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SysTools OneDrive to Google Drive Migration tool is the best way to copy data & files from OneDrive to G Drive account. The software will help to transfer photos, audio, video, files, PDF, etc from Microsoft OneDrive to G Drive.

  • Allows to Move all Documents from OneDrive to Google Drive Account
  • Migrate Data from Single/ Multiple Users from Onedrive to G Suite Google Drive
  • Admin Credentials are required to transfer documents from Onedrive to G Drive
  • Export Items: Docx, PPTX, XLSX, Images etc., within O365 OneDrive to G Suite G Drive
  • Migrate document Permissions from Source (OneDrive) to destination (G Drive)
  • Renders Option for Selective User Migration between Onedrive & G Drive Domain
  • You can Set Priority of Migration Order by Choosing User Priority Option
  • Supports Delta Migration to move newly arrived OneDrive data to Google Drive
  • Analyse Details Successful Document Migration of All Users with CSV Reporting

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Pre-Requisites : Create Google Console Project & Add Scopes Register application with Microsoft AD

Notable Features of OneDrive to Google Drive Migrator Tool
Reliable & Efficient Software to Copy Files from OneDrive to G Drive Account

Move OneDrive files to Google Drive

Transfer Files From OneDrive to Google Drive

With this advanced tool, you can move documents from OneDrive to G Drive at once. In fact, one can migrate all items like photos, PDFs, Excel files, etc., in an absolute way. You must add source/ destination IDs to perform OneDrive to Google Drive migration. For Validation of Source Admin account, first, you have to register App with Azure Active Directory and Enable API access in Microsoft Console. To validate destination account, you should define the Scope at domain level and after that, you can perform the export process easily.

copy onedrive files to google drive

Allows to Perform Migration in Multiple Ways

OneDrive to Google Drive Migrator has ability to carry out the migration in different ways. It involves many options to copy data from domain to domain, and user to user account. Also, you can transfer User1 (Domain A)[Office 365 OneDrive] to User 2 (Domain B)[G Drive]. Let's to You have to select the required source and destination, and leave the rest to this software.

migrate multiple users

Multiple Users Migration in Batch Mode

It is not an easy task to perform migration of multi-user in bulk mode. But, with OneDrive to G Drive transfer, the concurrent migration task is simple and straight forward. It can move multiple users account of a domain from one environment to another. This tool can migrate account in order of entry or one can also set the priority. OneDrive to Google Drive Migration Tool is tested to move documents with speed of 40 gb* per hour

(* The speed may vary depending upon your Machine Configuration, Internet Connection, and is distributed across users )

transfer all mailboxes simultaneously

Migrate All the Mailboxes Simultaneously

SysTools Migrator for OneDrive to G Drive is capable enough to perform concurrent migration. It allows the user to move multiple user mailboxes at once in the bulk mode. The software will export first 40 mailboxes in a single attempt. Users are allowed to set priority to specify order of concurrent migration, simply all mailboxes can be migrated first.

add users

3 Options to Add Users

The software gives 3 different options to add users to transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive:

  1. Fetch Users: This option will automatically fetch and displays all the source account user IDs. Also, destination IDs are leaving as blank for manual mapping.
  2. Import Users: This option is used to add a CSV file containing all source & destination user IDs.
  3. Download Template: With this option, a sample CSV file will be downloaded which can be used to import a list of mapped source & destination accounts.

customize migration process

Options to Customize the Migration Process

As you start to transfer OneDrive to Google Drive, this software provides these features:

  1. Workload Selection: It is used to perform the migration according to a specific category like emails, contacts, calendars, documents.
  2. Date Filter Feature: Will migrate only the required data that falls under the specific date range.
  3. Migrate Document Permissions: Enabling this option will pass the document level permission from the source to the destination user account.
  4. User Group Mapping: Enabling this option allows to map the group mapping from source to destination.

manage export process

Provides Re-Run Migration Feature

This option enables the user to perform the migration process again. The three modes are provided by the software:

  1. Retry Failed Items: With this, migrate that data which was failed to migrate in the initial run.
  2. Re-Run Full Migration: It will run all the categories to counter any items that are skipped in the initial run. Also, there will no duplication of the data.
  3. Delta Migration: After the completion of the migration process migrate newly arrived data with this option.

view migration

2 Options to View Migration

Through the Dash Board of the software user can easily track the progress status and previous record of the migration process. The tool provides 2 options to view OneDrive to Google Drive migration status these are:

  1. List View: It will show the list of all mailboxes categorized into 3 tabs such as processing, pending, and completed.
  2. Tile View: An individual tile for each user that contains all details like a total number of counts.

migrate multiple users onedrive data to google drive

Advance Settings

With the Seetings tab users can fine tune the migration process in two ways:
Enable Multiple Accounts: Enabling this option allows users to add multiple migration projects in source & destination screen. But, the machine must have high configuration and high bandwidth.
Concurrent Users: This options helps us to set the maximum number of accounts that will migrate concurrently in a project.

download report

Get Detailed Report

  1. Summary Report: A CSV report generated after data migration containing details like success count, failed count, size and status
  2. Detailed Report: It contains a complete report of each mailbox in CSV file format. It contains Source ID, Destination ID, File Name, Folder Name, Status, Error & size of data.

