How to Resolve Exchange Error Code 19703, 19803, 19992 Problems

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Today with this article, We are going to share some techniques with you to fix Exchange error code 19703, 19803, 19992 for Outlook Mac.

Good Idea! Using Exchange Server to Manage Email System

Initially, Organizations do not face any problem while working with Exchange Server. But, when time passes and a number of users added in Exchange Server increases, you will start facing different types of errors. For example,

One day, you synchronize Mac Outlook with Exchange and stuck with any of the issues like Exchange error code 19803, 19703, 19992 and you do not know how to fix it permanently. What happens then?

Well, as part of the Exchange Server, this is a scenario that faces by the users frequently. The objective of this article is to give solutions that a user need to resolve the Outlook Mac issue or Exchange error code 19992 / 19703 / 19803. It also provides a brief introduction to the error codes. So, let’s get started!


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What is Mac Outlook Exchange Error Code 19703?

In such a situation when Outlook 2011 user moves a data item, and then modify the item category in Exchange Server 2010 environment. After that, whenever a user tries to synchronize Exchange Server with Mac Outlook 2011 application, the user certainly receives the below-described error:

  • Error: Could Not Synchronize Record Outlook 2011 Mac
  • Details: Operations would change the object type
  • Error Code: 19703

Some Real-life Problem of Error 19703

exchange error code 19703

Cause -> Exchange error code 19703 pops-up when the MoveItem operation in Exchange Web service sends a wrong ChangeKey property of the exported data item during the synchronization process.

exchange error

Solutions to Troubleshoot Exchange Error Code 19703

In the following section, we are going to discuss some simple workarounds that will help you to troubleshoot Outlook Mac sync error 19703.

  1. If a user migrate an email from other Exchange Server or email client to Mac Outlook 2011 or 2016, and any calendar invites embedded within the email, then a user definitely gets this error. So, the solution to this issue is to simply find those exported emails. Thereafter, open the message and remove the calendar invite attachment. Sometimes, they will remain in the Deleted Items folder and creates the error. So, make sure to remove it from there also.
  2. The second solution is to download Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack from the official website of Microsoft. This update comprises a number of solutions to many errors. If you getting the Exchange error code 19703 and still not downloaded this update, then install it as soon as possible.

exchange error code 19803

What Do You Mean by Exchange Error Code 19803?

Mac Outlook error 19803 is also a type of Synchronization error. Generally, this Exchange issue occurs when an object in the mailbox is read to failed by Exchange Server. Then, the below-mentioned error occurs.

  • Error: Could not synchronize record to Exchange Server
  • Error Code: 19803

Here, we display a user problem that using Outlook 2016 on macOS Sierra and getting the sync error code 19803.

user scenarios exchange error 19803

The solution of Exchange Error Code 19803

There are two workarounds that can be used by users easily.

  1. Many times thousand of emails reside in Deleted Items folder and probably they are the source of Exchange error 19803. So, delete the emails that are in the Deleted Item folder. Alternatively, you can click on Properties for Deleted Items folder in Mac Outlook and select ‘Empty Cache method’ to resolve this technical glitch.
  2. This error has been repaired in the new Mac Outlook 2016 version. Just go to Mac Outlook, click on Help and check for updates menu. After that, follow the instruction in the auto-update app.

What is Mac Outlook 2011/ 2016 Exchange Error Code 19992?

Basically, this error occurs when users try to send or receive emails through Outlook using the distribution list or security group and stuck into error code 19992 on the screen. It is a very common error but if it is not repaired earlier, then it will certainly lead to major issues.

  • Error: An unknown error code has occurred in Mac Outlook 2011
  • Error Code: 19992

Method Use to Resolve ‘Unknown Error Code 19992’

  1. The user can send the email with the help of a single account rather than a distribution list or security group.
  2. Exchange Web Services has an option that provides delegate access to a user mailbox. With the help of delegate access permissions, a user can access the other user’s mailboxes. So, it is advised to grant delegate access permissions to the account in order to avoid Exchange error code 19992.
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Let Us Conclude

Exchange error code 19803, 19703, 19992 in Microsoft Exchange Server are very common and you must have a proper solution to tackle these issues. Therefore, in this technical guide, we have discussed some simple and effective workarounds that can fix Exchange Error Code 19703, 19803, 19992. If users are facing corruption issues in Exchange database and receive error messages, then use SysTools EDB Repair Tool. It is an outstanding software that recovers the Exchange database without any trouble.

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