How to Recover Email from PST File With / Without Outlook Application?

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In the business communication, email clients like Microsoft Outlook play an important role. While sending and receiving emails, any sort of hindrance is not tolerated. But what if the file storing emails get corrupted? Have you ever thought about how to recover email from PST file without Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 /2010 / 2007 in your system?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used email services across the globe. So, this can be used mostly in every organization, whether a small company or a large enterprise. They may contain crucial information, hence they need to be kept safe from unauthorized access and unavailability. There are times when email messages from Outlook PST file may get lost or corrupted. Thus MS Outlook emails become inaccessible. So recover corrupted PST files to restore Outlook emails from PST file without any data loss.

How Outlook Emails Get Lost / Corrupted from a PST File?

Go through various reasons that can cause PST file corruptions that result in deletion or damage of Outlook emails from PST files from the local system. To understand why we need to recover email from PST files of MS Outlook.

  • In prior versions of Microsoft Outlook, ANSI PST file was created. There was a file size limitation for these PST data files. The maximum file size was 2 GB in Outlook 2000 version. If this file size is exceeded, the .pst file end in file-size corruption. After that, the file cannot be accessed.
  • Another situation is, an important email is misplaced or is accidentally deleted by the user.

The write-up explains the perfect and convenient solution to retrieve email from PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 versions without cause.

How to Recover Email from PST File – User Query

Few real-time scenarios are discussed in the following section. The possible causes which result in the recovery of email from Outlook PST file are drafted in two user queries below:

“Hi, I am using Outlook for 3 years. Last week while deleting some irrelevant data, I mistakenly removed my important emails. Now I do not know what to do. Please, could you suggest me any method to retrieve emails from PST files in Outlook 2013?”

“A few years back, I was using Outlook 2003. Now, a case has reopened and an ANSI PST is to be modified. This increases the size of the file and results in over-sized file size corruption. The email file is damaged and it cannot be opened. Is there any way to extract email from PST file without Outlook?”

After reading these queries, the need to recover Outlook emails from PST file should be clear. In all these scenarios, users seek for a single answer, “How to recover email from PST file with or without Outlook installation in the system?”.

Automated Tool to Restore Outlook Emails from PST File

The emails can be recovered using a third-party tool like Outlook Email Recovery Tool. Using this professional utility is the only way to extract data from lost, corrupted email item from PST file. This is a simple but smart software to derive data from corrupted and lost email file in a straightforward, simple, and user-centric way.

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Benefits of Using This Automated Solution

The lost emails can be easily restored with the help of this commercial application. But, there are some additional benefits too, which are written as follows:

Best Tool to Recover Mac Outlook Emails Data

If you are a Mac user and want to restore lost or damaged data from Mac Outlook OLK14, OLK15, OLM file. Using this Mac Outlook Recovery utility you can restore Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes data in the minimal time span

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Step-Wise Procedure to Extract Email From PST File

If any important email from PST file is damaged or lost, it can be found back. For this, users have to follow these steps to recover email from PST file in Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 and all other editions:

1. Click on All Programs and then, launch the Outlook Recovery Application
2. When the utility is opened, hit on Add File. It will display two options:

  • Select File
  • Search File

If the radio button corresponding to the Select file is chosen, browse the PST file. Select the desired PST file and click on “Open” button

If the radio button corresponding to Search File is chosen, there are two more options for finding the PST file, i.e.

  • Search All Drive: To find a PST file embedded within all the storage drives
  • Search Selected Drive: To find a PST file embedded in a particular drive

3. Once the searching process is done, the tool will show the complete list of PST files stored on that specific drive
4. Now, the storage path of the PST file will be shown on software screen. There are 2 distinct modes available for scanning:

  • Quick: It enables faster recovery of emails in PST files. This option is helpful in case of the slightly damaged PST file.
  • Advanced: If the PST email is highly corrupted, then it is recommended to use this scanning mode. It can assist a user in deep data repairing task. The tool provides advanced scanning on the 64-bit operating system also.

5. Once the PST is selected, hit on the Add button to move ahead
6. This will start the scanning of selected PST file
7. Once the scanning is complete, a message box will prompt confirming the success of the scanning procedure. If you want, the scanned report can be saved. Click on yes and no accordingly
8. All the added emails can be previewed on the product pane. There are different viewing options available while working on the tool:

  • Normal Mail View
  • Properties
  • Attachments

9. From the left-hand side column, click on Mail to view only PST emails, And now export these emails.

So by using this software, you can easily recover email from PST file from Microsoft Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 and below editions with or without installing Outlook application on the system. Now import retrieved email from PST file into MS Outlook using the following steps.

Steps to Import PST File in MS Outlook Account

1. In Outlook 2019, 2016 and 2013, click on File. Then, click on Open & Export followed by Import/Export menu

In Outlook 2010, 2007 – 2000, click on File and then, Import and Export

2. Select the option of Import from another program or file
3. In the next step, hit on Next button
4. Pick up the option of Outlook data file (.pst) or Personal Folder File (PST), based on the version of Outlook you are using
5. Then, click on Next again
6. Select Browse to search and choose the PST file from where Outlook data is to be imported
7. There are chances that Outlook may look for the backup.pst file. But, you have to make sure that Browse button is used for searching a PST file
8. Then, pick the required option like:

  • Replace duplicates with items imported
  • Allow duplicates to be created
  • Do not import duplicates

9. Click on Next button
10. At last, hit on Finish

Final Words

It happens many times that email files get corrupted. Or, there are chances that it might be removed mistakenly or lost. In all these cases, email files become out of the reach for the users. Hence, the need to recover email from PST file arises. The post explains the best possible method to restore Outlook emails from PST file.

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