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SysTools DOCX Reader software is an absolutely free DOCX Viewer to open & view DOCX files that are damaged and corrupt. Any kind of corrupted DOCX files that MS Word fails to open, can be viewed using this application. This Office DOCX File Viewer tool is compatible with DOCX files created in MS Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

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  • Open, view & read DOCX files that are damaged / corrupt
  • View all DOCX file components : Text, images , Layout etc
  • Supports View DOCX files with multiple pages & bulk DOCX file viewing
  • Search & locate DOCX files from any drive and subfolder of the PC
  • Include DOCX files with Add File(s), Add Folder, Search File options
  • MS Word DOCX reader helps to read images & text of .docx documents
  • Open corrupt DOCX files in two viewing modes: Preview and Plain Text
  • Requires installation of Microsoft Word to open DOCX document
  • Opens files with “Macro”, “Restricted Editing”, “Marked as Final”
  • DOCX Viewer Freeware is compatible with all Windows OS versions

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Supported DOCX Files by DOCX File Viewer

MS Word

MS Word

google docs


office 365 word online

Office 365
Word Online

zoho writer


libre office writer

Office Writer

Why Prefer Free DOCX Document Viewer by SysTools ?

Best DOCX Viewer for Windows 10, 8, 7

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View DOCX Word Files in Original Format

Free DOCX viewer software is a robust utility designed to view & open corrupt and damaged DOCX files.Users can view all the components of Word file in their original form and format. The DOCX reader software only removes the corruption and keeps all Word file items unaltered alongwith following:

  • Pictures , Online Picture
  • Videos, Shapes, Icons,
  • Layout, Header/Footer
  • Hyperlinks, Comments
  • 3D Models, Smart Art,
  • Charts, Tables, Formatting
  • Design & Font
  • Lines, Shapes,OLE Objects

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Different Page View Options

The Free DOCX viewer software permits users to open corrupt DOCX document files through this application. While viewing the files, users can search for any particular text within the document easily and go directly to the part of the text where it belongs. These viewing modes are available for reading damaged DOCX files:

  • 100% View
  • Whole Page
  • Two Pages
  • Page Width
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out

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Multiple DOCX File Viewing

Users can view multiple DOCX files with the help of this DOCX reader software. DOCX File Viewer tool also offers easy options to add bulk DOCX files to the tool through a single attempt. Apply the option that is most suitable for you:

  • Add File(s): Add more than one DOCX file from a location.
  • Add Folder: Add a folder containing damaged DOCX files.
  • Search File: Auto Detect DOCX files from system drives and subfolders.

Extensive Features of DOCX File Viewer Software

Best Reader for DOCX Documents for Corrupt & Damaged Word File

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View & Open Corrupt DOCX Files

With DOCX File Opener software, users can open .docx document word files that have been suffering from any level of corruption. This Free DOCX viewer software is programmed in such a way that permits the users to view DOCX file without losing a bit of data. Since there is no file size limit, one can easily view .docx files of any size without any issue.

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View Bulk DOCX File in Preview & Plain Text Mode

The DOCX reader software allows adding any number of DOCX files into the tool for opening, viewing, reading and exploring the files. The DOCX File Viewer tool supports DOCX Word files that contain multiple pages. Adding bulk amount of file will not cause any problem as the software is capable of viewing all of them efficiently.

View All Components of DOCX

View All Components of DOCX File

DOCX files mainly consist of texts, but they can also contain various other items/ objects. While viewed using this Free DOCX viewer software, users can view each and every component of the DOCX document including original Formatting and Layout, 3D Models, Shapes, Icons, Charts, Tables, Header/Footer, OLE Objects, Comments, Design, Pictures, Smart Art, Online Pictures and Videos.

Multi-Modes for File Viewing

Multi-Modes for File Viewing

For viewing any infected DOCX files, the DOCX Document Viewer offers several page viewing modes. Users can choose from the modes such as 100% View, Page Width, Whole Page, or Two Pages according to their choice. On every view, users can adjust the magnifying level by using zoom in/ zoom out features.

Auto-locate DOCX

Auto-locate DOCX Files

The robust technology used in this DOCX reader software is capable of searching and finding all the DOCX files from any drive of the computer. When the feature is enabled, the tool can search within the subfolders of those drives. This feature is specifically helpful when the location of a corrupt or damaged DOCX file is not known to the users.

Read Images and Text of .docx

Read Images and Text of .docx

This DOCX Viewer Freeware is designed in such a way that it offers different modes to open DOCX file i.e., Text, Links and Images. DOCX file reader enables the users to open and view all media like pictures, art, charts, clips and so on. Also, it keeps all images in a separate folder and it becomes very simple for users to view .docx file.

