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SysTools EMLX to PST Converter is a reliable application that exports EMLX files to Outlook without any data loss. Along with emails, this software can also transfer all types of attachments at once. The software supports converting EMLX files created in Windows Mail, Outlook Express, WLM, Mac Mail, etc. into Outlook supported PST file. The whole process of EMLX to PST conversion becomes easy and effortless with this application. The resultant PST files can be opened in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 versions without any difficulty.

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Best Software to Convert EMLX Files to PST on Windows OS

  • Perform all types of EMLX to PST Conversions with complete accuracy
  • Export EMLX file email attachments of various categories to Outlook
  • Scan & Preview email messages of EMLX in different viewing modes
  • Maintains Message Formatting & Attributes of EMLX files after export
  • Option to create separate PST file from each EMLX folder after conversion
  • Split resultant Outlook PST file according to the size of users’ preference
  • On-Disk Folder Hierarchy retention after EMLX to Outlook PST export
  • Convert complete or selected folder or EMLX files into Outlook PST file
  • Date Filter option to convert EMLX files of a particular date range to PST
  • Convert EMLX to PST and import PST file in all MS Outlook versions
  • EMLX file SMTP Header is also migrated in unaltered state to PST format
  • Download and Launch Software on Windows 10, 8, 7 & Below OS versions

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SysTools EMLX to Outlook Converter Review & Ratings

Rating for EMLX Exporter software while importing .emlx files into Microsoft Outlook

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Amazing Features of Best EMLX to PST Converter Software

Support to export multiple .emlx to .pst file format in problem free way

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Export Multiple EMLX Files to PST in Bulk

EMLX to PST Converter supports conversion of multiple EMLX files to PST simultaneously. Which means, users can a large number of EMLX file or a folder that carries numerous EMLX files in the software and the tool will automatically load all the EMLX files for preview. From the list of EMLX files, one can choose selective files or select all EMLX emails to be converted in Outlook PST in batch mode. Regardless of the number of EMLX files users need to export into PST, the conversion software will migrate them all in a few minutes even without any data corruption or damage. Afterwards, the exported PST file can be opened using MS Outlook.

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Convert Inline Images during EMLX to PST Export

Sometimes, EMLX file email messages contain images within the file text. These images are important to its users. The software can convert these inline images along with the EMLX emails by retaining their original size and format. EMLX to PST Converter Tool can convert all types of inline images including popular image formats like .png, .jpeg, .gif, etc. This will not change the rich-text EMLX file formatting. Images, email text, font, color, line, hyperlinks, and body structure will be exactly same after the data conversion. Moreover, the software does not change the meta properties of EMLX messages that contain inline images.

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HTML Formatting Maintenance after Conversion

By being developed with advanced algorithms, this software converts EMLX files into PST without modifying the source HTML formatting. Even after conversion, the PST file will contain the original Header, Body, and Footer part of original EMLX file. Along with these, the layout, font color and size, graphics, table columns, and links all will remain the same after EMLX to Outlook PST conversion. This tool converts the basic EMLX email information, such as:

  • From: Sender's name, their email address, IP address
  • To/ Cc/ Bcc: Recipient's name, their email address
  • Date: Sent date and received date of the email
  • Subject: The full text entered in the Subject box

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Why Isn’t Free Methods to Export EMLX to PST Ideal?

Many users might be thinking why should not they use the free techniques to convert EMLX messages into MS Outlook PST? The reasons is that the free method is not trustworthy enough to deal with the EMLX data which is crucial to you. It is understandable that the free method is attractive, but it will pose harm to the email properties to cause data loss. Some of the main reasons for not using free method are given below:

  • EMLX attachments may get deleted during conversion
  • Free methods cannot export EMLX email inline images
  • SMTP headers of emails might get lost permanently
  • Free EMLX to PST export takes a long time to execute
  • Free serial key or crack versions often carry hidden virus

Note: - To avoid all these disadvantages, opt for SysTools EMLX to PST converter. This tool will perform EMLX conversion in a completely safe and secure manner. Moreover, technical experts of SysTools are ready to offer technical help to the users 24X7. After converting the EMLX files, easily import them in Outlook with full security.

EMLX to PST Converter Software - Features

Perfect Application to Import EMLX into Outlook in Hassle Free Way

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Option to Convert EMLX to PST in Batch Mode

EMLX to PST Converter is a worldwide trusted application that can convert EMLX email messages of different email clients. This affordable software retains formatting, file metadata, and on-disk folder hierarchy of the EMLX files after the export.

Advanced Search of EMLX Email file

Automatically Detect EMLX Files from System

From the selected folder or drive, EMLX Converter application can automatically all the EMLX files located in it. With Windows explorer style interface, Users can select the folders containing EMLX file from the left pane and the tool will load all the EMLX files.

