How to Fix the Error: Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service?

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Summary: This write-up provides the cause and solution to solve “unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange information store service. – error 0x96f”. Users will also know to repair the severely damaged or corrupted Exchange database file, if it occurs due to this Exchange error.

The duty of the administrator is to handle the Exchange data of the Microsoft Exchange Server. Along with this, its prime task is to prevent the server from Exchange error s to keep the Exchange mailbox data safe & secure. Among all the errors one such issue is “unable to initialize Exchange information store service”. It occurs when you fail to reset the IS after the MS Exchange Server service is resumed many times.

When Exchange fails to reset Information Store because the clock of users machine or system and server PC isn’t synchronized properly, then this error message came up. Because of this the time change it is recorded in the client or the server system.

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Solution to Solve Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service Error

Users can use the steps given in the below section to solve the error:

Step 1: Restart/Reboot the Microsoft Exchange Server

Step 2: Check if the domain is configured or set up properly

Step 3: Validate the domain which is present online

Step 4: Then restart the Exchange Active Directory Topology service

Step 5: Launch the command prompt & run the Exchange Server as admin

Step 6: After that, insert the cmdlet net time \\ADServerName /Set

Step 7: Restart the service of Exchange Active Directory Topology

Note: It is necessary to restart the above service to eliminate the unable to initialize the microsoft exchange information store service. – error 0x96f.

The Event ID of this error is 5000 and it place the entire database at risk because the Exchange database contains both file (priv.edb & pub.edb). If this issue or error isn’t fixed then it turn these database isolated. So, to resolve this issue it is important to understand the exact root cause behind it.

Reason Behind the Unable to Initialize Exchange Information Store Service Error 0x96f

The default receiver policy is examine in the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or 2010 when the Exchange service is started. There could be various reasons behind the occurrence of this error. The most common situation is given below:

  1. Remove the default policy from “Email Address Policies” tab
  2. Change the default policy by “Policy of custom email address

Method to Remove the Default Policy

It is important to use the steps given below with focus or else you will face the inconsistency.

Step 1: Navigate to the Start Menu & insert run in search field

Step 2: Enter the “adsiedit.msc” command in the dialogue box and Click on the OK button

Step 3: Then, navigate to the Action menu and select the connect

Step 4: Select the “well know naming context” >> Navigate to the configuration option >> Click OK

Step 5: Expand the option to move ahead:

  1. Configuration(the_Domain_Controller_Name.
  2. CN=Configuration, DC= domain ,DC=com
  3. CN=Services
  4. CN=Microsoft Exchange
  5. CN= Organization
  6. CN=Recipient Policies

Step 6: Then, right click the “Email address policy” >> Select properties from the option

Step 7: Navigate to the attribute option & search the purportedsearch. Ensure the value is (mailNickname=*).

Important Point: If the value of purportedsearch is not (mailNickname=*), then it is important to modify it manually by using the solution given below:

  1. Navigate to the value of purportedsearch, then select the edit option and click on clear
  2. In valuebox, insert (mailNickname=*) >> To save all these change, click on OK

Step 8: After modifying the value, navigate to the attribute >> Select the  msExchPolicyOrder >> Select the edit option

Step 9: Click on clear >> In the value field, provide the value 2147483647 >> Then, click on the OK button

Step 10: After that exit ADSI (Active Directory Service Interface)

Step 11: Then launch the Exchange Server to update the modifications

Bringing It All Together

This write-up provides detailed information to fix unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange information store service. – error 0x96f. Here we have provided two manual solution and this error have to resolve immediately. When both method fails to remove the error then users have to face data loss or corruption in Exchange database file. Therefore, to resolve database corruption Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 from offline/dismounted EDB file users can use the advanced software mentioned here which easily recover and repair the .edb file and mailboxes from corruption without any loss of data in a hassle-freeway. Then users can easily export recovered EDB mailboxes to Live Exchange Server, Office 365, and various file format by using this utility without any hindrance.

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