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SysTools OLK Converter Software
Convert Mac olk14message File or olk15 File to PST, MSG & EML On Windows & Mac

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SysTools OLK Converter Software for Windows

Instant Delivery

  • Convert OLK to PST, MSG, MBOX, PDF, HTML & EML files on Windows
    Provide Support for all windows versions like Windows 10, 8, 7 (32 bit,64 bit), Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server
  • Supports to transfer bulk of olk14message to MSG, EML & PST.
  • Option to export Emails with attribute from OLK to Office 365 Account
  • Convert unlimited number of Mac Outlook olk14 to PST.
  • Export OLK file emails with all attributes into MBOX file format
  • Export OLK14message & OLK15message calendars into ICS file format
  • Allows to Apply Naming Convention while converting OLK15 to PST, MSG & EML file
    This feature allows to sort data according to different naming conventions like : Subject , Subject+Date(DD-MM-YY), From+Subject+Date(YYYY-MM-DD), Date(MM-DD-YYYY)+Subject+From etc
  • Supports to Apply Date based filter while exporting OLK to EML.
  • Provides Option to Split Large sized PST according to size.
  • Convert OLK emails, contacts, calenders, notes to PDF format
  • Provides Categories for OLK14 Message Conversion: Mails & Calendars.
  • Supports to convert OLK contacts into VCF file format easily
  • Supports to transfer OLK to PST file with & without Outlook
    Supports to browse OLK14 & OLK15 Files (Created in Outlook 2011 & 2016) & export into PST file (supported in latest Outlook Version 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & below versions)

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Key Features of OLK14 Converter Software

Convert OLK to PST

Convert OLK15 Files to PST

OLK files are generated by Outlook 2011 built for Mac Operating Systems. The files are application readable and users cannot open them. However, with the help of this tool you can convert olk14message to PST type file. This way the files become available and readable for Windows OS along with Mac.

Convert OLK to EML

Convert OLK14Message to EML & MSG

SysTools OLK15 converter allows users to easily convert the OLK14Message to MSG & EML. This provides user a facility to move the Mac supported OLK to EML & MSG. This features helps user to transfer OLK File in bulk data in multiple platforms.

Bulk Conversion

Bulk Conversion of OLK Files

Outlook Mac generates an olk14message file representing each message. Therefore, the number of OLK15 files is equal to the number of messages exchanged over the respective Outlook Mac profile. You can convert multiple files at once with OLK Converter software and there is no limitation to the number of files converted.

Date Based Filter

Apply Date Based Filter

The olk14message converter supports customization the conversion process with the help of featured option to convert selective messages. Date based filter is applicable on the olk14messages. You have to specify the ‘To’ and ‘From’ date ranges to define which set of messages need to be exported using olk14message converter and the software only convert those messages from OLK to PST.

olk to mbox

Export OLK File to MBOX Format

The OLK Converter provides an option to export OLK file emails, contacts, calendars, notes, to-do into MBOX file format. Due to this feature user can import OLK files into Thunderbird, Apple Mac Mail, Mac mail and all .mbox extension supported mail clients.

olk to html

Convert OLK Emails to HTML File

The software enables you to convert OLK emails along with all attributes into HTML file format. Now it become quite easy for you to export OLK to HTML format. Just browse the OLK14message or OLK15messages file and select HTML format and get resultant file into HTML file format.

olk to pdf

Transfer OLK File into PDF Format

Exporting emails along with its associated attributes into portable document (.pdf) format. Now it become quite easy for you. Just download and install the OLK file converter tool on your Windows machine and export OLK to PDF format.

olk to office 365

Migrate OLK File to Office 365 Account

Nowadays most of the users are migrating to Office 365. So, to make it easy for you to transfer OLK file emails, contacts, calendars, task, notes into Office 365 account in few clicks. First download the OLK file converter and follow few steps. As result you will get data from OLK to Office 365 Account.

OLK Converter Naming Convention

Apply Naming Convention

When saving Outlook Mac OLK15 type files to EML, PST & MSG the OLK Converter Software allows preferred naming pattern to be chosen. Users can specify with what name they want to save the output created. The OLK to MSG conversion is done in bulk yet chosen pattern of naming by message subject or other such attributes will be applicable on all.

OLK transfer category

Transfer Categories

This OLK14 Converter provides two advanced categories to export OLK file according to categories: Mails, Calendars. These categories allows users to convert OLK File as per the desired options. This provides selective options for a user to export OLK to MSG, EML & PST as per the category defined.