SysTools OneDrive to Google Drive Migration Tool Feature Comparison

Get an Overview of OneDrive to G Drive Exporter Features - FREE and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Browse CSV File with Credentials
Perform Migration in Multiple Ways
Delta Migration
Admin Credentials are Needed
Apply Date Filter & Selective User Migration
Maintain Folder hierarchy
Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 / 2016
Supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Priority Based Migration
Unlimited Data Migration from OneDrive to G Drive Migrate 2 User Account Only All Items
Cost Free $25 (5 users)

Download SysTools OneDrive to G Drive Migrator Tool

Try Demo Version of The Tool to Move Documents From OneDrive to Google Drive

Windows Software Download

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Size : 92.3 MB

Version : 5.1.0

MD5 : 915848cc8cdb5d55fd399a4c048d9b4e

Download for Linux

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Size : 95.1 MB

Version : 5.1.0

MD5 : 75abdb7b22c5b01987572378c0a1fc4d

Trial Limitations

Demo version of OneDrive to Google Drive Migrator tool supports to migrate complete data of 2 user account only

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Around 500 MB for installation & tool requires at least 5GB of free space to store data

Minimum 8GB RAM is required

Minimum of 2.2 GHZ

Supported Editions

  • For Windows Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows Server 2012, 2016
  • For Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    Architecture: x86-64

Application Pre-Requisites

  • Destination User(s) should be already created at destination Admin account.

Source Account : OneDrive

  • Register Application with Microsoft Azure Active Directory & Enable API Permission for Destination Tenant as follows : Read More
      Microsoft Graph     

Destination Account : Google Drive

  • Make sure to Enter Service Account Client & Browse p12 Key Path of Google Cloud Platform Console Project. Know How to Create Google Console Project Read More
  • You must Add Scopes & Validate both source and destination Admin Account.

How to Add Scopes

Follow the below Steps mentioned below to Add Scope at Domain Level. Read More
  • Go to Admin console
  • Select Security > Advanced Settings
  • Select Manage API Client Access from Authentication section.
  • In Client Name, Enter Client ID (same as Google Console Project Client ID)
  • Under API Scopes Enter :,,,,

  • Click Authorize



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OneDrive to Google Drive Migration Tool Related Users Queries

Answer of Users Query on How to Transfer Files from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive

What are the working steps of the software? Also, does it allow me to migrate new data?

“Just a few days ago, I had an unrgent requirement to migrate new data from OneDrive folder to G Drive. But, I do not know what to do next? Please suggest me a feasible solution for the same."

Yes, Yes, OneDrive to Google Drive Migration tool offers Delta Migration. This feature will help users to move newly arrived data or modified data.

6 Steps to Transfer OneDrive Data to Google Drive Account

  • Step 1: Download & Install SysTools OneDrive to G Drive Migrator Tool
  • Step 2: Choose Workload as Documents & Apply Date Filter
  • Step 3: Enter Admin Credentials for Office 365 & click on Validate
  • Step 4: Enter Admin Credentials for G Suite & click on Validate
  • Step 5: Now, fetch all users from source & destination
  • Step 6: Click on "Start Migration" button to initiate the migration

“I need to transfer files from OneDrive to google Drive account according to a specific date range. So, I want to know that with this software can I perform selective data migration according to a particular date range?"

Yes, Of Course, this tool provides date filtering feature so that the user can easily filter all crucial documents according to the certain date range while exporting OneDrive data to Google Drive.

“I want to transfer all data from OneDrive to Google Drive account at the same time. Thereby, how can avail this migrator tool to perform the concurrent migration?"?

Yes, this software allows to migrate more than one user mailboxes simultaneously in the batch mode.
Yes, this migrator tool provides the facility to keep data integrity intact after performing the migration process.
Yes, the OneDrive to Google Drive Migration tool will creates two reports i.e. summary report & detailed report.
To migrate files from OneDrive to Google Drive you can use SysTools OneDrive to G Drive Migration tool. With this program easily transfer multiple documents to Google Drive.
To transfer OneDrive data to Google Drive use the category as Documents provided by the tool.

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