How to Import Google Takeout Data to All Email Platforms

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Many Gmail users wants the answer of this question – how do I import Google Takeout data into other mail application? So, after considering this problem, we come up with this post.

The aim of this article is to build a simple strategic technique to Import google Takeout data to multiple email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail Accounts & Office 365 without any hassle. Here, we will consider various real-life scenarios where users need to migrate MBOX file created by Google Takeout on various email applications. And, we will provide solution to each query.

In this Article:

How to Import Google Takeout Data to Other Email Platforms

Import to Outlook


I have been working in IT industry as a system admin. But whenever I am trying to import google Takeout data to another email client service like Outlook, it becomes a challenging task for me. As Google Takeout exports the data only into MBOX format. So I want to know how do I import Google Takeout data to Outlook without losing a single mail?

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The email client MS Outlook which is developed by Microsoft, creates single PST file to contain emails data. On the other hand, the google Takeout exports its data into MBOX format. hence, there is no any direct option in outlook to Import Google Takeout data.

For this, you either need to convert the resultant file into PST format to Import Google Takeout data to Outlook or use SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter.

Import to Thunderbird


I extracted only emails using google Takeout in MBOX format. Now, I want to access these emails in some MBOX supporting email client. As Thunderbird is a free application and supports MBOX files too, So I want to move my data in it. But the problem is I don’t know how to Import Google Takeout data in Thunderbird? Can you help me out in this?


Thunderbird is a free email client service, provided by Mozilla, which creates MBOX file to store all emails of a user account. You can easily access the emails in Thunderbird by Importing Google Takeout data in it. But, Importing MBOX file directly into Thunderbird creates some issues. And, it is not good to take risk with crucial information.

For this you need to use a third party tool like SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard, which allows you to import Google Takeout to Thunderbird without any error.

Import to Another Gmail/ G suite Account


For the technical support purpose I exported some emails via Google Takeout from Gmail account. Due to some reasons, there is a requirement to Import Google Takeout data to another Gmail account. But cannot find any direct option to import the resultant file to Gmail account. How do I import Google Takeout data to Gmail account? Please help!


Gmail is a free web email service, provided by Google. It has the provision to export Gmail data in MBOX format via Google Takeout. But, there is no option to import MBOX to Gmail directly. So, in order to have a direct method, you can take help of a professional solution i.e., SysTools MBOX to G Suite Migrator to import Google Takeout data to Gmail account.

Import to Office 365 Account


I have MBOX file in my system, exported through Google Takeout. And, I need to Import this email file to Office 365 account. But, the problem is, I can’t find any option to directly Import this Google Takeout data to Office 365 account. Any relevant help will be appreciated.


The Office 365 is a cloud based service of Microsoft, which saves its email data in cloud. Hence, it doesn’t provide any option to Import MBOX file directly into it.

In this case, a user can take help of a third party tool like SysTools MBOX to Office 365 Migrator to Import Google Takeout data to Office 365 account.


In this article, we have suggested all the possible solution of how do I import Google Takeout data. Also, we have gone through various different scenarios, where a user needs to import Google Takeout data to different email client applications.

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