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Office 365 In-Place Archive Mailbox to Office 365 In-Place Archive Mailbox Migration

Migrate Office 365 In-Place Archive Mailbox to Another Office 365 In-Place Archive Mailbox Easily.

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  • Migrate Office 365 In-Place Archive Emails to Another Office 365 In-Place Archive Mailbox.
  • Export All Email Messsages from Source O365 Account to Destination O365 Account
  • Option to Import CSV file Containing Source and Destination Office 365 Mailboxes
  • Use Date-Filter for Emails to Migrate Selected Emails from O365 In-Place Archive.
  • Offers Account-based Priority Migration to Set the Priority of Account to Migrate First
  • Supports the migration of various Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Plans
  • Concurrent Migration to Export Maximum Number of Archive Folders Simultaneously
  • Inbuilt Dashboard Within Interface to Check Status of Ongoing Migration Process
  • Multiple Migration Options – Retry Failed Items, Re-Run Full Migration, and Delta Migration

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Why This Office 365 In-Place Archive Mailbox Migration Tool?

O365 archive folder migration

Make Office 365 In-Place Archive emails migration easy by using this most rated migration tool.

  • The tool provides High-speed connections, latest technology and advance algorithms that give you the fastest and safest Office 365 archive folder migration between Office 365 tenants.
  • The tool is flexible it provides the option to easily select and migrate Office 365 In-Place Archive mailbox. It moves emails of In-Place Archived emails while keeping data integrity intact.
  • Trusted solution to perform Office 365 In-Place Archive Mailbox to Office 365 In-Place Archive mailbox migration without any confusion & data loss.

Features of Office 365 User In-Place Archive Migration Tool

O365 In-Place Archive Migration

The tool allows migrating Office 365 In-Place Archive mailboxr to another tenant in a secure way. It will move Office 365 In-Place Archived email data from one tenant to another tenant & retain all meta properties while exporting data from source to destination.

Import CSV for Users Mapping

To create a mapping between source and destination mailboxes, the tool provides a feature to add a CSV file. It contains a list of source and destination IDs. Admin needs to click on the Import CSV file option to browse the CSV file. Click Download Template to get a sample format.

Migrate Selective In-Place Archive Emails

Office 365 In-Place Archive mailbox migration utility provides you the option to migrate In-Place Archived emails, but if you need to migrate emails selectively, then you can use the various filters in like Date-Range or Category filter. These fatures makes the task simplifed.

O365 In-Place Archive Migration in Bulk

With SysTools Office 365 In-Place Archive mailbox migrator, one can easily transfer multiple O365 In-Place Archive emails in bulk. You have perfrom just a few steps required by following the GUI, after that software will migrate entire emails with no downtime and data loss.

Account-Based Priority Migration

With this option, you can set priority for Office 365 mailbox that you want to migrate first. The priority will be set by clicking on the Priority star icon for the intended accounts. This is a useful feature as it can migrate crucial accounts first.

Generate Summary Report

As the Office 365 Archive migration begins; the software will show you the complete details and count of mailboxes being converted from source to destination. You can view both the Migration Summary Report & Detailed Report.

Set Maximum Concurrent Users

This is another beneficial feature of the Office 365 In-Place Archive mailbox to Office 365 In-Place Archive mailbox migration tool, which lets to set the maximum number of users that need to be migrated together in each project. In other words, The Number of Migrating Users = Concurrency Value* Number of Valid Accounts.

Re-Run Migration Option

The tool provides three modes of migration:

  1. Retry Failed Items: This mode of migration will migrate items which were not migrated during the initial run.
  2. Re-Run Full Migration: It will run categories to counter any items that may have been skipped during the initial run. There will be no duplication of data.
  3. Delta Migration: this mode will run delta migration for the completed accounts. It will migrate all newly arrived data.

Download Office 365 In-Place Archive Mailbox Migration Tool

Software Download

Size : 181 MB

Version : 6.8.1

MD5 : a5a5caa11769e818719cbbad48bf890c

Trial Limitations

Demo version of this software can transfer emails from two user accounts only.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 500 MB for installation & tool requires at least 20GB of free space to store data

8 GB is recommended

Minimum 8 core Processor

Operating System

Windows 11, 10 (64-bit), Windows 2012 / 2016 Server

For Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Architecture: x86-64


  • Destination User(s) should be already created at destination Admin account.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Latest (Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022) Should Be Installed. Download
  • 11
  • User Group(s) should be already created at destination account.
  • Valid Activation Code.
  • Register Application with Microsoft Azure Active Directory & Enable API Permission for Source & Destination Tenant as follows : Read More
        Source Tenant                 Destination Tenant     
Mail.ReadWrite Mail.ReadWrite
full_access_as_app full_access_as_app
Microsoft Graph
Calendars.Read Calendars.ReadWrite
Contacts.Read Contacts.ReadWrite
Directory.Read.All Directory.ReadWrite.All
Files.Read.All Files.ReadWrite.All
Mail.Read Mail.ReadWrite
User.Read.All User.ReadWrite.All


Electronic Delivery

Overview of Tool Features – Comparison of DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Import CSV to Add Details for User Mapping
Apply Date Filters on Mail
Authenticate & Export Mailboxes
Generate Summary Report
Windows 11 & Previous Windows Version Supported
Migrate All Emails from O365 In-Place Archive Mailbox Two User Accounts
Cost FREE $25
(5 User)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to perform Office 365 In-Place Archive to Office 365 In-Place Archive migration?

Take a quick glance at the working procedure of the tool

  • Run the software and select Office 365 In-Place Archive as a source & destination platform.
  • Enter source & destination Office 365 Admin ID and Application ID, and then validate permissions.
  • Import CSV file to create mapping between source & destination Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Click on Start Migration to migrate Office 365 In-Place Archived emails to another account.

Tool provides multiple options to create mapping between source & destination account –

Fetch Users: It will get Users from the Source domain.

Import Users: This will import users through CSV.

Download Template: This is the sample CSV file to understand the formatting of the file to be imported using the "Import Users" option.

The utility provides account-based priority migration option to set the priority of accounts to migrate first. To enable this option you have to click on the priority Star icon from the migration window.

Yes, tool provides three re-run migration options –

Retry Failed Items: To migrate the data which didn't get migrated in the initial migration.

Re-Run Full Migration: To perform the entire migration process again.

Delta Migration: To migrate the newly arrived data in between the migration process.

Yes, with this tool one can easily migrate all Office 365 In-Place Archive emails in few clicks. The tool provides freedom to perform entire or selective Office 365 mailbox migration.

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