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  • Thunderbird Converter Allows to Export Complete Data without Any Changes
  • Convert Thunderbird Profile Data in Bulk without File Size Restrictions
  • Supports All Files Exported from Thunderbird – MBOX, MSF, and SBD Files
  • Export Mailbox into Desired Format – PST, EML, PDF, NSF, MSG, and HTML
  • Dual Options to Add Single or Multiple Files/Folders of Thunderbird Profile
  • Advanced Option to Load Data Directly from the Configured Thunderbird Profile
  • Eight Different Preview Modes to Analyse Emails and Attachments Separately
  • Email Header, Folder Order, HTML Formatting, File Header will be Maintained
  • No Need for Thunderbird Installation for Hassle-Free Conversion
  • Thunderbird Converter is Compatible with Windows 11 and All Below Versions

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Also Avaialble for Mac OS User's

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Best Thunderbird Converter Tool

SysTools Thunderbird converter software is created with highly advanced algorithms, which makes the software more powerful than its counterparts. The Thunderbird mail conversion wizard allows users to export all Thunderbird-supported files without any data loss:

  • MBOX Files: Thunderbird stores all the emails of a mailbox folder in an MBOX file. This file has no extension and carries the same name as the mailbox folder it represents. Example: All emails in the Inbox folder will be stored in a no-extension file named Inbox.
  • SBD Files: Thunderbird uses the SBD file to display the folder structure shown in Thunderbird’s interface. Example: If your inbox has some subfolders like A and B that have their emails. Then the Thunderbird will create the inbox (without extension) as we as inbox.sbd which contains your email and attachments of subfolders.
  • MSF Files: MSF stands for mail summary files, which contains only header information & details of emails.

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Manual & Auto Detection of Thunderbird Mailboxes

One of the best Thunderbird converter tool allows users to add Thunderbird profile data using advanced options. So that users can choose and add the data easily without any hassle. These are two modes to upload Thunderbird mailboxes:

  • Automatic Detection of Thunderbird Profiles: This is the main and amazing feature of this Thunderbird converter software, if your Thunderbird profile is configured with the same machine, then the software will load the complete profile data from the default storage location without doing any manual process.
  • Add Files/Folders of Thunderbird Manually: If you have already exported mailboxes from the Thunderbird profile or have orphan files, then you can add single or multiple files/folders manually. All the folders and files will be added with preserved details and attributes.

Preserve All Fields with Thunderbird Converter Software


Thunderbird converter tool will preserve all the email details while converting the Thunderbird emails and other data.

Email Header Emails header components will be retained including Subject, Sent, and received data, Bcc, Cc, To, From, Size, Time, etc after the Thunderbird conversion.
Email Body Thunderbird mail converter software will also maintain the email body details such as Formatting, Inline images, font, signature, Text, etc.
Email Attachments Also, the software allows users to convert Thunderbird emails with attachments. This tool is compatible with all attachment extensions such as PDF, DOC, PNG, JPG, ZIP, etc.
Thunderbird Profile This is the best and fastest solution to export complete data from the Thunderbird profile. Users can convert all Thunderbird identities in a profile at once.
Thunderbird Archives All the archive folders of Thunderbird will be converted with ease. The software supports the following archive types:
  • A Single Folder
  • Yearly Archived Folder
  • Monthly Archived Folder

Thunderbird Converter Wizard - Prominent Features

Smart Functionalities of the Software Allows Thunderbird Conversion

Batch Thunderbird Mailbox Conversion

Batch Thunderbird Mailbox Conversion

Thunderbird converter tool can easily export Thunderbird profile data into any desired saving options in bulk. Users can easily convert single files or thousands of files stored in a single folder without any file size restrictions.

Export Thunderbird Emails with Attachments

Export Thunderbird Emails with Attachments

SysTools Thunderbird profile converter software converts emails with attachments without losing any information. The software can export all attachments having any extension including PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG, etc.

Various Saving Options

Convert Thunderbird into Various Saving Options

The software provides 100% safe and secure results after that conversion. Also, users can save Thunderbird emails in any desired format including PST, EML, MSG, PDF, NSF, and HTML as per their requirements.

Auto-Detect Data

Auto-Detect Data from Email Clients

Not all users know the location of the Thunderbird profile for conversion. To avoid this problem, the Thunderbird converter wizard provides an advanced feature, which can easily load the data from the configured profile from the default storage location.

