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Secure Way to Convert Zimbra TGZ File to Multiple Formats

  • Option to migrate Zimbra Files to PST, PDF, MSG, EML, and MBOX format
  • Capable to export Zimbra emails, contacts, briefcase, calendars, notes, list, and attachments
  • Multiple file naming options to extract emails from Zimbra to individual emails formats
  • Allows to convert Zimbra TGZ to TXT, RTF, HTML, MHT, DOCX, DOC file format
  • Provides an option to export Zimbra contacts in vCard and calendars in ICS format
  • Add and preview all folders of Zimbra TGZ file in the software interface before migration
  • Several Filters available to migrate complete Zimbra TGZ files in batch or selective way
  • Save and upload TGZ file scanned report by Save Scan and Load Scan Option
  • Allows to convert Zimbra emails along with attachments in the desired file format
  • Capable to perform Zimbra Briefcase conversion also with all other data items in a single go
  • Generate a detailed export process report, including success count and fail count
  • Compatible with all versions of Zimbra Desktop, i.e., 1.0.4, 2.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.2.8, etc.

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What All You Can Migrate Using SysTools Zimbra TGZ Converter Tool?

Export / Convert Zimbra TGZ Files With Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Briefcase

Email Messages Export Zimbra emails along with all its meta properties. It includes, subject, to, cc, inline images, size (KB), bcc, sent/received date, time, signature, path, priority, links.
Email Attachments Zimbra Migration Tool convert normal as well as embedded attachments from TGZ file. Types of Attachment Supported:
  • For Images: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • For Files: DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF etc.
Date Range Filters To convert Zimbra Emails and mailbox folders from some particular date range.
Previews Emails 8 different options to preview emails: Normal Mail View, Attachment, Hex, Properties, Message Header, HTML, MIME, and RTF.
Remember: Preview of data items depends on their respective nature only.
Contacts Export Zimbra Contacts from TGZ file using this software. This Zimbra TGZ Converter can also migrate attachments in contacts, other details, distribution list (contacts group) etc. In addition, all personal details related to a particular contact can also get migrated.
Contact Item Details
  • Personal Details: Name, Birth Date, Nick Name, Anniversary
  • Contact Details: Mobile Number, Primary Phone, Pager, Home, Business.
  • Address: Home, Business, Other
Preview & Sort Option Sort and preview TGZ file contacts depending on Contacts with attachments, Company, Full Name, File As, Home Phone, Business Fax, Mobile Phone, Categories
Calendar Zimbra Migration tool can convert Calendars along with its attachments, Path, Status, Location, Start time, Reminder, End time, Duration, Categories, Time Zone, All day event from a TGZ file.
It will export Weekly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly appointments and meetings from a particular date range.
Calendar Attachments TGZ Calendar attachments such as Documents, Files, Business Cards, Calendars, etc.
Calendar Types
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Group Schedules
  • Appointments and Events
Reminders Migrate Zimbra TGZ file appointment reminders.
Preview & Sort Option Preview Calendar items with all data items Calendars with attachments, Full Name, Company, File As, Business Fax, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Categories.

Comprehensive Solution to Customize Zimbra TGZ File Migration Process

Convert Zimbra Database File to PST/ EML/ MSG/ MBOX

TGZ Converter

Multiple Filters to Customize Process

Sometimes users does not want to perform complete data migration. At that point of time, several filters to customize the conversion process are offered by Zimbra Migration tool. All of them are listed below:

  • File Naming Options: It offers multiple file naming conventions that one can use while saving emails in single email file formats.
  • Date Filter Option: In order to migrate Zimbra files from particular date range, take help of this filter. A user just needs to specify date range in From and To field.
  • Category Selection: A user can choose particular data item like emails, contacts, calendars, and briefcase. This Zimbra TGZ Converter will exporter only selected data item.
  • Split PST:If a user choose PST file as a output format, then he or she is allowed to break large size PST file with size. Use this option to deal with large PST file size issue.

List of Key Features Offered by Zimbra TGZ Converter Tool

Migrate Complete Zimbra TGZ Files to Several Other Formats


Export Zimbra Mailbox to Multiple Formats

SysTools Zimbra Migration tool is designed to export TGZ to different file formats. A user can convert Zimbra TGZ mail files to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, ICS, CSV, and vCard. While exporting data, the tool is capable to export emails, briefcase, contacts, calendars, and lists from TGZ. One just needs to choose the desired file format for conversion and access it in the supporting email application.


