Key Features of OLK Viewer Tool

olk14message Viewer Tool

Overview of OLK Reader

  • Open and view OLK file of Mac Outlook on Windows.
  • Sort & Preview OLK File according to Date, Size, Subject
  • Provides an Inbuilt Search Feature to Explore & open OLK14 File.
  • Maintains Data Integrity to Retain Original Data.
  • Allows two Viewing Modes: File Mode & Folder Mode.
  • No size limitation on the number of OLK14 Message Files to be viewed .
  • Also Supports Compressed Disk Image File(.dmg).
  • Outlook 2011 Installation is not necessary to open OLK File .
OLK file opener

Read olk14message using DMG File

OLK14Messagesource files belong to Mac Operating Systems and it generated as the backend data file. These olk14message file are application readable only and cannot be opened and viewed. However, with the help of OLK Viewer freeware, you can not only open and read OLK file but also Disk Image File (DMG). This Reader supports to open OLK File through DMG extraction that enables you to view OLK file stored within DMG File on a Windows Operating System without an issue.You need to Choose the File Option & browse DMG File on your Local System. This will help to open OLK File by extracting a single file.

File option to Extract OLK File from DMG

OLK file opener

View OLK File using Main Identity(*.olk*)

olk14message viewer represents a message or message source or even the corresponding attachment. Opening one file at a time is a time consuming process and ends up causing inconvenience to users. Thus, OLK Viewer freeware is built to support the option of viewing multiple Outlook 2011 OLK message files by providing an option to choose Main Identity Folder created by MS Office Suite. You need to Choose the Folder Option & browse Main Identity Folder on your Local System to open OLK File within its sub-folders.

Folder option to Read OLK File from Main Identity

Steps To View & Read OLK File

Step 1 : Install & Run OLK Message Reader.

Step 2 : Add File & Choose the Viewing Mode

Step 3 : Preview Files using File Mode.

Step 4 : View OLK File using Folder Mode

Frequently Asked Question

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What Clients Say

The inability to open OLK files on Windows machine made it a horrific experience for us all. We thought we had lost all hope of being able to read out data. However, thanks to you people, OLK Viewer freeware is such an apt tool as per my requirements. I would recommend it further.

- Jim Benny, United States

There have been many instances which made me realize that certain files are application / platform specific. Yet, I cleared off the account on Mac and only had the olkMessagesource file saved at a separate location. Thankfully this olk14message viewer lets me view OLK file with all the data.

- Carla McCauley, Queensland