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Preview, Search & Export Features for Instant PST File Analysis

  • Export Outlook Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Tasks & Journals into PDF
  • This tool can export multiple Outlook PST files to PDF at once.
  • Numerous naming convention option to assign PDF file name as per requirement
  • Advance attachment settings to export email attachments in multiple ways
  • Software Create individual PDF file for each folder of every PST files optionally.
  • Page layout option and PDF orientation settings to beautify exported pdf.
  • PST file to PDF converter tool allows to find PST file on hard drive for easy browsing
  • Advanced search option to search within email, calendar, and attachments
  • More than 20 search criteria to find particular information in less time
  • PST viewer pro application allows to preview all items with the attachments
  • Advanced scanning to read damaged files and recover permanently deleted items
  • Tool export PST file createdusing all version of MS Outlook

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Advanced Features

Check Why Should Users Select FreeViewer PST Viewer Pro

  • Search selected drive option to find PST file in a single drive.
  • Search all drive option to find PST file inside all logical drives.
  • Add selective file for the conversion from searched list.
  • Remove SMIME/OPENPGP Encryption using certificate & key.
  • Decrypt PST file even encrypted using single or multiple keys.
  • Quick scan for faster scaning & advance scan for precise scaning.
  • Option to set the temp storage path for better performance.
  • Save & load scan to save time for rescanning of large PST file.
  • Software highlighted the folders which contains data.
  • Tool loads all items & show item count of selected folder.
  • Option to stop items loading of a folder if it contains huge data.
  • 8+ modes to preview email, contact, calendar, task, note, journal.
  • Find PST file data using different operators: to AND, OR, NOT.
  • Search Mail, Calendar, & Attachment using different criteria.
  • Tool provides provision to remove duplicate search results.
  • Software allows to save searched query with result for later use
  • Sort the data by its properties to view & export in managed way.
  • Select items using shift+arrow key or mouse click for export.
  • Print PST data directly by applying advance page layout setting.
  • Allows to export searched, selective & complete data.
  • Numerous naming option to create PDF with suitable file name.
  • Multiple date & categories filter to export required data
  • Option to set PDF page layout, attachment & bates number
  • Add Delimiter (_, (...), -) for Special Characters in Resultant File
  • Access PST to PDF Converter Tool in Multiple Languages.
  • Run tool as Standard or Guest User without Admin Permission.

Search & Filter

Advanced Search & Customized Filter Options

At times, there arises a common need among users to access a particular PST email out of the bulk Outlook emails. In such situation, SysTools PST Viewer pro tool provides great relief for the users. All you need to do is simply mention the criteria’s with the most relevant keywords in the specified fields. Besides this, one can also add criteria, in order to make the search results more precise. Read More

From the customized results, users can instantly convert the emails to PDF format.

Email Search Criteria

  • Subject
  • To
  • Body
  • Bcc
  • Cc
  • Received Date
  • Sender Name
  • Sent Date

Email Search Operators

  • OR
  • AND
  • NOT

Print & Export

Option to Print & Export Multiple PST Files

Apart from viewing and analyzing the PST file via different preview modes like Normal Mail view, MIME view, Attachment view and many more that will help a forensic investigator to perform a detailed PST file analysis. There is another mesmerizing feature rendered by the tool i.e., the ability to export the PST file as PDF and also facilitates to print the resultant PDF file. With this standalone utility, users can not only convert the PST emails to PDF format but also print the output PDF file within the software interface. Moreover, users need not have to worry about of risk of data loss or data inconsistency issue by opting this tool.

