Google Drive Issues: Common Problems With Respective Solutions

Raj Kumar ~ Modified: July 29th, 2020 ~ Migration, News, Tips ~ 6 Minutes Reading
Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the safest and widely used cloud storage space application across the globe. Users store all kind of data in it like documents, recordings, videos, photos, etc. In addition, incorporated Google Office Suite is another major reason behind the popularity of Google Drive. It lets users manage and perform their daily work in it directly. Moreover, one can easily access it from any device and anywhere without any hassle as it comes free with Google account. Now, as it is very much in use by the users, so it is not possible that they have never faced any problem while using it. There are many common Google Drive issues that are daily encounter by the users. So, to avoid them, it is important to have proper knowledge of them and how they can be resolved.

As Google Drive is famous among the users, so it is quite obvious that they must be facing one or another issue while using Google Drive. For example, Google Drive uploading issue, Google Drive stream issue.

Keeping such type of common Google Drive problem in mind, we have decided to help you in the same.

So, let’s get started!

Common Google Drive Issues Encountered by Users

In this section of the post, I have tried to cover all common issues that are faced by almost every Google Drive user in their lifetime. In addition, their respective solutions are also explained here to ease the resolving process for you guys.

Issue #1: Can I get old version of document back in Google Drive

Consider a situation in which while working on some document you have made major changes and it get saved automatically. After a moment, you realized that you required old data i.e., document before you have made any changes. Now, in this case you want recover your old work back.

It is most common problem faced by users with minimum knowledge of Google Drive. But, let me provide you a useful tip for the same. Google Drive has one useful feature that maintain history of all changes done in a document. So, it is easy to restore old version of document and overcome this Google Drive issue.

Now, to know how to restore old version of Google Drive document, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. In Google Drive, open your Document or file
  2. After that, click on the File option from Menu bar
  3. Then, click on the Version History >> See Revision History option
version history

You can see the history of changes made by you in the right side of the document. From here, simply choose the version and see the details.

all versions

Issue #2: Cannot open file in Google Drive

When you are unable to open a particular file in Google Drive, there can be many possible reasons behind it. For example,

You do not have permission to open or access. So, when you try to do the same, following screen will appear:

Google Drive issue

In this case you need to request for access permission from the file owner. And, as the owner grant you the desired permission, you can easily open the file without any hassle.

Issue #3: Unable to Locate File

You are the only person with file access and it get disappeared or deleted accidentally by you then, locating the file back will become difficult. But, no need to worry, we got this. Here, is one simple trick for the same. Just go to the Trash folder in your Google Drive and look for the file. If you have not Shift + delete it, then you will surely get your file in that folder. Other possibilities of unable to locate file in Google Drive issue are:

  • You might have renamed the file
  • You have moved the file to some other folder
  • If you have a shared file and the owner of file deleted it, then also you will not be able to find or locate it.

Suggestion: To avoid all such type of Google Drive issues, it is advised to backup Google Drive data time to time.

You can use Backup and Sync application (Gmail user) to store data offline also. If you are G Suite user, take help of Google Drive file stream application.

Issue #4: Google Drive storage limit exceeded

Another most common Google Drive problem is that Google Drive is not updating storage. Or, you can say that Google Drive storage limit exceeded. The main and only reason behind this is your Google Drive storage limit has reached and it is full. There is no space for any new data in it until you free up some of the storage space.

Now, there are two ways of overcoming the storage space issue in Google Drive. One is clear unnecessary data or old data from Google Drive. Or, you can delete file with large size from Google Drive. This method will surely resolve Google Drive storage limit issue.

What if you do not want to delete any of the data from Google Drive? At that point of time, a user is can do one thing. Simply, migrate files from one Google Drive to another Google Drive. Now, the question is how to move files between Google Drives?

I would like to suggest here Google Drive Migration tool. It is one of the reliable and efficient drive migrator that let you transfer data from personal and domain user’s account without any limitation. This software works really well compared to any other solution like move shared with me or trash folder with assigned permissions to another account in a single go. One of the fastest and convenient way of performing drive migration.

Issue #5: Google Drive not Syncing

Sometimes users want to access data offline also from Google Drive. For this, they take help of Backup & Sync all application to access Google Drive data in offline mode also. However, all changes made in offline mode get updated automatically as connection is established again.

  • If a user is facing issue using Backup & Sync All application try following tricks:
  • Disconnect and re-connect application with Google Drive account.
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall Backup & Sync application, it might work.
  • Another method is restart the Backup & Sync application.
  • Take professional help like Gmail Backup tool to save data locally

Issue #6: Unable to Share Entire Google Drive at Once

It is quite possible that users want to copy entire Google Drive to another Google Drive at once. It includes My Drive, Shared With Me, and Trash Folder. However, you can try moving all of them at once via manual solution like Google Takeout. Moreover, you can go for some professional solution also for the same.

Time to Wrap Up

Google Drive issues covered in this blog are the common and frequently searched by users. If you face any of these problems while using Google Drive, just go through the respective solution suggested above. This blog will surely solve all your Google Drive issues in an efficient manner.