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VHDX / VHD Viewer Freeware
Open, Read, Explore & View Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk Image Files (VHDX / VHD) of Windows Backup

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VHDX Viewer Freeware

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  • VHDX viewer generates instant preview and open VHDX file
  • View VHDX files: both Single or Multiple Partition
  • Provides Support For GPT Partition Style of Fixed & Dynamic VHDX Files
  • VHDX Explorer tool allow to view VHDX file of Hyper V
  • Supports to view both FAT 32 as well as NTFS partitions
  • Tool can open corrupt VHDX file data & permanently deleted VHDX files
    The VHDX Opener Software has the ablity to open deleted VHDX file data & read corrupted data from VHDX images.
  • Software can generate display to view VHDX files from failed virtual machine
    VHDX Viewer freeware display and read VHDX file from Failed VM
  • Allows to Open VHDX File on all available versions of Windows OS
    The tool support Windows 7/8/8.1,10 (32-bit & 64-bit) or Windows server 2008 / 2012

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List of Features of VHDX (Hyper-V) Viewer Software

View VHDX Files

Instant View of VHDX Files

VHDX viewer freeware generates instant view of .vhdx file data. VHDX opener provides an easy way to view VHDX files from any virtual machine and hypervisor server. VHDX Explorer tool allows user to open VHDX file content from any corrupt and damaged .vhdx file.

Analyse VHDX Files

Analyze VHDX images

VHDX Viewer deeply analyse VHDX image file. After analysing the image file, VHDX Viewer Freeware will generate view of all available contents by which user can easily read VHDX files that are corrupted.

View Corrupted VHDX Files

Support GPT Partition Style

VHDX viewer freeware provides support for GPT Partition style single or multiple partition of FAT 32 & NTFS file system (Fixed and Dynamic) VHDX Files.

open deleted VHDX file

Preview Deleted VHDX Files Option

The tool provides the option to view deleted files from VHDX. If the File & Folder data is permanently deleted then user can use VHDX viewer freeware software which will quickly preview restored VHDX data files and allows user to open VHDX files contents easily.

No Size Limitation

No Size Limit

There is no size limit imposed by the VHDX viewer freeware on input VHDX file, user can easily view VHDX file of any size with the help of VHDX Reader tool. Even heavy sized file can be added in the VHDX explorer Tool, it will not make any changes.

Save Snapshots

Simple Interface

The interface of VHDX browser tool is designed in such a way that, it enables all technical and naive users to use and Open VHDX file contents efficiently. VHDX viewer program is appropriate for personal as well as business purposes.

Simple Interface

All Hypervisor Server Support

VHDX Reader tool can browse VHDX files from any version of MS Hyper-visor server. It allows to view VHDX files in it's original format.

Server Support

Retain Data Integrity of VHD File

While Viewing the data VHDX Viewer freeware does not modify a single bit of available content. User can easily use this VHDX Explorer tool to read VHDX files contents without any change in data.

Simple Interface

All Windows OS Support

VHDX browser tool support all available versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & Vista, Server 2012, Server 2008 to open VHDX files.

Working Of VHDX Viewer Software

Download VHDX Viewer
Step 1: Download VHDX Viewer
Browse File Location
Step 2: Browse File Location
Select VHDX File
Step 3: Select VHDX File
Preview of VHDX Files
Step 4: Preview of VHDX Files

Watch Live Video of VHDX Viewer

VHDX Viewer Software Specifications

VHDX Viewer Freeware

Size: 7.8 MB Version: 4.0

Trial Limitations

VHDX Viewer software allows to preview VHDX File contents

Download VHDX Viewer Freeware

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free hard disk space

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit & 64-bit) or Windows server 2008 / 2012

Frequently Asked Question

How to view deleted photos using VHDX viewer?

Can I mount & open VHDX files that are corrupted, with the help of your VHDX Viewer freeware ?

Can I explore VHDX files from failed virtual machine?

Can I run this VHDX browser tool on Windows 10 to mount & read VHDX files for accessing the content?

Can I vie all the lost data back from VHDX image file with the help of this VHDX Viewer freeware?

Will my .vhdx file get corrupt while opening them in VHDX viewer tool?

VHD file Viewer Tool

instant delivery

  • Free utility to view corrupted, dismounted, and offline VHD files
  • Automatically read permanently deleted files & folder items.
    VHD viewer freeware is designed in such a manner that it will preview all the Windows image backup VHD file which are deleted
  • Explores both single and multiple partitioned virtual hard disk
  • Provides Support for GPT Partition style for Fixed & Dynamic VHD Files
  • Offers a simple way to open Windows image backup VHD file
  • Allows to Open & preview VHD File Contents within interface
    Windows Backup vhd Explorer sipports to view vhd file containing image (.jpeg , .jpg , .bmp, .png), Office Files (.doc , .docx , .xls, .xlsx , .csv , .ppt, .pptx ), Email Files (.eml, .msg, .pst, .ost etc. ), PDF etc.
  • Supports to view Windows Backup Image Files (FAT 32 & NTFS) partitions
  • Capable to open VHD file created from failed VM
  • Also works with the VHD file of Hyper-v and disk management

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Free Live Demo - SysTools VHD Viewer Freeware Fully Secured Download Version

Eminent Features of VHD File Explorer
View VHD Files
Free Solution to View VHD Files

The application is an independent solution to read corrupted, offline, dismounted, and detach VHD file. Now, it is possible to instantly load and view Windows backup VHD files of unlimited size in an effective and efficient way.

read Windows image backup VHD file
Preview All Lost VHD File Items

VHD file opener allows to view & open the permanently deleted items from browsed files and loads them on the viewer area. The retrieved items are highlighted with red color, which users can view without any time restrictions.

support to view Windows backup VHD files

Supports VHD Files Causing Errors

The free VHD file viewer is strong enough to operate those files, which shows errors like VHD files is corrupted and unreadable, cannot attach VHD virtual machine, failed to open 'C:\ vhddir \MyVHD.vhd', etc. Users will be able to open and view VHD file with all data, which are causing errors while normally opening them.