Search Text

Search Text within DOCX File

While viewing the damaged DOCX files in their original format, users can search for any text within the document. The efficient DOCX File Viewer tool can locate the searched items in no time. This utility offers Searching options for Match Whole word only, Match Case, Match diacritic, Match kashida, and Match alef hamza.

Types of DOCX Types

Types of DOCX Types Supported

Apart from the normal DOCX files, this software supports other Word files like Word file with Macro, DOCX with Restricted Editing, Marked as Final. All these files can be viewed without any trouble using this DOCX document reader. It also allows users to view different kinds of error infected DOCX files.

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Supported MS Office DOCX File

The DOCX reader software supports all .docx file from MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and its above editions. Users can freely view DOCX file from any versions without any hassle. Besides this, if users want then, the DOCX Document Viewer creates an instant preview of the DOCX file with just few clicks.

Maintains Data Integrity

Maintains Data Integrity

The Free DOCX viewer software is capable enough to maintain the integrity of all .docx file while reading the document in MS word. Users can access DOCX file without any no loss of data. Moreover, any kind of change in portable .docx formatting such as Hyperlinks, Font Family, Size, Bold, Italic, and so on is not introduced

Compatible With all Windows

Compatible With all Windows Versions

Users can easily download and install DOCX File Viewer tool on any version of Windows OS. In other words, it is compatible with Microsoft Office 2019, 2016, 2013, & all below versions. Additionally, to read DOCX files, MS Office installation on the local system is needed.

MS Word Installation

MS Word Installation Required

Freeware DOCX File reader will need MS Word (version 2007 or above ) installed on the same system for its working. Apart from this, it does not need support from any other application. This Free DOCX viewer software has user-friendly interface and can be freely accessed by any users in just a few seconds.

Download DOCX File Viewer Tool Specifications
Install Free DOCX Document Reader to open corrupt DOCX file

Software Download

Size : 2.1 MB

Version : 4.0

MD5 : 2d67c859880c7f1031327f8f71ac446b

Trial Limitations

Free DOCX Viewer Software enables you to preview recovered data from corrupt or Damaged word DOCX File .

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

1 GB is recommended

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (x86, x64) or equivalent

Operating System

Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1, 2008/2012 , Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)


  • MS Word should be installed to preview DOCX file.
  • MS Word must be set as your default application
  • If you are using Window 8.1/8/7/10 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".
  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.5


  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 7 (32bit,64 bit), Windows 8 (32bit,64 bit), Windows 10 (32bit,64 bit), Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server
  • Microsoft Word – Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 (32 or 64 Bit)




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Get an Overview of MS Word DOCX Reader Features - FREE and PRO Version

Features FREE Version PRO Version
Add DOCX Files & Documents in Bulk
View Corrupt or Damaged DOCX Files
Open Bulk DOCX Files in 2 View modes: Preview and Plain Text
Read DOCX Documents with Multipls Pages
Opens files with “Macro”, “Restricted Editing”, “Marked as Final”
View all DOCX file components : Text, images , Layout etc
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
View DOCX files created in MS Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007
Save Recovered damaged / corrupt DOCX files Only Preview
Cost FREE $39

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

May I know how can I view the DOCX files with this DOCX reader software?

I want to know the working of the tool. How can one view docx documents using this tool?

open broken docx file

Use these steps to use docx Reader for pc:

  • Step 1: Download Free DOCX viewer software for Windows
  • Step 2: Click to add & open corrupt / Damaged or Broken DOCX Word file
  • Step 3: Select Word Document to Read DOCX with multiple Pages
  • Step 4: With DOCX document reader, view DOCX file & Documents in bulk

I am facing a problem while accessing DOCX files in MS Office 2019. how to open a corrupt word file .docx ? Will this freeware help me to open damaged .docx file?”

Yes, this DOCX file reader is capable enough to open .docx file in Microsoft Office 2019. Also, it supports MS Office 2007 and all above versions as well.

Recently, I have started using Windows 10 platform on my desktop and wants to open DOCX file on it. Is this DOCX reader software compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, our Free DOCX viewer software is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10.

I have some large-sized DOCX file and I want to open and view those broken files. So, I want to know if there is any size limitation to read .docx file into MS Word 2007.

No, with DOCX file Viewer tool, you can read DOCX file of any size without any limitation.
No, DOCX document Viewer can only open and read .docx file but does not support .doc file of MS Word.
Yes, this Free DOCX viewer software offers a facility to view all media such as clip arts, pictures, charts as well as other objects in MS Word DOCX file.
Yes, this utility will allow the users to open and read DOCX files of 2007 MS Word.
Yes, users will require MS Word installation to view corrupt and inaccessible DOCX files using this tool.

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