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SysTools EML to PDF Converter

Capable to Convert Multiple EML Files to PDF, MSG, MBOX, HTML, TXT, PST, EMLX, EML

Also Avaialble for Mac OS

  • Convert EML Files to PDF, MBOX, MSG, HTML, NSF, PST, TXT, MHT, & Office 365
  • Convert Email, Attachments of EML Files in PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • Capable of Automatically Scanning and Loading All EML Files from The System
  • Value-Added PDF File Settings like Bates Numbering and Date Stamping
  • Installer Supports Multiple Languages: You Can Select Any of Them
  • Preview Complete EML File Data in Multiple Viewing Modes on Tool Interfaces
  • Selective Data Conversion Facility with Date Filtering and Individual Selection
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy Feature for the Retention of Original Folder Style
  • Page Layout: Margin, Paper Layout, Page Size, Font Size, Font Family, Font Color
  • Attachments: Attachments on Pin, Append Attachments, Save Attachments
  • Naming Convention and Internet Message Header Options Also Available
  • Option to Choose Destination Folder for Saving Converted PDF Files
  • EML to PDF Converter Software is Compatible with All Windows OS Versions

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SysTools EML to PDF Converter - Reviews & Ratings

Expert Rating for the Performance of EML Files to PDF Conversion Software

EML to PDF Converter Software - Key Features

Tool Supports Bulk Convert EML Files to PDF Format in Simple Steps

Free Download EML Files to PDF Converter Tool

Bates Numbering for Legal Requirements

Adding Bates number on the PDF files is necessary for digital forensic investigators and lawyers. Now they won’t need any separate tool for this, as EML to PDF Converter also offers the Bates Numbering feature. To apply Bates Number, users can choose the number and page from where to start the numbering of the rest of the page. Users can also add Date Stamping at any preferred position of the page and select the date format.

Note: The software is also capable to convert EML files with hyperlinks to PDF format. The links and anchor text will not be altered.

Batch Convert Mac

Advanced Settings for Perfect Printing

PDF files are the most used format for printing purposes. You have to apply the correct page setting to obtain the perfect print copy. With EML to PDF converter software, one can easily make the required settings from the tool interface. The software offers settings like adding page margin on all four sides of the page, adjusting page size, defining page orientation (landscape / portrait), etc.

Advanced Settings:

  • General Setting: Naming Convention, Date Filter, Include Internet Message Header
  • Page Layout: Margin (Top, Bottom, Left, Right), Paper Layout (Landscape, Portrait) and Page Size
  • Bates Number: Bates Number Format (Start Number, Increment By, Position), Date Stamp (Position, Format)
  • Attachments: Attachment on Pin (add attachments in PDF as Pin), Append Attachments (convert attachments as PDF page and append at the end of email), Save Attachments (save attachments in folder in its original file format)

EML to PDF Converter Software - Features

Quickly Convert EML Files into PDF Format without Data Loss

Best Software for Mac OS

Convert EML to PDF on Windows OS

Add any number of EML files in the converter software and get them all exported at the same time using converter tool for EML to PDF file. The source EML files can be from any email client. Converted PDF files can be opened on both Windows and Mac systems on any PDF viewing application.

EML File to PDF Converter Mac & Windows

Automatically Scans and Loads Files

EML to PDF conversion software has the ability to scan the complete computer for all EML files in it. So, even if you do not know the exact location of EML files, there is nothing to worry about. After scanning the computer, the tool loads the folders containing EML files and displays them on the left panel.

Free Download EML to PDF Converter Software

Preview EML Files Before Conversion

EML to PDF converter offers eight different modes of viewing an EML file before migrating it into the PDF file. These modes include Normal, Attachment, Hex, HTML, MIME, Header, RTF, and Properties view. Examining files in different modes helps Forensic Investigators to carve out even crucial evidence from EML files.

Export all files

Selective EML to PDF Conversion

This tool also allows users to export selective data items from the EML files. Users can either choose the date-based filtering option or individually select EML files that they wish to convert to PDF. The software will convert only the selected data on Windows OS 11, 10, 8, 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, and 2008 versions.

