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E01 file viewer

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SysTools E01 Viewer
Free Viewer to Forensically Examine .E01 Files

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  • Examine, Read & Search within .E01 Image Files
  • Standalone tool to Mount & Explore Multiple .E01 Image Files
  • In depth analysis of email data files within E01:
  • Examine E01 file created by FTK Imager, Encase Disk Imager
  • SysTools E01 Viewer Supports Latest Windows 10 OS & Below Versions
    Open E01 File on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP & Other Versions

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Expert Reviews for E01 Viewer

SysTools E01 Viewer is a standalone tool that allows a user to easily open E01 file contents and save into PDF format on Windows operating systems.

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Software Informer gives SysTools E01 Viewer Software 100% secure and clean award for its best performance.


Soft32 provides SysTools E01 Viewer Software gets 5 star rating for being the most effective product for opening e01 file contents.

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SysTools E01 Viewer is the recommended software among various others as it has the best performance to Forensically Examine .E01 Files.

List of Key Features in SysTools E01 File Viewer

mount & read E01 file

Open & Mount E01 File

E01 Viewer allows you to open and view multiple .e01 files. This software will help you to open and preview three types of files: present in any .E01 image file. You can also add multiple E01 files and preview its content.

preview E01 files

Preview E01 File Items with attributes

In order to add E01 file, you need to scan it first. Once E01 file get scanned, all items within the file will be loaded and you can view the items with its properties like: Type of file, File Name, File path, created date and size in MB.

load & scan

Scan & Load E01 Files in Batch

The E01 File Viewer allows you to add folder having multiple E01 files and its segments like E01, E02, E03 etc. Besides this; the software will load all the E01 files present in that folder, simultaneously. Also, you can view the status of file being scanning or as scanned. Once the scanning finishes, you can view all the E01 files at once. Also, the software will save previously scanned data, so you do not need to scan the same file every time you open it.

open E01 file

E01 Viewer will scan and load all the file found within an E01 file. Now, if you further need to view the content inside each file then click on View content. For each file type there is an in-built viewer available.

view E01 files

After loading the file; present inside an E01 file, you can further preview its components. For this, you only need to click on view content button and software will launch the built-in OST file viewer. The selected files will get automatically scanned and loaded. Further, you can perform various operations like viewing other items such as contacts, calendars, emails, attachments.

read E01 files

After finishing the E01 file scan, all the available files present inside the E01 file will get listed. But, if you want to view the data inside file then software provides you with an Outlook PST Viewer for the same. This is an in-built application and will help you in scanning & previewing file data. You can open and view multiple files at once.

view E01 file emails

Once E01 Viewer lists all the files available, you can further view content of these file by using the in-built EDB file viewer. This Viewer is a standalone utility to open, view and examine file mailboxes and its components like: emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.

file search option

Windows Style File Search Option

The E01 file viewer tool is equipped with a searching option which resembles the one in Windows search. Using this you can use any text or term or file extensions to search data within the folders. Also, it is possible to set a specific date range with "From" and "To" dates and search emails falling within the specified date range.

preview image partitions

Preview all Image Partitions

E01 file may contain the replica image of any system’s logical or physical hard drive. Now, you are opening an E01 file with E01 Viewer, having the complete image of system’s logical drive. Software will show all the partitions and content in its original format.

load selective files

Load Selective Files

Selective E01 files can be loaded on the software according to users’ convenience and requirement. Using Add File option you can get the desired E01 file loaded on the software and perform analysis of its contents and searches within its components.

Free E01 Viewer Screenshots

E01 viewer tool
Step 1: Install & Launch E01 Viewer
open E01 file
Step 2: Scan and Preview EnCase E01 File
View in Email files
Step 3: Click on View Content Button
launch free file viewers
Step 4: Open & Preview Selected File

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e01 file viewer

Size:11.3 MB Version: 2.0

MD5: e9592fd3689405e45d990f754a25cc98

Trial Limitations

Trial version of E01 Viewer software preview the content of

Download Freeware

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 15 MB of free hard disk space

Application Pre-Requisites

  • If you are using Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".

