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Free Sqlite Database Viewer to Open & Read SQLite Files

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  • Allow users to Explore & View SQLite DB Files
  • Scan & View Corrupt SQLite Database Files
  • Get Complete Preview of SQLite Database Tables
  • Examine the SQLite Database with HEX View option.
  • Open and View Any File Size of SQLite Database Files
  • View Deleted Records of the Table in a Separate Tab
  • Add and View Data of Multiple SQLite Database File in Single Pane
  • Read contents of SQLite Database files *.db, *.sqlite, *.db3, *.sqlite3
  • Analyze SQLite database files of Skype, Android Mobiles etc Applications
  • To Know the Features of SQLite Viewer Pro, Click here: Upgrade Features

Which Data Components Viewed by SQLite Viewer?

Tabular Easily view complete schema along with data in the form of table.
Hex Preview entire Hex code of table with the information of Unallocated, Deleted, Active data, Secured deleted data.
Deleted Read deleted data of desired table
Tabular Open & view entire database table structure.
Hex Get information of table in hexadecimal format & analyze Unallocated, Deleted, Active, Secured records.
Deleted View deleted records with complete details.
Tabular Preview cell phone database in the form of table along with complete schema and records.
Hex Inspect table records in hexadecimal code and know details of Unallocated, Deleted, Active, Secured deleted records.
Deleted Explore deleted records of particular table.

Features of FREE SQLite Database Viewer Tool

scan and view

Scan & View Corrupt DB File

The SQLite database viewer freeware not only offers a thorough yet quick scanning of the database file. But it also recovers corrupt SQLite database items before loading them on the UI for preview. Thus, you can work on the software with both; corrupt as well as healthy SQLite files.

Preview SQLite Database

Preview All SQLite DB File Items

Once the SQLite file has been scanned you can preview all its components successfully in the preview panel. The components that are supported include; tables, indexes, views, triggers, and columns.

no file size limitation

No Database File Size Limitation

Any sort of limitation regarding the database file size is not imposed by the free SQLite Viewer software. A database file having both; a size in Gigabyte or size in Terabyte, can easily be scanned by the software equally.

mutiple file support

Multiple DB File Type Supported

The free SQLite Viewer software works for the scan and view of multiple database file types. The support is provided for file types like; *.db, *.sqlite, *.db3, *.sqlite3 extensions that belong to a variety of platforms like; SQLite, Skype, etc.

Color Scheme

Allow Sorting of Data with Color Scheme

To easily distinguish the data in SQLite database file, SysTools SQLite database viewer sort the SQLite data in four categories i.e. Unallocated, Deleted, Active, Secured. Each category has a unique color scheme to differentiate SQLite data.

Explore Multiple SQLite Files

Explore Multiple SQLite Files Data

SQLite forensics explorer allow you to add multiple .sqlite files data in single pane. This allow you to view and compare the data between multiple database files of SQLite database.

View Journals data

View Journal File Data

SQLite uses journal files to temporary hold the database. The SQLite database browser forensically investigate and previews the detail from Journal file associated with SQLite database.

Analyze with HEX View

Analyze Data with Hex View

The SQLite forensics explorer not only provides an option to view data in tabular form, It also enables you to analyze the database items in HEX view format and examine the page properties like Page EndOffset, Page No, Page Size etc.

Analyze Deleted Records

Analyze Deleted Records

The SQLite reader software allow you to view deleted data of SQlite database. The software enables a separte tab to analyze deleted records of a SQLite database file more efficiently.

SysTools SQLite Viewer Pro? Why to Upgrade

sord data with color schema

Manage Multiple Custodians

Recover Associated Journal Files

Index Sqlite Database

BLOB Data Type Support

Hex View of Database

Multiple Options for Export

View Deleted Records

Download SQLite Viewer Freeware

Open and Read SQLite database file

Software Download

Size : 13.6 MB

Version : 3.0

MD5 : 61d1918c348ed346d625292ae43ba98b

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
25 MB of free hard disk space

Around 512 MB of RAM (1 GB is recommended)

1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Operating System

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 11 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2008/2012


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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How to View SQLite Database using Sqlite Forensics Explorer?

I have some SQLite .db files of my android phone, Is it possible to open and view their contents with this application?


Yes, SQLite database viewer is capable to support .db files created in android smart phones.

Follow the Below Steps to View SQLite db File:

  • Step 1: Launch SysTools SQLite Viewer
  • Step 2: Click on Add File button to select SQLite db file or journal file
  • Step 3: Now browse the SQLite database files from destination folder
  • Step 4: Again Click on Add button to View selected database files
  • Step 5: Software Will scan and preview the content of selected files.

We have earlier worked with the old version of SQLite and have a DB3 file. Just wanted to know if the software will work with those files as well

Yes, you can view all the versions of SQLite Database Engine files in our free SQLite database viewer. The file format that are supported by our tool to view SQLite files are: *.db, *.db3, *.sqlite, *.sqlite3.

Yes, the Pro version of the software allows exporting SQLite database into; Access Database (MDB), SQL, & SQLite. You need to purchase the licensed version of the SQLite database viewer to export.

I needed to look for a particular table, but the database is too large to sort it out manually. Is there an option using which I can search for the item without any trouble.

Yes, the free SQLite database viewer comes with a search box. Use a specific keyword / phrase that is relevant to what you are looking for & proceed. All the matching results will get listed.

Yes, our free SQLite/3 viewer not only views the database (Table, Views, Triggers, etc.) but also provides a sorting option. By clicking on an individual field, you can sort your database accordingly.

Yes, you can view corrupt database components too. The tool has an inbuilt scanning option, it reads & scans the database internally, line by line, & accumulates the distorted line to show the free preview of the repaired SQLite database.

My SQLite database file consists of all the old as well as new data. I wanted to know whether there is a size limitation for using SQLite format 3 viewer freeware?

No, there is no such kind of limitation. The software is tested under rigorous conditions. Even a corrupt database of 1 Terabyte size is loaded and previewed successfully with the help of software.

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