Retain Structure

Retain Structure & Components

The wizard is an amazing and advanced solution to convert Thunderbird emails. It retained all the email components such as Bcc, Cc, To, Date, Subject, Time, From, Formatting, Colour, Text, Font, etc. Also, during and after the conversion original folder structure will be preserved.

Manage Converted Data

Manage Converted Data

Thunderbird converter provides file naming options, which help users to manage their data via date range, To, from, date, etc. if you have selected a single email format as a saving option, then the file naming option will be enabled.

Different Preview Modes

Different Preview Modes

SysTools Thunderbird converter is created with highly advanced algorithms, which makes the software features rich for all users. The software provides eight different preview modes so that users can analyze the email as per their requirements such as Normal Mail preview, Hex view, Properties View, Message Header View, MIME View, Email Hope View, HTML View, RTF View, and Attachments.

Selective Thunderbird Conversion

Selective Thunderbird Conversion

Best Thunderbird converter tool allows users to convert selected and desired data. After adding all the data to the software’s panel, users can check/uncheck the required files and folders from the screen. This feature saves users time and energy.


Features for Outlook Data File

The software provides PST as one of its supported export format. It allows users to perform Thunderbird to PST conversion in a hassle-free manner. Users can also use multiple advanced options like splitting the file, merging multiple files, etc.

Advanced Options

Advanced Options for PDF

When you have selected PDF format from the saving list, then advanced options are enabled that allow users to apply the filter to convert Thunderbird email to PDF format. Users can apply the margin, paper orientation, page size, etc according to their needs.

Thunderbird Installation Not Required

Thunderbird Installation Not Required

Also, the Thunderbird converter is an independent and standalone utility. So, there is no need to download or install Thunderbird or any third-party application to run the software.

Input Location to Save Data

Input Location to Save Data

After setup the complete settings to convert Thunderbird emails, the software will choose the desktop location by default to save your data. If any user wants to change the location according to their needs, they can use the Browse button to select the desired path.

Saving Report

Saving Log Report

When your Thunderbird conversion process will be done, a saving log report will open automatically on the screen, which contains the complete information about the process like Date, Location, etc.

Compatible with Windows OS

Compatible with Windows OS

Thunderbird converter is compatible with all Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and previous versions. So, anyone can use and download the software on your system.

SysTools Thunderbird Converter - Specifications

Check Software Compatibility by Using Free Demo Version

Software Download

Size: 44 MB

Version: 6.7

MD5: 83fbd7e268c208336d8484daee8a06c5

Trial Limitations

The free Demo version of the Thunderbird converter software will generate a preview of all emails but Export only 25 Items per Folder.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

4 GB is recommended

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 11 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 / 2012 R2 / 2016


For Windows 11 (64-bit), Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, it is required to launch the tool as "Run as Administrator"




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Thunderbird Email Converter - Feature Overview

Comparison of Demo and Full license versions functionalities

Features Free Version Full Version
Detect Thunderbird profile automatically
Dual options to add files/folders manually
Preview emails with attachments
File naming option to manage data
Compatible with all Windows OS
Multiple Saving Options (PST, PDF, EML, MSG, NSF, HTML)
Save Thunderbird Exported File 25 Emails/Folder
Cost FREE $39

Frequently Asked Questions

Solutions to a Few Common Questions Related to Thunderbird Converter

How can I convert my Thunderbird profile data using this utility?

Thunderbird Converter

Instructions to Use SysTools Thunderbird Converter Utility:

  • Step-1: Run SysTools Thunderbird converter tool.
  • Step-2: Click Add File and choose Thunderbird option.
  • Step-3: Select required mailboxes manually or via auto-fetch.
  • Step-4: Choose one export option as per your need.
  • Step-5: Click Export to start converting emails.

Yes, the software provides the option to add and convert orphan Thunderbird files in bulk.

Yes, after selecting Thunderbird option in the software, simply choose Default profile configured to let the software auto-fetch your mailboxes. Do note that this option works only if both the software and Thunderbird are present on the same system.

No, the tool works offline once activated and does not require internet connection to run.

There is a separate software available for Mac users. Simply switch to the Mac tab at the top of this page to operate Mac Thunderbird converter.
Yes, our Thunderbird converter tool will detect all accounts that are configured in Thunderbird and will show on the software’s panel.
No, only emails and attachments will be converted.

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