Supported Versions

  • Microsoft Windows – 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit)/10
Frequently Asked Question
What is E01?

E01 file is an EnCase Forensic Image file of disk (both logical & physical), CD, DVD or other portable devices. It is created by EnCase, FTK Imager and other forensic tools. Most forensic users create E01 to prevent unauthorized access of their more

How to Access EnCase E01 Files?

Step 1: Download SysTools E01 Viewer Tool

Step 2: Scan & Preview EnCase E01 File

Step 3: Then, Click on View Content Button

Step 4: Open & Preview Selected Data File

Can I run this tool on my Windows 10 computer?

Yes, being a Windows based utility it is compatible with all versions of Windows including 10, 8.1.

Is this software totally free of cost or do I have to pay after one time use?

Yes, software is absolutely free of cost and you don't need to pay any charge for it.

Can I add multiple E01 files at a time?
I have 20 .e01 image files of variant sizes. Can I add them together in the tool for viewing them? Adding files one by one is not convenient enough.

Yes, you can add multiple E01 files at once. You just need to create a folder having all E01 files in it and simply select Folder option during browse (Click Here to See Option) . The tool will then process all of them and will give preview for each.

I have an E01 file created by EnCase Forensic tool. Will software support it?

Yes, software supports E01 files created by EnCase, FTK Imager and other digital forensic imaging tools.

Will software help me to get preview of corrupted E01 file?

Yes, software will give preview of corrupt E01 file through scanning each of its sectors and removing the corruption.

SysTools E01 File Viewer? Why to Upgrade

supports multiple files

Supports Multiple Files

The qualities of E01 Viewer are carried forward to the viewer pro tool in an advanced manner. You can view emails of three file types: Offline Data File, Outlook Data File, and Exchange Database on the software panel and not an inbuilt setup.

scan and view

Extract & Save As PDF

You get the option to extract and save emails from scanned files of the E01 forensic image file.After the Emails are scanned from E01 file, it can be saved individually as Portable Document Format file.

open and preview

Naming Convention

Each message saved as a single Portable Document Format file can be saved with a desired naming pattern. You can choose from message subject, date, sender, or a combination of all to name the output PDF files with.

scan and view

Multiple Export Settings

There are a number of export options provided by the Viewer Pro for E01 file. You can choose to maintain the hierarchical order of folder, create a top folder, exclude the duplicate messages, or apply PDF settings (formatting, layout, etc.).

Upgrade to PRO Edition

Upgrade to E01 Viewer Pro for Advance Search Option and Export In Multiple File Formats

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Preview E01 Files
View E01 with Attachments
Windows 10, 8 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Support Multiple Email Files
Advance Search within Files
Save & Export in Multiple File Formats
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Clients Say

E01 Viewer program proved to be helpful as the disk for which E01 was created; belonged to a marketing firm and most of the data it included was mailbox file i.e. . We were able to successfully analyze the E01 file as well as search & preview files within with the search facility and inbuilt viewer.

— Jason Clark, US

With the help of inbuilt Viewer program our analysis team conveniently got the view of all contents stored within E01 as well as file and its components in it. Search facility also was quite helpful as being a disk image it consisted of an enormous amount of data within.

— Sandra Kunis, Italy

The software is brilliant!!!! Performs very well, Solved my problem. I was unable to view & read E01 file data, But this software simplified it all. Also the software allows me to perform indepth analysis of email data files. Kudos to Team SysTools!!!

— Mark Smith, Ohio

A must have Software, Can view & open E01 files very easily. Being a regular user, Was confused at first. But, Now I can easily perform analysis of the email data files. Thanks “SysTools” for developing such an amazing tool!!!!!!!!

— Mona Mathers, South Dakota

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