OLK Converter Naming Convention

View All Attributes of OLK File

The software provides advance option to view all attached attributes of .olk file. It provides multiple options like Normal Mail View, Hex, Properties, Message Header, MIME, HTML, RTF, and Attachments. You need to just hit on the corresponding tab to view the details.

OLK transfer category

Highlights Folders Having Data

If your OLK file having many folders and some are empty and some are filed with information. Now before exporting data from OLK to PDF, MBOX, PST, HTML, MSG, EML, VCF, ICS, and Office 365 Account want to check, which folders having data. The software highlights the folders having data. So it become quite easy to recognize.

Steps To Convert OLK to MSG, EML & PST Using olk14message Converter

Install & run
Step 1: Install & Run OLK Converter software on your Windows OS machine
Add File
Step 2: Add OLK15Message/ OLK14Message file or folder and proceed.
OLK File
Step 3: Preview OLK File data along with all attributes like emails, contact, calenders etc.
Export OLK14Message
Step 4: Export OLK14Message to PST, MBOX, PDF, HTML, EML, MSG & Office 365

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Download Olk15 Converter Software

OLK Converter Software

Size: 37.1 MB Version: 4.0

Trial Limitations

Trial Version Convert only 25 mail items per folder of OLK to PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML, VCF, ICS, Office 365 Account.

Download OLK Converter

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

  • Processor: Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent
  • Memory (RAM): Minimum 1 GB RAM is required
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free hard disk space

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 bit,64 bit), Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server

Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible to convert OLK14message to PST for import on Outlook 2011?

Can I convert OLK14messages to PST file format supported by Windows?

Can I export only calendars from OLK 14 and OLK 15 Files?

Is it possible to convert OLK contacts to VCF format separately?

Get Brief Overview of OLK Converter for Windows Features - FREE and Licensed Version

Features FREE Version FULL Version
Add OLK14 & OLK15 File
Add File & Add Folder Mode
Preview OLK14 & OLK15 Files
Apply Date Based Filter
Apply Naming Convention & Export by Category
Export OLK file to PST, EML & MSG First 25 Items All Items
Cost FREE $69

SysTools OLK Converter Software for Mac

Instant Delivery

  • Convert olk15message / olk14message to PST, MSG, & EML
  • Transfer emails, contacts, and calendars from OLK to PST format
  • Export multiple OLK14 / OLK15 to PST simultaneously
  • Provides Date Filtering feature to move emails of specific duration
    This feature provides user with facility to filter the data according to specified Date Range (From, To)
  • Maintains original folder hierarchy of OLK file after the exporting
  • Convert olk14message or olk15message without any data loss
  • Supports to Migrate OLK file of Outlook for Mac 2011 and 2016
  • Supports to work with latest Mac OS X versions
    Provide Support for all latest Mac OSX Versions like OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5, Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3 etc

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Free Live Demo - SysTools Mac OLK Converter Tool Fully Secured Download Version

Prominent Features of Mac OLK14 Converter Tool

Convert OLK File to PST

Import OLK14Message to PST, EML & MSG

The OLK Converter Software converts OLK15message & olk14message to PST, EML, and MSG format. It will extract and export all items from OLK files like emails, contacts, and calendar to PST & Emails only in EML & MSG. This Migrator guarantees to export OLK File as the original source file while migrating olk14message to EML,PST & MSG.

Migrate Multiple OLK14Message

Convert Multiple OLK Files in Bulk

The Mac OLK Converter offers a smart option to add and export numerous .olk14 / .olk15 files simultaneously. There is no restriction imposed in the OLK14message Converter software, which restricts one from browsing unlimited number of files. One can use Add Folder button to browse OLK file in bulk.

In-built Date Filter

Date-based Email Filtering

Mac OLK to PST Converter software renders an option of the selective migration in which emails of specific date will be saved in PST / MSG / EML format. One just need to specify the time duration (‘From’ to ‘To’) and then, exporter will automatically filter messages from browsed OLK files.

Apply Naming

Apply File Naming Convention

With help of this OLK Converter Software, one will be able to save exported OLK15Message / Olk14Message to EML or MSG files in desired naming format. The software offers numerous file naming conventions options to save files with wanted name. End users will be able to convert olk14message to MSG and EML formats in desired way.

Retains Folder Structure

Maintains Original Folder Structure

Mac OLK file converter guarantees that it will be holding OLK folder hierarchy throughout the procedure. This means that tool is not going to harm the folder structure whenever one is exporting files with it. The file structure before and after conversion will be same throughout.