Variety of Advanced Features to Read & Export PST Files Via PST Viewer Pro Tool

Search Criteria
  • Option to search the desired Outlook emails effortlessly out of the numerous PST emails.
  • The different inbuilt criteria’s include Subject, To, Body, Bcc, Cc, Received Date, Sender Name, Sent Date. Along with that, users can also avail customized criteria using the Add Criteria option.
Search Operators For the purpose of making the search result more result-oriented, users can apply different operators
  • OR
  • AND
  • NOT
Mail Filter This option lets users to export selective Outlook emails that comes within the selected date range.
Naming Convention The resultant/converted PDF files can be renamed by applying different naming convention patterns.
  • Subject
  • Subject+Date
  • From+Subject+Date
  • Date+From+Subject
  • Date+Subject+From
  • Date+Subject
  • Subject+Date
  • MD5
  • From+To+CC
  • Etc.
Maintain Folder Hierarchy By availing this option, the tool maintains the same folder structure to the output PDF file, same as that of the source format.
Advanced Settings In this, users can set the different PDF export options, which includes the following,
  • Attachment
  • Page Layout
  • Bates Numberer
Mail Filter Highlight the date range within the specified fields to export the required Outlook emails as PDF.
  • Top Margin
  • Bottom Margin
Paper Orientation
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
Page Size
  • Letter
  • A3
  • A4
Header & Footer
  • Header Text
  • Footer Text
Advanced Settings In this, users can set the different Print options, which includes the following,
  • Attachment
  • Page Layout
  • Bates Numberer
  • Date Filter

Impeccable Features of SysTools PST Viewer Pro Tool

List of Key Features in SysTools Outlook PST Viewer Pro

View Damaged PST File

View Damaged or Protected PST

Outlook PST Viewer Pro application allows viewing and analyzing PST files of all types. You can view ANSI / Unicode PST files in healthy, corrupted, as well as password protected (not known) form without restrictions. The PST can be conveniently browsed from any desirable source location.

PST Advance Scan

Advance Scan Outlook Data File

Within the software panel, users can avail the Advance Scan option. By this, the corrupted or damaged PST file is deeply scanned to preview the emails from the corrupted PST file. Besides this, it can efficiently convert PST file to PDF, no matter what kind of Outlook file it is. This includes ANSI/Unicode, healthy, corrupted PST file.

Indexed & Non Indexed

Indexed and Non Indexed Scanning

When scanning a PST file you can choose to index the items found while scanning. This way all the folder and items of the selected PST will get listed in a tree structure view along with item count. Only Advance Scan offers the choice to index your scan results.

Export PST Files

Export Examined PST File To PDF

All items of the selected PST file can be previewed and exported to PDF. The items exportable to PDF includes; Email, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journals, and Notes. A separate PDF file will be created for each Outlook PST Email, Contact, Calendar, etc.; respectively. A common naming pattern can also be set for each.

View Item Count

View File Preview With Item Count

Scanned PST file will get listed with all the items / folders / subfolders arranged in a tree structure. You can preview each and every item within the folders along with their fields. Selecting any of the folder or item from folder list will highlight its item count next to it (in case of non-indexed scan).

Multiple Mail Preview

Multiple Mail Data Preview Options

You can preview the PST email data in multiple views. Normal Mail View shows the header details and email body. Property View categorizes each section of an email and displays its technical and backend information. And Attachment(s) can be previewed separately under the Attachment tab.

File Naming Convention

Different Naming Convention of PDF

The Outlook PST Viewer Pro offers multiple patterns for naming the output PDF file. You can select from options like: Auto increment, subject, date, from, or the later three options arranged in variety of orders. The selected naming convention will be set as common for all the items being exported to PDF.

PST File Attributes

Classify Outlook PST Via Attributes

The scanned items of PST file listed on software preview panel can be arranged in a desired order. You can organize items in an ascending or descending order of arrangement using any of its attributes. This may include: From, Subject, Receive, Size (in KB), Full Name, Business Phone, Start, End, Categories, etc.

Advance PST Search

Advance Search Items Within PST

Using a term / word you can search for emails or attachments within the selected PST file. Also, search criterion and conjunctions can be added to perform a detailed search. Using Auto Preview option you can get a brief preview of the items listed in results. Also, you can save, open or clear your required searches without any hassle. Read More

Selective File/ Folder Conversion

Selective Files / Folders Export

You can perform a selective export of multiple items or folders by using Shift plus mouse left click. From the software preview panel select the files you want to export and proceed with export. And to export folders, simply click on export and choose desired folders to be exported from 'Select Folders' section provided on export window.

No Outlook Installation

Outlook Installation Not Mandatory

Outlook PST Viewer Pro is a standalone application and independent solution to handle PST data. Hence, you do not require installing Microsoft Outlook client on your system for successfully running the software to view and analyze PST file items.

