is required.
  • Proxy Settings should not block the network call.
  • Antivirus should not block the application.
  • Microsoft O365 Admin ID required for authentication for Source and Destination.
  • In-Place Archive should be enable for Destination account.
  • .Net framework should be 4.8.0.

Features (Supported & Not Supported)

Feature Point(Supported) Status
Demo Version License 2 Users
Date Filter Supported
Folder Structure Original Structure Maintained
Special Characters / Foreign Language Names For Folders Supported
Folder Name Existing conflicts Folders remain unaffected and gets used
Folder Name Length 255 Characters as supported by Office
Archive Folder Supported
Subject, To, Multiple To, Cc, Multiple Cc, Bcc , Multiple Bcc Supported
Read/Unread Status Maintained
Mail Attachments Supported
Embedded attachments Supported
Inline attachments Supported
Signatures Supported
Flags Supported
Conversation Threads Supported
Mail Timestamp Retention Supported
Drafts Supported
Time-zone difference Supported
Importance (High, Normal, Low) Supported
Maximum Mail Size Supported
Plain Body Supported
HTML Body Supported
Calendar Invitation Supported
Foreign Language Subject, Body, Attachment name Supported
Cross Language Supported
Sensitivity (Normal, Personal, Confidential) Supported
Read Receipt Supported
Delivery Receipt Supported
Encrypted message (S/MIME) Supported
Digitally signed message (S/MIME) Supported
Feature Point (Not Supported) Status
Deleted Items Not Supported
Policies Not Supported
Categories Not Supported
OneDrive attachment Not Supported
Group Folders Not Supported
Notes Not Supported
Conversation History Not Supported

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