Google Apps Migration Failure an Internal Error Occurred Please Check the Log File for More Details

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Published On July 19th, 2022
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G Suite (Previously Google Apps) is a package of cloud-based services which provide user-friendly solutions on the web. It is a feature-rich service which combines email, cloud storage, productive software, calendars etc. Due to its advanced features and numerous functionalities, the users are attracted towards G Suite / Google Apps more.

Most of the Outlook users are frequently switching to Google Apps. But while migrating to G-Suite / Google Apps they face different issues. One of the most common errors faced by the users is ‘Google Apps Migration Failure an Internal Error Occurred Please Check the Log File for More Details’. Due to which the users are not able to import Outlook to Gmail free account / Google Apps.

Therefore, in the blog, we are going to discuss multiple methods using which the user can resolve this error and import  PST file to Gmail in a seamless way. By doing this, a user can also creates backup of Outlook emails to Gmail account. 

About ‘Google Apps Migration Failure’ Error

Google has introduced a utility that is GSMMO (earlier it was known as GAMMO) which stands for G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook. This tool enables the user to transfer Outlook data items to G Suite. The user can easily download it from the website by Google for free of cost. However, while moving data from Outlook using GSMMO to Google Apps, the users face ‘Google Apps migration failure an internal error occurred’.

GSMMO MIgration Failure Error

Moreover, there are numerous limitations associated with GSMMO utility. Some of them are listed below:

  • The migration process is so lengthy and time-consuming. It takes 48 hours to move Outlook mailbox to Google Apps or free Gmail account.
  • Admin access is required while transferring data from hosted Microsoft Exchange environment.
  • When the user will execute multiple instances of the tool on a single client machine then this will cause a serious technical problem.
  • The GSMMO tool will not provide any details regarding the mailboxes that failed to export files to Google Apps.
  • The tool does not migrate calendars in the public folder.
  • Unable to upload .pst into multiple G Suite or personal Gmail account in  a single attempt.
  • Microsoft Outlook installation is compulsory for the migration process.

Possible Reasons Behind Occurrence of ‘G Suite Migration Failure’ Error

There can be multiple reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of ‘Google Apps Migration Failure’ error. Some of them are:

  • Size issues related PST files
  • Corruption in PST files
  • Virus Infected PST files

Resolve Google Apps Migration Failure an Internal Error Occurred Using an Automated Solution

With GSMMO, the user has to face serious issues while migrating data. Therefore, for a convenient and hassle-free migration, it is recommended to choose an automated solution that is SysTools Outlook to Google Apps Migration Software. With this utility, the user can import Outlook data to G Suite without any error. Furthermore, the free version of software also available that can be installed from this download button.

Demo Version of software

In fact, it can move Outlook emails, contacts, contacts group and calendars to desired Google Apps account. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface which enables the user to work with it in an easy way. Plus, The utility is associated with numerous benefits some of them are:

  • The user can easily transfer any size of Outlook data items to Google Apps account.
  • The tool also allows the user to move selective data according to date using the Date Filter option.
  • Save time by migrating multiple Outlook files at once to multiple Google Apps / G Suite / Personal Gmail account.
  • The utility also maintains the original folder structure even after the migration process.
  • Capable to export Outlook contacts to Google contacts with complete details.
  • No file size limitation is associated with this tool.
  • Copy Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar along with information like Start Date, Location etc.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 and all the below versions.
  • Provides Pause and Resume option to stop the migration process if needed and then begin the process from where it was stopped
  • Offer multiple options to Map folder, Exclude Sent Items, Deleted and Junk Items from Outlook files.
  • Generates a complete migration process report with all the details in it.
  • Support all the versions of Microsoft Outlook, including Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 and all earlier versions.

Steps to Move Outlook Data Items to Google Apps Using this Best Software

The user can easily transfer Outlook data including emails, contacts, calendars to Google Apps by following the steps given below:

  • First, download and install the tool on your Windows system and launch it.

Install the Software

  • After that, select Add Files, Add Folder or Add CSV option to add single / multiple PST files or to add the folder containing PST file.

  • Once the sources of all the PST files are added click on the Next button.

  • Now, enter Google Apps credentials for each PST file and click on the Login button to validate it.

  • In Select Categories option, choose Mails, Contacts or Calendars to be exported as per your requirements.

  • To migrate emails according to the date, set the Date Filter option and then click on the Apply button.

  • While importing contact you can also eliminate the duplicate entries using Exclude Duplicate Contacts.

  • Select the Advanced Option to apply different filters on folder and attachments.

  • After all the selection and settings, click on the Export button.

  • Once the export process is completed, the migration process report will be generated.

  • Now, to verify that data is migrated successfully, one can open a Google Apps account and check it.

Summing Up

There are many users who face issues while migrating Outlook data items to Google Apps Via. GSMMO. Most frequently occurring error faced by the users is ‘Google Apps Migration Failure an Internal Error Occurred Please Check the Log File for More Details’. Due to the occurrence of the error, the users are not able to transfer data to Google Apps. Therefore, in the above section, we have introduced an automated and smart solution by SysTools to resolve the error without any data loss issues or you can say that alternative of GSMMO Tool.

Frequently Asked Questions –

What to do when G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook is not working?

Make sure you have Outlook application in the system before installing it. Otherwise, it will not work and generates an error.

Why GSMMO tool generates duplicate contact entries after the export job?

Generally happens when the user tries to migrate contacts more than one time in same G Suite account. To overcome this issue, import the contact data once.

Can I migrate same PST file into multiple Google Gmail account Via. GSMMO utility?

You can only migrate PST files(s) into a single G Suite / Personal Gmail account in one shot. To import one or more Outlook data file into multiple Google accounts, then you need to switch to automated tool.

What is GSMMO Error 0x80040109?

It is a technical glitch that occurs when a different process is accessing the PST file or might be an Outlook profile concurrently. So, always make sure that no other program using Outlook file or profile at the time of using GSMMO tool. Else, you will receive the error.


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