SysTools SQL Decryptor

Tool to Decrypt & Export Encrypted SQL Database into SQL Server

  • Remove encryption from complete MS SQL database in batch
  • Supports Dual Login Mode : Windows & SQL Server Authentication
  • SQL Server credentials required to decrypt SQL database file
  • Option Export SQL database: SQL Server & Compatible Scripts
  • No Size Limitation : Decrypt large SQL database files of any size
  • SQL Server should be installed on machine for decryption
  • Now Support SQL server 2014 & 2012 along with previous versions

List of Key Features in SysTools SQL Decryptor Software

remove sql file encryption

Remove SQL File Encryption

The encryption in SQL database file makes it difficult for users to view the contents properly. For those who completely depend on SQL Server database for their work; will need to decrypt encrypted database. With the help of SQL file decryption tool, you can quickly and easily remove encryption from your SQL database.

option for dual login

Option for Dual Login Mode

In order to decrypt SQL database, you need to first provide the SQL Server name and then login. For this, software provides you dual login mode: one is Windows authentication where you only need to select the name of database and other is SQL Server authentication in which you need to provide Server credentials.

get to preview sql database

Get To Preview SQL Database

Database once loaded, will show the details within i.e. scripts of stored procedures, views, functions and triggers that were earlier encrypted and now decrypted with the tool. After previewing your data you can check that encrypted data has been properly decrypted before extracting and saving it to the desired location.

export data after deryption

Export Data After Decryption

Select one of the provided options that gives facility to extract and save decrypted data with encryption or without encryption. The SQL file decryptor gives you two options to save the database as i.e. SQL Server or SQL Server compatible SQL scripts.

export selective database items

Export Selective Database Items

After the decryption of SQL server database; software allows you to export and save decrypted database. You can check or uncheck the items for selective export and save only checked data on your local machine.This way, you can restore only desired data from decrypted SQL database file.

need live sql enviroment

Need Live SQL Environment

Need of Live SQL Server environment is mandatory for the smooth working of software. And once this criterion is met with; user can run the Decryptor and decrypt SQL Server database. Without SQL Server environment, you won't be able to use the software to remove SQL encryption.

runs with sql versions

Runs with SQL Versions

SQL Decryptor runs with the following versions of SQL Server i.e. 2000, 2005 and 2008, 2012 & 2014 that should be actively working on the system on which tool has been installed. The SQL databases that are encrypted can be decrypted without any changes made to the script created. Also, it can be used on any Windows machine of version 8 or below.

SQL Decryptor Tool Screenshots

sql decryptor software
Step 1: SQL Decryptor Software
connect sql server
Step 2: Connect to SQL Server
preview decrypted scripts
Step 3: Preview Decrypted Scripts
Step 4: Export Decrypted Scripts
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Download SQL Decryptor Software
sql decryptor box

Size: 1.05 MB Version: 2.0

Trial Limitations

Demo version of SQL Decryptor amazingly designed product gives the provision to preview the decrypted SQL server script

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Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Question
Can I decrypt encrypted stored procedures in SQL with this tool?

Yes, this software can successfully decrypt encrypted stored procedures, functions, triggers and views of SQL Server.

Does this software require SQL Server in active mode?

Yes, you need to have live SQL Server environment while using this tool. SQL Server version 2000, 2005 or 2008 should be installed on your machine and you should also have admin rights to log into it.

Why I can only see a few of my all stored procedures on the tool?

This software will show only those stored procedures, functions, triggers and views that were encrypted. Those that are not encrypted cannot be previewed on the software panel.

Can I export decrypted SQL database as a new SQL database?

Yes, you can export decrypted SQL database to a new or existing database of SQL Server. You can also export it into compatible SQL scripts.

Is it possible to use the tool without SQL Server login credentials?
My SQL Server is installed with SQL Server Authentication login mode. I do not have the login credentials. Will I still be able to use your tool?

If SQL Server is installed with SQL Server Authentication then you need to have its username and password to log into SQL server and use this tool.

Can I install this tool on a Windows 8 machine?

Yes, this software can be installed and used on latest Windows 8 Operating System as well as on below versions.

Can I decrypt dismounted SQL database with this software?

No, encrypted database should be attached to the SQL Server while the tool is being used.

What Clients Say

SysTools has yet again helped our organization very well. We had engaged with the organization to take help for database recovery of our SQL Server earlier. And this time as well, we chose to go for SQL Decryptor rather than any other tool. Thanks for the consistently wonderful service.

Jeon Mi-Ja, Korea

Once we tried the freeware version of SQL Decryptor application, it was sure that purchase will be made because it worked so well. We had no SQL Server version installed on the machine but still were able to save the decrypted data using the script option provided. Thanks!

Delphia Torrico, Spain
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