Supports MAC OS X Platform

Easy Interface for Mac OSX Platform

The tool is incorporated with a simple, user-friendly, and interactive interface. It offers an understandable layout, which eliminates all the challenges faced at the time of OLK file conversion. An easy to use user-interface for latest Mac Versions like OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5, Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3 are supported.

Steps to Convert olk14message to PST, EML & MSG

Following are the detailed steps discussed for olk14message converter

Run OLK15 Converter
Step 1: Run OLK Converter Tool
Convert Olk15Message Files
Step 2: Select OLK14 or OLK15 Files in Bulk
Export OLK15 to PST, eEML & MSG
Step 3: Convert OLK15/ OLK14Message to PST, EML & MSG
Export Process
Step 4: Successfully Export OLK Files
Watch Video Explaining How to Convert olk14message to PST in Mac OS X

Convert Outlook OLK File to PST, MSG & EML on MAC OSX

Mac Outlook 2016 OLK File Location

SysTools Mac OLK File Converter Specifications
SysTools OLK14Message Converter for Mac

Size: 25.0 MB Version: 3.0

Trial Limitations

Demo version of OLK Converter Software for Mac will Export only 25 Items per Folder from OLK14Message to PST, MSG, and EML on Mac OS Platform.

Download OLK Converter for Mac

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free hard disk space
  • Support: OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5, Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3, MAC OS X 10.10 & above
  • Make sure your System Region should be United States and Language should be English Read More

Additional Software

  • Outlook: Outlook for Mac 2011 / 2016
  • Java development kit 1.8.0_101
Common Queries
How can I utilize trial version of Mac OLK to PST Converter?
What is the default location of Mac Outlook 2011 & 2016 data?
Can I export OLK file address book to Outlook PST file using this product?
On which version of Mac operating system does your OLK converter works?
What is the maximum limit up to which we can export OLK14message files to PST in bulk mode
Does your software exports emails with attachments when I am converting OLK15 to EML file format ?

Yes, our Converter is designed with advance programming code. This coding makes tool capable exporting messages with attachments and technical properties.

Get Brief of Mac OLK Converter Software Features - FREE and Licensed Version

Features FREE Version FULL Version
Add OLK14Message & olk15 Message Files
Date-based Email Filtering
Maintain Folder Hierarchy
Mac OS X 10 & above Supported
Export OLK to PST, EML & MSG First 25 Items All Items
Cost FREE $69
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An Overview At The Contrast between Trial & Purchase License

OLK Converter FREE Version FULL Version Bundle Offer
Convert bulk of OLK15/ olk14message to MSG, EML & PST
Apply Date Filter
Naming convention while transferring OLK15 to PST, MSG
Export as PST, EML & MSG Only 25 Mail Items
Mac OLK Converter
Add OLK14 & olk15 Files
Maintain Folder Heirarchy
Mac OS X 10 & Above Supported
Export into PST, MSG and EML 25 Items/Folder
Frequently Asked Questions

An Overview At The Contrast between Trial & Purchase License

What Clients Say

When I was stranded with just a bunch of OLK14 messages but no way to open them, I thought I lost all my Outlook Mac messages. Thankfully, this OLK converter software made sure that I didn’t quit so soon & helped me to convert olk14message to eml. The preview of message contents was enough to relieve me from all the stress, big thanks”

Alan Hughes, Birmingham

I wanted to be able to export OLK15 messages on the Windows platform I was now working with. Thus, I opted for OLK Converter software, which let me convert OLK to EML format, which was accessible on both Mac and Windows easily. Thanks to you people, you saved the day

Donnie Guerrero, Italy

I am going to recommend this OLK Converter Software to all my seniors and juniors who wants solution to convert olk14message to PST file. This SysTools software is literally an amazing product with a straightforward and understandable interface. I like the way the support team assists customers i.e., in a polite and charm manner. Thank you for your continuous guidance in resolving my issues!

Albert Hernandez, London

I was having Outlook OLK15 file with me whose emails are to be exported in EML format. Different products were available for the same in market but, none of them were meeting my requirements. But, the day when I came across this Mac OLK converter was really fantastic. It was a great experience while working with this OLK Converter Software.

Francis Blake, Qatar

SysTools OLK to MSG Converter for Mac saved lots of efforts and time in transferring emails from olk14message to MSG. I have to say this that it is the best ever paid product, which I have purchased till today’s date. It was worth spending money on it and I loved the way in which it works. I have to appreciate hard work and dedication of development team who created this application!

Terry Armstrong, Paris

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