Quick Scan & Automatically Load EMLX Files

Preview EMLX Emails in Different Format

EMLX file to Outlook converter tool provides instant preview of all the added emails before exporting them into PST format. Users can select any emails and the complete preview of that message can be seen in Normal, Attachment, Hex, Property, MIME, HTML, etc. modes.

Apply Date Range Email Filters Feature

Export and Preview EMLX File Attachments

EMLX to Outlook PST Converter can export emails containing attachments along with the attachments in their original format. The application contains an in-built viewer that generates a quick preview of the emails as well as its attachments for the users.

export emlx to pst selected

Date Range based Selected Export Option

Selective conversion of EMLX file into Outlook compatible PST file is also possible with this converter. Users can check the Date Filter Option after selecting the Adv. Settings. Then they can choose the date range as per their requirement. Then the tool will convert only the emails that fall under the given date range.

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Sort EMLX Emails in Preview Screen

The resultant of a particular search can be converted to PST format in a selective manner. Users can select the .emlx files that are to be exported from search results and after that, converts EMLX file to PST format. It also renders an option to search for a particular suspected term inside the email messages.

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Support for EMLX files of All Email Clients

The application is fully compatible with EMLX files created by all email clients that store data in this particular file format. Some of the major emails clients that produce EMLX files are Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, Eudura Mail, etc.

No Mac Mail Environment Required

Dual EMLX File Viewing Mode of Software

The EMLX file data can be viewed in dual mode in EMLX to PST Converter. The default mode of the tool is horizontal screen view mode and vertical viewing is also available in this EMLX Exporter software. With a single click, the modes can be switched to vertical of horizontal.

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Option to Split File During Conversion

While converting with this EMLX to PST Converter, users can split the resultant PST file into different parts. This EMLX file to Outlook Converter has the option to split PST file according to the size chosen by the user. One can easily enable the feature to divide the PST file in multiple smaller parts of chosen size.

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Create Separate PST for Each Folder

EMLX to PST Converter offers the option to save the data of each EMLX file containing folder in a separate PST file. To get this feature, users need to check the box of “Create PST for Each Folder” option. Then the tool will generate separate .pst file for every folder like inbox.pst, sent.pst, important.pst (folder created by user) etc.

unicode pst

Convert EMLX Files in Unicode PST

During the conversion of EMLX to PST, the tool generates Unicode type PST file that has the storage limit of 20 – 50 GB. As a result, this PST file can save a large amount of data in Outlook compatible format that can be imported in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.

save file after conversion

Save PST File to New Folder After Conversion

EMLX to Outlook PST Converter allows users to save the resultant data in any chosen location / folder. The software also provides an option to save the PST files in a new folder. Users can create the new folder from the software interface and save the files in it.

EMLX to PST Converter Software Specifications
Try Free Demo Version and Check Features Before Purchasing Full Version

Software Download

Size: 38.7 MB

Version: 6.0

MD5: c7b78fa5e8a61e6a8f9d7c4891575ab2

Trial Limitations

Free demo version of SysTools EMLX to PST Exporter will convert only 10 Emails per folder into PST file format.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

4 GB of RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz


If you are using Windows 11 (64-bit), Windows 10/8.1/8/7, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".

Additional Software

Microsoft .NET framework 4.6



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EMLX to Outlook Converter Feature Comparison

Get an Overview of EMLX to PST Features – DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Add EMLX Files in bulk
Preview EMLX Files Data Before Conversion
Support to Export All Mail Client EMLX File
View EMLX File Emails with Attachments
Support Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and below versions
Software Support to Split PST by Size
Batch EMLX Files to PST Conversion 10 Emails/Folder All Items
Export EMLX to PST and Save 10 Emails/Folder All Items
Cost FREE $29

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How to move EMLX files to MS Outlook with this application?

“I am planning to buy this software. Can anyone tell me how to operate EMLX to PST Exporter tool with complete steps:”


5 Simple Steps to Convert EMLX Files to PST Format

  • Step 1 –: Download & Launch “SysTools EMLX to PST Converter”
  • Step 2 –: “Browse and Preview” EMLX files into the program
  • Step 3 –: Choose “PST” as the target file format
  • Step 4 –: Use “Date Filter” before migrating in PST format
  • Step 5 –: Click “Export” to convert EMLX to PST
Will the resultant PST file be supported on the latest Outlook version?

EMLX to PST conversion software is built to render a Unicode formatted output. The Unicode type PST generated by the software is supported on all versions of Outlook.

The software is not dependent upon any external application for carrying out EMLX file to PST conversion. Outlook is only required while reading the output PST file and during the conversion.

The software imposes no such limitation on the conversion process and supports the export of unlimited EMLX files into a consolidated form, i.e. Outlook PST file.

All Windows Operating System versions are equally supported by the software regardless of the version. The software is a Windows - solution and supports all Windows OS versions available.

The software features a split by size option. If you believe that the EMLX files are too many to be stored in a single Unicode type PST, you can split the output by size in GBs. This will create multiple PST files of the specified size, offering an organized output.

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