Migrate Zimbra to Outlook PST

This Zimbra TGZ Converter tool is an effective application that let you export Zimbra to Outlook PST file. After that, it can easily be accessed by in any version of Microsoft Outlook. It migrate complete Zimbra TGZ files even without extracting it. And, to overcome large size issue, split PST option is also there to break resultant file by size.


Save Scan and Load Scan Options

As a user add TGZ file, the Zimbra Converter will immediately begin the TGZ file scanning process. When the scanning process completed successfully, it display the items stored in TGZ. When the file loading and scanning process completed successfully, a dialogue box will pop-up. It asks for saving the scanning process, click OK to save the report. So, whenever same file needs to be loaded again, scanning time will be saved by the load scan option.


Export All Mailbox Items of Zimbra

This Zimbra TGZ Converter software is capable enough to migrate all mailbox items of Zimbra. It includes emails, contacts, calendars, briefcase etc., with all meta details. However, it export emails along with associated attachments during the conversion process. If a user chooses only contacts and calendars for the export process, then it get exported to vCard and ICS format respectively.


Zimbra to MBOX, PDF, EML & MSG

Another major benefit of this Zimbra Migration tool is it let users export Zimbra TGZ files to MBOX, EML, MSG, and PDF format. Depending on their choice users can choose the output format and after that access it in any of the supporting application. In addition, with every desired file format, one can customize the conversion process from their respective advance settings. For example, set page layout, orientation etc., in PDF, naming convention to store emails in single email formats, etc.


Export Zimbra Contacts from TGZ file

Zimbra TGZ Converter Tool is programmed in such a manner that if a user wants, he or she can migrate Zimbra files contacts to vCard or CSV format. The application provides an option to the users to export only contacts from Zimbra. While doing the same, all details associated with contacts like name, address, email address, etc., also get migrated successfully. Also, Zimbra Export tool can convert distribution list and contacts group.


Zimbra Calendar Migration Supported

Another impressive feature of this tool is that it let users export Zimbra calendars only to a universal format, i.e., ICS. Zimbra Converter tool migrate all data associated with calendars like calendar entries, events, reminders appointment, schedules in its original form. Apart from all this, the software will save recurrence calendar events also in a retained form.


Export Briefcases from Zimbra Mailboxes

With the help of this software, a user is allowed to convert Zimbra Briefcase also. However, the software will migrate Zimbra TGZ file briefcase with complete data by maintaining them all in their original format. It does not matter what type of data is stored in briefcase, the Zimbra TGZ Converter will migrate all of them to respective file format.


Option to Maintain Folder Structure

When a user convert Zimbra TGZ database file, the software will provides an option to keep folder structure intact. If a user wants, then he or she can choose the Maintain Folder Hierarchy option. The Zimbra Converter tool will save the data in same folder structure as its was inside the Zimbra mailbox.


Provides Preview Option

As a user upload the TGZ file in Zimbra TGZ Converter, it provides an instant preview of data stored in that file. One can preview folder data in the right pane and folder list in the left pane of the software interface. This option is really helpful where a user can cross check the data before migrating it and make choice for selective data conversion into desired file format. Moreover, a user can preview attributes also associated with each data item.


Export Selective Data Items from TGZ Files

Sometimes a user does not want to perform complete data migration. At that point of time, he or she can cheeck or uncheck the data items and click on Export Selected button from top-right corner. The Zimbra Converter will migrate only that specific data items from Zimbra TGZ file to respective file format. Apart from this, the software is compatible with all versions of Zimbra and Microsoft Windows OS.


Generate a Report With Details

When the conversion process completed successfully, the software will generate an export process report. This Zimbra Export Mailbox report contains all file name, item count, success count, and fail count. However, if a user want to keep these details for future, simply save it in CSV format on the destination location.

Frequently Asked Questions Asked by User
Migrate Zimbra TGZ File to Other File Formats
How to convert Zimbra TGZ file emails via this application?

Zimbra Converter

Follow the steps mentioned below to export Zimbra TGZ files:

  • Step 1 : Click on Download button and Send your Requirement for Zimbra Converter Tool
  • Step 2 : Click on the Add File button to upload TGZ file
  • Step 3 : Preview Zimbra file data and choose items that you want to export
  • Step 4 : Choose the Export Type of your choice and click on the Export button
Yes, you can easily migrate complete Zimbra TGZ file data, including Briefcase, contacts, calendars, and emails.
No, you can directly upload zipped TGZ file to the software. Zimbra Migration tool will export it without any hassle.
Yes, this Zimbra Mailbox Export software supports all version of Zimbra Desktop, including 1.0.4, 2.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.2.8, etc.
No, there is no any such file size limitation imposed by Zimbra Converter software.
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