No Limitation to open VHD file

No VHD File Size Limitation Imposed

There is no constraint appended in this free VHD file explorer either related to file size or any other aspect. Users can feel free to browse a .vhd file of infinite size whose files and folders are to be viewed.

Open and View VHD file of all types

Mount and Open All Types of VHD File

The free VHD file opener is offering a standalone solution to open VHD file of alll types i.e., Fixed as well as Dynamic. Software is capable of recognizing data from .vhd file from created in applications like Windows backup, Hyper-v, and disk management. This VHD Reader freeware supports GPT Partition style single or multiple partition of FAT 32 & NTFS file system (Fixed and Dynamic) VHD Files.

VHD viewer Freeware Simple Interface

Easy-to-Understand Software Interface

VHD viewer Freeware is designed with an interactive layout to expand all data of a virtual hard disk file. No high technical knowledge is required to open and view VHD files on the local machine. Both a technical as well as non-technical users will be able to operate this tool without any difficulties.

Working Of VHD Viewer Freeware
Download VHD Viewer
Step 1: Download VHD Viewer
Browse Windows image backup VHD file
Step 2: Browse File Location
Select Hyper-v VHD file viewer
Step 3: Select VHD File
Preview VHD Files
Step 4: Preview of VHD Files
Watch Live Video of VHD Viewer Freeware

VHD File Viewer Software Specifications
VHD File Viewer

Size: 7.8 MB Version: 4.0

Trial Limitations

VHD Viewer Freeware allows to preview Windows image backup VHD file contents

Download VHD Viewer Freeware

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free hard disk space

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit & 64-bit) or Windows server 2008 / 2012

Common Queries

How to view permanently deleted Windows backup VHD files?
Is it possible to open Windows Image backup VHD files whose size unit is in terabytes?

Will your software support VHD file, which is showing error statements while opening it using Hyper-V?

Does this SysTools VHD Viewer freeware supports VHD file of Windows server 2012, created by using MS Hyper-V application?

Is this VHD file viewer available for free or there are few hidden charges within it?

Yes, the software is totally available for free of cost. There is no additional cost appended in the VHD Viewer Freeware. So, you can feel completely free while utilizing our freeware to view VHD File Reader.

I have utilized multiple products but, till now I did not found any product that extracts complete data from damaged VHD file. Does this VHD File Explorer tool also works like the same whenever a damaged file is browsed within it?

No, the SysTools VHD file viewer is designed in a way that it gives 100% result without any data loss. It will be thoroughly scanning the browsed file and fetch each & every folder or files from it.

I am getting the a screen error on my virtual machine and there is an urgent need to read VHD file with few important items. Will your software help me out with this issue?

Yes, there is only a need to extract VHD file from virtual machine and then, browse it in the software. After this, you will simply be able to read VHD file and analyze its data without any interruption. This Windows Backup vhd Explorer supports to view vhd file containing image (.jpeg , .jpg , .bmp, .png), Office Files (.doc , .docx , .xls, .xlsx , .csv , .ppt, .pptx ), email Files (.eml, .msg, .pst, .ost etc. ), PDF etc.

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What Clients Say

Because of the failure of my virtual machine, I was not able to mount & open VHDX files some days earlier. But with the help of Hyper-V Viewer tool now I am able to mount, view and explore VHDX files without facing any difficulties.

Rayon Worth, USA

I was unable to mount and open VHD file since last few days. This problem was caused due to sudden failure in the virtual machine. But, with help of this Hyper-v VHD file viewer, now I am able to mount and read VHD file in a trouble-free manner.

Ada Clark, Denmark

With the help of VHDX Browser tool I was able to view all my lost data in my Hyper-V file, VHDX opener tool also enabled me to save snapshots of .vhdx files in the system. Truly a best VHDX viewer tool I have ever come across.

Kate Morrison, Fiji

I previewed all my sudden lost items of disk management VHD files only because of this product. When I lost my data, I was having zero expectation that I will be able to retrieve them back. But, this tool proved me wrong and I am extremely impressed by working of this SysTools VHD Viewer Freeware.

Brittany Rice, Romania

Some days earlier I was getting an error, which was ‘Hyper-V Failed to Open Attachment VHDX’. I was completely confused about what should I do, because I was unable to access VHDX file contents. Then I searched on google about the problem and got this VHDX Explorer tool cause of which I could mount & read VHDX files again.

Billy Padro, Los Angeles

My VHD file was showing ‘failed to open 'C:\ vhddir \MyVHD.vhd’ error when I was trying to access it. Meanwhile, my manager recommended me to opt for this freeware and since this application is free so, without any doubt concern I thought of giving it a chance. Unexpectedly, the software works in such a brilliant way that no other free viewer can work. This is the best VHD file viewer to tackle with corrupted VHD files.

Jacob Hernandez, Brazil

Due to some internal problem in the system my Hyper-V crashed. It was hard time for me as I was unable to browse VHDX file data. But big thanks to VHDX reader tool which helped me a lot to mount & explore VHDX files

Arran Morris, New York

Because of some unknown reasons my Hyper-v machine got crashed. It was literally difficult for me to mount VHD file data. But, a very big thanks to this VHD file explorer that helped a lot in viewing and exploring VHD files on Windows 7 without any single trouble.

Alberta Nash, Gabon

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