5 Quick Tips to Move Gmail Data to SD Card / External Hard Drive

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Easy Steps To Move Gmail Data to SD Card Or External Hard Drive

Gmail is the widely used email service that serves communication channel and information sharing medium for either professional or personal purpose. Sometimes, the users may lose their crucial data due to termination or hacking of mail account. As the Gmail account associated with most valuable data, so users are advised to Move Gmail to SD Card /external hard drive. This data can be restored at any time for accessing all the data items. Therefore, in the following section, we are going to discuss the manual solution to save Gmail emails to external hard drive in an efficient way.

Reasons to Save Gmail emails to External Hard Drive

There are certain reasons due to which many users prefer to move their Gmail data to the external hard drive. Along with this, Gmail has many outages that disrupted the normal functioning of Gmail, which leads to inaccessibility of Google account. Even in such cases, the users have lost their data completely. Hence, in order to save the data from being eliminated because of any issues, so users are suggested to create a full copy on hard drive. This local database by moving Gmail to sd card ensures the availability of Gmail messages even if the data is removed from the server somehow. However, if the server is becoming crowded due to excessive use of data then, the user can make a copy of data and delete all the emails from Gmail account.

Methodology to Transfer Gmail Data to SD Card

Let us now understand few tricks to Move Gmail Data to SD Card in an efficient manner. The following ways can be adopted by the users to copy all the emails:

1. Manual Trick: The emails can be moved manually by using Google TakeOut service to store the copy of Gmail data on the local machine. As its name implies, it is the utility that is designed to take out data from most of Google services. The best part is users able to select the specific data that need to be exported. First of all, Google Takeout start downloading all the selected data and save them in .zip folder, which allows user to save Gmail emails to external hard drive.

With the help of Google Takeout the users can easily download the Gmail data as discussed below:

1. First of all, you have to Login the Google account

2. Then, select all the data items from a list that you need to Move Gmail Data to SD Card
If you want to save archived files using the process to import Google archive to new Gmail account

3. Now, Click on the Create Archive button to begin the downloading process. As downloading begins, you have to check the current status on the screen

4. Once the downloading process is completed, click the Save button to save Gmail emails to external hard drive or all downloaded data items on your local hard drive.

Now, all items saved in ZIP folder at the desired location. However, this ZIP file will maintain all data in the original formatting. After downloading the crucial data with Google Takeout, next step is to save the downloaded data on the desktop and then, move the saved Gmail account data to on hard drive in an easiest manner.

Limitations of the Manual approach

Go through the following drawbacks while you try to Move Gmail Data to SD Card as mentioned below:

  • While using Google Takeout, most of people faced various issues during downloading process.
  • They are unable to download their data files properly.
  • It has wasted lots of time and bandwidth for downloading archive folder that is nearly 2GB.
  • This manual method to Move Gmail to sd card is very complex and time-consuming process.

2. Automated approach: Third party utility SysTools is an excellent tool to create the backup Gmail emails on hard drive. It makes it easier for a user to save Gmail emails to external hard drive an efficient task. This Software allows the end users to create the copy of emails, calendars, contacts, etc from both single and multiple user’s accounts. The Gmail data could be backed up in any file format like EML, PST, MBOX, and MSG. This tool permits to pause and resume the process due to lack of internet connection then it can resume later. The users can complete their entire process to Gmail to sd card without any data loss. Also, its interface is really good even a novice user can use it without any difficulty.

Wrapping It Up

As we know Gmail is one of the most significant mail clients for business purpose. But, due to some adverse situations such as account suspended, network connection issue users must move each mail. Along with, Google provides all useful services to the users, one out of them is Google Takeout. It permits the users to preserve all the downloaded data on a local machine & Move Gmail Data to SD Card. Afterward, the users can perform manual solution to download the Gmail data and transfer them to the external hard drive. Here, in this, we have discussed all manual steps to move Gmail emails to the SD card. Else, one can use automated approach, which is used to move emails on the local machine safely.

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