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Apply Different Naming Convention

The converter for EML to PDF allows users to choose the naming convention of their choice for PDF files. Some of the options are AutoIncrement, Subject, Subject+Date, From+Subject+Date, and Date+Subject. These options help users to save and sort the PDF files according to their choice.

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Keep Internet Message Header

If users want to retain the original Internet Message Header of the EML files, they can choose to enable that option. The EML to PDF converter software can also maintain the hierarchy of the folders containing EML files, if the option is enabled.

Advanced Settings

Apply Bates Number, Page Margin

EML to PDF converter software provides advance features in which you can also apply Bates number formats (Start number, Increment by, Position) and date stamp (Position and Format). You can set the page layout by applying Margin (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right Margin) and Paper layout (Landscape and Portrait) settings.

Convert with Links

Convert EML Files to PDF With Links

This EML to PDF conversion tool also allows you to convert EML files containing hyperlinks into the PDF format. The links present in the emails will remain the same after being exported to the PDF format. Thus, the software converts the EML files of all email clients without interfering with the data integrity.

EML to PDF Converter Software – Specifications

Use the Free Trial Version to Convert EML to PDF Limited Emails

best software
Name: SysTools EML to PDF Converter
Version: 9.1
Size: 54.1 MB
Release Date: December, 2022
UI Languages: 20
MD5: f6f9157b620d1ed5c917b160a429dae7
Free Version:

Download Now

Trial Limitations

Free demo version of EML to PDF Converter will export only 10 items per folder. You can buy full version to convert unlimited EML files to PDF format.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

4 GB of RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz

Operating System

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 11 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019


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EML to PDF Converter Tool - Feature Comparison

Get an Overview of EML File to PDF Converter – Free and Full Version

Features Free Version Full Version
Add EML Best Feature Files
Preview EML Best Software for EML Files to PDF Conversion Files
View Emails with Attachments in Software Window
Apply Naming Conventions to Save Output File
Maintain Folder Hierarchy and Convert to PDF
Apply Date Filter and Convert Selective Files
Windows 11 (64-bit), Windows 10 and Below Version Supported
Export Free Software/ EML to PDF 10 Items/ Selected Folder All Items
Create A Single PDF File for Each Folder 10 Items/ Selected Folder All Items
Convert EML to PDF Files in Bulk 10 Items/ Selected Folder All Items
Cost FREE $29

Common Questions Asked by User

Know How to Convert EML Files to PDF File Format Using This Software

How to use EML to PDF Converter software on Windows 11?

 Online Tool

Follow instructions to easily convert EML to PDF format:

  • Step-1: Download EML to PDF Converter and launch
  • Step-2: Select the folder to view EML files in it
  • Step-3: Click on Export and select PDF radio button
  • Step-4: Select Advanced Settings to apply various settings
  • Step-5: Click on Export button to start conversion process

Yes. You need to enable the Include Internet Message Header feature to retain the message header in the PDF files.

Yes, EML files created in Thunderbird or any other email applications can be converted to PDF by this software.
There is no limitation in terms of EML file size in EML to PDF Exporter Tool.
Users can store all the EML files in a folder and add that folder to the Windows and Mac based EML to PDF Converter software at a go.
After selecting PDF as the export mode, click on Advanced Settings. Then select the Bates Number tab and check Bates Number Format to apply other options.
Yes, Under the advanced setting option choose Page Layout and then dropdown of font. From here you can choose any listed font family. The tool will create the PDF file with same font family irrespective of font family of emails message.
Yes, Before beginning the EML to PDF conversion process, users can specify the font size using the software advanced setting. The tool will generate a PDF file with the font size you specify.

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Fantastic support with even the most challenging issues. Rakesh Gotayal was brilliant. Highly recommended SysTools EML to PDF converter.

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Best support team! My all concerns are solved quickly and converted EML to PDF format. Highly appriciated!