Print PST Files

Printed Output Generated

As part of the export procedure, the application additionally features an option to generate a printed copy of the selected emails. By using this option, you get to create a hard copy of the email by printing it directly using the software.

Upgrade to PST Viewer Pro Plus to Avail More Advanced Features!

Save Corrupted Files

Repair & Save Damaged PST

PST Viewer Pro Plus not only lets you view healthy/corrupt PST file but also repairs it. Further, the data can be saved into a new PST file or any of the other file types featured by the tool.


Convert PST into MSG Format

The software offers conversion facilities one of which is PST into MSG conversion. The PST emails once viewed/recovered can be saved into individual MSG format files.


PST to PST Conversion

Besides converting the PST files to multiple file formats. The tool also allows to convert the PST file to Outlook PST format. Moreover, the resultant PST file generated is in Unicode file type. Thus, users can import the converted PST file in all the latest versions of Outlook.


View & Save PST To EML

With the help of PST Viewer Pro Plus software, users can easily save the PST file to EML format in a hassle-free way. One can either export selective or bulk Outlook emails in which the software creates individual EML file for each Outlook email.

Split Outlook Files

Split Output PST By Size

Size of the output PST can be managed using the split option where you can provide the desired size to split PST. Split by size option is enabled while saving as PST.

PST Viewer Pro Software Specifications

Free Download Outlook PST Viewer Pro Software

Software Download

Size: 79.7 MB

Version: 10.1

MD5: 21ac64c969528441a5d870ea700520ad

Software Limitations

Free version will preview all Outlook PST Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Task, Journal Items and will only export 25 items per folder. You can also test the search feature, but the export of searched items is restricted in the free version.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

4 GB of RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz (2.39GHz)


  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or above should be installed.

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 11 (64-bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit), & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008
  • Microsoft Outlook – 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)




Electronic Delivery


Software Customization

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Upgrade to PST Viewer Pro or Pro+ Version

Upgrade to Outlook PST Viewer Pro for Advance Search and Export as PDF

Features FREE Version PRO Version PRO+ Version
Add Outlook PST File
Open Outlook BAK File
Preview Emails with Attachments
Free Installation on Multiple Computers
Search PST File
Export PST to PDF Export 25 Items/Folder
Export the Selected & Searched Items
Export PST to PST, EML, MSG
Split Outlook Data File
Cost FREE $69 $129

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How does the tool work to convert PST files to PDF in batch?

Outlook PST Viewer Pro

The Working of SysTools Outlook PST Viewer Pro Tool

  • Step 1: Download and launch PST Viewer Pro tool on the Windows system
  • Step 2: Click Add File to upload the PST file on the software interface
  • Step 3: Then, the software provides a complete preview of the PST file
  • Step 4: Select the required PST emails to export into PDF file format.

The conversion time required from PST to PDF format is totally based on the uploaded PST file. However, the software is efficient enough to export PST files to PDF by consuming the least time.

Yes, the tool is designed by the best technocrats in a well-advanced manner in which it is capable enough to open and read PST files, which is highly corrupted or damaged.

Yes, With the help of date filter option, users can export the required emails that comes within the specified date range. Along with that, the tool also allows to export selective emails from the software interface.
Yes, this PST viewer pro tool is developed is such a way that one can seamlessly export PST files as PDF on Windows 10 OS and all the previous versions.
Yes, the PST Viewer Pro software will create a single PDF file for every individual Outlook email along with the attachments.
There is a limitation of "32767" characters that can be typed in a textbox. However it is very inconvenient to type in or copy paste huge number of keywords into a textbox. In the next version, advance keyword search filter will be incorporated soon.
You can view & export PST email to PDF without the installation of Outlook on your system.
Yes, you can take prints of emails without exporting them into PDF. Direct print emails, contacts; calendars or other desired items.
Software will convert emails into PDF format while embeds the attachments in their original format into the respective PDF file itself. You can see attachments by clicking on "Paper Clip" icon and further download them as well.
No, It will export attachments into corresponding email pdf file. You need to View/Save attachments by click on paperclip clip icon in exported PDF file.
For more information: Read here.
No, The attachments will be embedded in the same PDF file in its original format and attachments will open into native format application. For Example: A word(.doc) attachment will be open into Microsoft Word application or other application which support .doc format file.

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