A Step-by-Step Guide to Convert Excel Contacts to Phonebook Instantly

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Do you want to export Excel contacts to phonebook? No issue! Here, we’ll show you how to convert Excel contacts to phonebook. In fact, in a couple of clicks you will be able accomplish that, using the best Excel to Phonebook Converter .

Nowadays, most of us save our contact information in Excel spreadsheets. The main reason is, it allows us to save unlimited contacts using various fields. Most noteworthy, in today’s world, mobile phones have become a requirement for most people. Because it allows us to stay connected with the rest of the world. Moreover, it is convenient for us to handle and carry mobiles.

We can say, almost everyone prefers to access their data including contacts, from mobile phones. But, many users are not aware of how they can transfer data from excel to their phonebook. So, this article demonstrates the ultimate solution to export Excel contacts to a phonebook. Here, we will provide you step-by-step guidelines for transfer contacts from excel to a phonebook.

excel to phonebook

Fig. Excel Contacts to Phonebook

Safest Way to Export Excel Contacts to Phonebook

Excel to vCard Conversion Tool is a powerful utility that allows users to export various contact details to a phonebook. These details include name, contact numbers, email address, birthday, company address, job title, home address, fax, etc. First of all, the software converts Excel contacts into vCard to make them compatible with Android, iPhone, and other devices’ phonebooks. After conversion, you can even import the converted contacts into Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and other supported email clients.

Key Features of Excel to PhoneBook Converter

  • Convert Excel contacts to phonebook along with all fields.
  • Allow to Map Excel contact fields with phonebook columns.
  • Convert multiple Excel contacts into phonebook in bulk mode.
  • Multiple Language Conversion from Excel to a phonebook.
  • Make Excel contacts accessible from the Android / iOS phonebook.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, and all below versions.

Steps to Convert Excel to Phonebook

  • First of all, download the Excel to Phonebook Converter Tool to begin Excel contacts conversion.

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  • Launch the software and click on the Browse button. Then, select the Excel file to which you want to convert. After that, Click Open

Excel contacts to phonebook

  • The tool will load the file and display a preview of all the contacts stored in an Excel spreadsheet. Then, Click Next >> Next

transfer excel contacts to phone address book

  • Now, you need to match Excel fields with Phonebook fields. To do this, select an appropriate Excel field from Excel Fields section

excel to phonebook

  • Then, select the respective field from vCard Fields section and match each field respectively as follows:

  • FirstName –>> FirstName or FullName
  • Last Name –>> LastName
  • Email –>> EmailAddress
  • vCard –>> Contacts-Attributes
  • Now, Once all the Excel fields get matched with phonebook fields, hit the Next button

excel contacts to phonebook

  • If you want to import empty email addresses then, check Allow Empty Email Addresses to be Imported field. Then after, select the appropriate version of vCard as per your phonebook. Next, Click Change and select a destination location for the resultant file. Then, Click Convert.

excel contacts to phonebook

  • Excel to Phonebook conversion process will begin right after this. Moreover, the current status of the on-going process will be displayed along with item counts.

excel file contacts to mobile

  • After successful Excel to phonebook conversion, you can import the output file in your phone to access Excel contacts from the phonebook easily.

excel to phonebook

Why Choose SysTools Excel to Phonebook Converter?

In the present marketplace, there are several tools available, which convert Excel contacts to a phonebook. Still, If you are a little confused about this then we will help you decide on this. In this section, we’re going to disclose some important features of Excel to Phonebook Converter. Consequently, you will know how these features make it more reliable than other software:

  • Provides Accurate Results: The software converts Excel contacts into Phonebook quickly. On top of that, it does not result in any kind of data loss. So, users will face no difficulty after conversion as the tool provides a mapping option to match Excel fields with the phonebook.
  • It Works So Easy: The software is user-friendly. Furthermore, its simple GUI allows even a non-technical user to operate it without any technical assistance.
  • It’s Safe & Secure: The tool is easy as well as secure to download. Besides, it is compatible with all the available versions of Windows OS. Hence, It will not create any conflicts even with previously installed applications on your system.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Demo version of the software is available for testing. So, before purchasing, users can download its DEMO version to test its functionalities. Later, one can purchase the FULL version of this tool, which is pocket-friendly as well.


How to convert Excel to Phonebook, is one of the most searched queries on the Internet today. Therefore, in order to resolve this complex issue, we’ve designed an eminent utility named Excel to Phonebook Converter. Most importantly, the software is safe and easy to download. Moreover, It provides the best results after converting Excel to the phonebook, even without losing a single bit of information. From now, the conversion of Excel contacts into Phonebook will be no more a complex task for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Excel fields are converted to Phonebook files?

All Fields in Excel such as First Name, Middle Name, Last Name Email, Home Address, FAX, Mobile Number, Job Title, Department, Company, etc. can be converted to Excel Phonebook files.

Where can I access this Phonebook after conversion ?

You can convert Excel spreadsheets into Multiple file formats which are easily accessible in Gmail, Android Phone, iPhone, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

What version of Phonebook file are created ?

You can Export Excel Data to Phonebook file (vCard ) in 3 versions : 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 versions as per requirement.

Which Android Device does Phonebook files support?

The exported Phonebook file (vCard ) is supported in all Android devices: Motorola, OnePlus, Nokia, Huawei, etc.

How do I export contacts from Excel to my phone?

First, you need to make the Excel file phone compatible and this can be done via converting Excel to vCard. Later, you can import vCard to your phone.

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