How To Perform Keyword Filtering In Resultant Yahoo Emails?


The term filtering is used for sorting items or information in a categorized manner so as to distinguish between desired ones and the rest. Like any other email client, you can filter Yahoo emails too. Emails can be filtered and sorted by following two different methods, i.e. Post-Backup and Pre-Backup filtering, respectively.

The utility plays an important role in supporting both the procedures, either in the initial steps or in the case of post-backup.

TIP: Filtering and sorting emails make it possible to check the desired set of emails instantly without much ado.

Method 1: Filter Yahoo Emails: Post-Backup

Here, the use of Yahoo Backup along with Microsoft Outlook will play an important role in filtering Yahoo emails:

PART 1: Post Email Filtering

Step 1: Run the software

launch Tool

Step 2: Provide the account credentials and hit Login

login application

Step 3: Select PST as the preferred saving file type

PST format select

Step 4: Click on Browse to choose a folder path for saving the data

locate saving location on system

Step 5: OPTIONAL: Click on Apply Filter to select desired email folders, which you required (for example, you could filter Yahoo junk mails, inbox, etc.) & start the process:

Folder Filtering

Step 6: Preview ongoing progress status


Step 7: On completion of the process, software will prompt notify the same


Part 2 : Filter Emails by Keywords

NOTE: The steps shown were carried out on Outlook of 2010 version.

Step 1: Run Microsoft Outlook and click on File menu

select File menu

Step 2: Click on Open


Step 3: Select Import to import the saved Outlook data file

Step 4: Choose 'Import from another program or file' option and click Next

import from another program

Step 5: Select 'Outlook Data File (.pst)' option and click Next

Outlook Data

Step 6: Select the output PST and click 'Open'

select location

Step 7: Customize import settings accordingly and click Finish

customize import settings

Step 8: The data file for filtered Yahoo mail data will get listed, click on it and select a folder to search

filter data

Step 9: Click on the Search bar given on top to type a search keyword as shown below and hit Enter:

search by keyword

Step 10: The searched keyword will be highlighted in the search results listed

searched result

Post-backup filtering can also be referred to as Temporary Filtering as you can search for the desired emails of any given type and at any given time using the powerful and instant search option integrated within Outlook.

Method 2: Filter Yahoo Emails: Pre-Backup

PART 1: Advance Filtering in Yahoo

NOTE: Yahoo mail filter settings allow us to filter Yahoo emails in the software’s initial steps.

Step 1: Log into the Yahoo account

Step 2: Go to Folders

Step 3: Click on the Plus icon to create a new folder

add folder

Step 4: Provide a name for the folder and click Ok to create it

Enter Folder Name

Step 5: Click on the folder to view it

view folder

Step 6: Now type a keyword on the search bar given on top

search mail

Step 7: OPTIONAL: Choose from the search suggestions listed by Yahoo

search email

Step 8: Hit Search Mail

view searched results

Step 9: Emails matching the searched term will get listed in the Search Results


Step 10: Select preferred emails using checkbox provided against each

select emails to add in a filter

Step 11: Click on Move To and choose the custom folder you just created to move the selected emails to it

move folder

Step 12: Check the custom folder

custom folder

Step 13: Open the folder to check emails moved into it

open filtered folder

PART 2: Pre Email Filtering

Step 1: Run the software

Launch Tool

Step 2: Provide respective account credentials to log in

Login to the application

Step 3: Choose PST as the desired output format

Select PST format

Step 4: Click on the option Apply Filter to choose selective folders (for custom folder selection)

apply required filter

Step 5: Import the PST to Microsoft Outlook

import backup

Step 6: View the custom folder with filtered emails backed up successfully

filter email from backup

Pre-Backup Filtering is in a way permanent filtering of emails as sorting and classification of filtered emails here is done in advance before the backup was generated. Pre-Backup filtering helps you to filter unread emails in Yahoo mail. However, the benefit of it is that, you can further use the search option in Outlook to conduct more keyword based filtering .

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