Fix Exchange CheckSum Mismatch Error & Data Fragmentation Issues

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Corruption may creep into the database of Exchange Server system anytime, which results in many hardware or firmware related issues. Oftentimes, firmware upgrades, controller issues, memory upgrades or failures, etc. lead to problems within the storage subsystem. Also, it brings to a checksum mismatch error in Exchange Server during the particular page verification in Windows 10, 8, 7 OS.

At the time using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019, users and administrator may face multiple numbers of errors. Exchange Server creates a log file to resolve these errors. Event ID 474 and 705 errors are very common problems in Exchange. Hence, we will give you an idea how to troubleshoot checksum mismatch error and data defragmentation issues creates by event id 474 and 705 in Exchange server. First, we will talk about the events in short and then move towards the remedial solutions.

CheckSum Mismatch Error in Exchange – Event ID 474

Generally, Exchange creates event id 474 error due to hardware issues. This error is also known as Exchange error code 1018 i.e page checksum mismatch error in Exchange. It means that error 474 arises when a particular page of Exchange database is corrupted or damaged. It also occurs when database page verification has been failed.

  • Event ID: 474

  • Description: Information store “2680” the database page read from the file “~\mdbdata\priv1.edb” at offset 4050944 (0x00000000003dd000) for 4096 (0x00001000) bytes failed verification due to a page checksum mismatch error.’

Reasons behind Occurring Exchange Event ID 474

There are following situations where you may be suffering from Exchange error ID 474 ESE issue.

  • Not able to send and receive emails
  • MS Outlook has not started on the client machine
  • Facing error id 474 during the online defragmentation
  • If the online backup does not complete & displays event Id 474 error message

How to Resolve Page CheckSum Mismatch Error?

Fixing Exchange event id 474 Database Page Cache issue can be done by using two methods:

  1. Using eseutil & isinteg commands
  2. ;Move Mailboxes Via EMC

Method 1: Using Eseutil and Isinteg Commands

You can resolve the Event ID 474 with the help of Eseutil and Isinteg commands. But, before performing the resolving steps, you should take a backup of the .edb database either in a healthy or corrupt state and dismount database Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010. Now, follow the steps to run the commands:

  • First of all, click on the Windows+R keys together on the machine.
  • Then, a Run dialog box will open. Here, write cmd in the box & press Enter key.
  • In the command prompt, type “C:\ProgramFiles\Exchsrvr\bin” to locate the eseutil.exe on your system.
  • Once you have found the eseutil.exe command, then run this cmdet to resolve major corruptions in Exchange:
Eseutil /p C:\Program files\Exchsvr\mdbdata\ primary name.EDB

event id 474

Eseutil /d C:\Program files\Exchsvr\mdbdata\ primary name.EDB

checksum mismatch error in echange

  • In this step, stop the command prompt and open the eseutil command again to run. It will check the integrity weaknesses:
Isinteg –s {Exchange Server name}-fix-test all tests
  • Now, you can verify if the .edb file has any particular inconsistencies by running this command:
Eseutil /g C:\Program files\Exchsvr\mdbdata\ primary name.EDB

exchange event id 474

  • Finally, the Exchange error id 474, page checksum mismatch error has been completely resolved from your database.

Method 2: Transfer Mailbox Using Exchange Management Console

If you are still facing the error, then you can try another method to fix this problem.

  1. To begin the process, launch the Exchange Management Console.
  2. Now, from the console tree, expand the Recipient Configuration option and click on Mailbox.
  3. After that, click and select the mailbox(es) that you want to move.
  4. Then, click on the Move Mailbox option from the action pane.
  5. Now, Move Mailbox Wizard will open on the screen. Select the server, storage group, & destination mailbox database. Then, click on the Next button.
  6. On the next “Move Options” page, choose how the damaged mailbox will be handled and click on the Next button to proceed further.
  7. Next, from “Move Schedule” page, specify the time of the move & click on the Next to continue.
  8. Confirm all information regarding mailbox move by checking the summary on “Move Mailbox” page.
  9. Finally, click on the Finish button to move your mailbox to some other location successfully.
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About Exchange Event ID 705 Error

When MS Exchange online database defragmentation stops unexpectedly untimely due to any error, Exchange Event ID 705 occurs. This event id works as a signal that shows the ESE database or Microsoft Exchange store memory is having some issues. Nevertheless, when the data defragmentation is started again, it resumes from the disruption point.

Reasons behind Occurring Exchange Event ID 705

There can be various reasons behind this Exchange error message 705:

  • Error -1069 (0xfffffbd3) (Jet_errVersionStoreOutOfMemory): It means that Exchange Server is out of memory. This error code deals with the storage space for the defragmentation procedure in Exchange Server.
  • Error -327 (Jet_errBadPageLink & Error -338 Jet_errBadParentPageLink): B-Tree contains a bad page link that means corruption in Exchange database is at the Jet level.
  • Error -1018 (Jet_errReadVerifyFailure): It means a checksum error exists on a database page. This error message also indicates the ESE level of corruption in Microsoft Exchange database. Moreover, hardware, controller and hardware file system level issues in are responsible for this error 1018 error code.

How to Resolve Event ID 705 Error in Exchange Server?

In order to fix the online defragmentation error in Exchange, you need to transfer all mailboxes to another location. To do this, you can follow the same steps that are discussed in the above section. You can also create a new mailbox database and then try to move the affected database. After that, you should check the Exchange database whether it is still generating an error message or not.

In case, if you are still facing the page checksum mismatch error in Exchange, then you can use the SysTools Exchange Database Recovery tool to resolve the Event ID 474 and 705 errors. Because this advanced recovery manager for Exchange database tool offers many outstanding features like quick and advanced scan mode to recover corrupted Exchange database file and repair Exchange mailbox. After repairing defected files of Exchange database, you can easily move the recovered mailboxes it to the Live Exchange Server 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 mailboxes without any cost of data loss.

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Wrapping Up

In this post, we have discussed the page checksum mismatch error in Exchange Server or event id 474 and 705 error. Here, we have given the complete idea about these both errors and also discussed the reliable solutions to fix these event ids. If users still face the issues after performing the manual methods, then they can try an alternate third-party solution like Exchange File Recovery tool.