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SysTools PDF Split & Merge
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Use this advanced utility to combine and split PDF files on any Windows OS. The software allows users to easily split PDF into multiple files without any formatting issues. Moreover, with its PDF Merging feature users can manage their files easily. Download free demo version of PDF Split & Merge software to combine and split large PDF files.

  • Software to Split and Merge PDF Files in Batch
  • Provides Option Add Files or Add Folder to merge PDF in batch
  • Option to Split PDF by Page, Range, Even Pages, Odd Pages
  • Compatible with all versions of PDF documents & maintains the originality
  • No limitation on the Number of PDF Files to be merged
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS to combine and split PDF files
  • Create a separate folder for the resultant PDF file.
  • Provides Data security during the PDF Split & Merge process.

Free Live Demo - SysTools PDF Splitter and Merger Software Fully Secured Download Version

This Software Preserves the Layout, Structure & Orientation of the PDF Pages

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SysTools PDF Split and Merge Software

A Single Solution to Combine and Split PDF Documents

Provides Different PDF Splitting Modes

SysTools PDF Split & Merge Tool offers various options to split large PDF file into multiple files these are as follows:

  • Split PDF by Page
  • Split PDF by Range
  • Split PDF by Even Pages
  • Split PDF by Odd Pages

trouble free pdf split and merge tool

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Preview PDF File Details Before Merging

Once, the PDF documents are added for the merging process, the PDF Merger software generates the preview of the following PDF details:

  • File Name
  • File Size
  • File Path

Different Types of PDF Files Merge & Split by the Software


or Bills

bank account statements





or Documentation

credit card files

Card Statements

hr files


other pdf files

PDF Documents

Benefits of Merging PDF Files

combine pdf into one pdf

Keep All Data at One Place

Dealing with a large number of PDF documents is a quite complicated task. Use SysTools PDF Split & Merge utility to merge multiple PDF files together into a single document. With this, users can keep all data in a single document for the easy management of the workflow.

easy shareable

Easy to Share

Sharing a single PDF file either with the coworker or with friends would be easier as compared to sharing the multiple documents. SysTools PDF Split & Merge tool will surely be a big thumbs up to combine multiple PDF files into one PDF document for the fast file sharing a purpose.

avaoid file handling issues

Overcome File Handling Issues

Having a large number of PDF files may cause some file handling or data corruption issues. There are various chances of file misplacing or accidental deletion. Therefore, in such situations, the best option would be is to merge all PDF files into a single document with this PDF Merger.

Benefits of Splitting PDF Files

fast access

Quick File Access

Splitting a large size PDF document into smaller ones helps in the fast accessing of the PDF files. Users will not find any System hanging issues while opening the PDF files generated by the tool after the completion of the PDF splitting process.

split pdf files into multiple files

Saves Downloading & Uploading Time

Uploading or downloading the large size PDF files takes more time. Thus, to deal with such problems SysTools provides PDF Split & Merge software. With this utility split large size PDF files into smaller ones & save your time.

share particular pages

Share Particular Data

Sometimes users want to share a particular page or content with their team-mates or with friends. Therefore, in such cases, the best solution will be is to split PDF file into multiple PDF files. With this, it becomes very easy for the user to share the particular data with others.

List of Key Features in SysTools PDF Split & Merge Tool
Characteristics of the Software to Split and Merge PDF Files

hassle free tool to combine and split pdf files

Split & Merge PDF Files

In order to manage PDF files go for PDF Split and Merge software. The tool allows users to split large PDF into multiple files according to its number of pages. Also, use this tool to combine multiple PDF into one document. After the PDF merging process software creates a single PDF containing multiple PDF documents.

4 option to split large size pdf files

Options to Split PDF File

The PDF Split & Merge tool offers different options to split PDF file into multiple PDF files:

  • Split by pages
  • Split by even pages
  • Split by odd pages
  • Split by range

split pdf files by page

Split PDF File by Pages

Using this option, users can split large size PDF file having multiple pages into separate files. This PDF Splitter software will create single PDF file for each page within the PDF document (if user enter 1 in Split by Page option). At the destination location software will save output PDF files sequentially numbered to make it easier for you to track the pages.

extract even pages pdf

Split PDF by Even Pages

With this option, you can create a separate PDF file containing all the pages in even number of count. For instance; if there are 10 pages in your PDF file then using this option, then this PDF Split & Merge tool will create a PDF file for pages numbered as 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10. This will not make any changes to the source PDF file but create a single PDF document at the target location.

split big pdf file by odd pages

Split PDF by Odd Pages

Similar to the options mentioned above, the PDF Splitter software will split up odd-numbered pages of the selected PDF. For example, if the PDF is containing 10 pages then the software will create a PDF file containing page numbered as 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9. So, all in all, a single PDF will be created without making any changes to the original file.

split large pdf files by range

Split PDF File by Range

This option is provided for all those users who want to split PDF files by range. For example – the user is having a PDF document containing 12 pages, but he wants only four pages from the middle i.e. 2-5. Therefore, in such cases users can select this option and creates a PDF file containing all pages coming in that range.

merge multiple pdf files into one

Merge Multiple PDF Files

On the contrary to PDF file splitting, if the user has various PDF files then they can merge multiple PDF into single PDF document for easy management. With the Add Folder option users can insert multiple PDF files & create one combined PDF document. Also, it must be noted that the PDF Split and Merge tool will not make any changes in the formatting of the original documents.

divide and combine pdf on windows os

Compatible with All Versions

SysTools PDF Split & Merge software is a Windows Operating system based utility to combine and split PDF files. The tool is compatible with all available versions of Windows OS i.e. 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Win Vista, Win XP, etc. Along with this, the software supports all version of Adobe PDF files.

PDF Splitter and Merger Software Specifications
Download the Best Software to Split and Merge PDF Files

Software Download

Download Now

Size : 27.8 MB

Version : 4.0

MD5 : f76ee3303341180a8fb644d1ff7ced06

Trial Limitations

Demo version of PDF Split & Merge software allows the users to save the PDF file after Split or Merge operation, with watermark of "SysTools Split & Merge".

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Minimum 10 MB of free hard disk space

2 GB

1GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Application Prerequisites

If you are using Window 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".

Operating System

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & All Below Versions

Product Guides

Software Guide Installation Uninstallation EULA


Electronic Delivery

Software Customization

If you need to customize PDF Split & Merge Tool or need additional features then, Request Quote

PDF Split & Merge Software Feature Comparison

Get an Overview of PDF Splitter and Merger Tool Features - FREE and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Add PDF File & Folder
Allows to Divide and Combine PDF Files
Merge Multiple PDF documents at Once
Split PDF into Multiple Files
Compatible with all Windows Versions
Merge & Split PDF Files Without Watermark
Cost FREE $11

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How to use this PDF Splitter and Merger software to divide and combine PDF files in a hassle free manner?

“I have the large PDF file which contains approx 100 pages. I want to split PDF into multiple files and then combine few of them”. How can I use is this tool?

Download PDF Split and Merge Software
Select Either PDF Split or Merge option

Steps to Split PDF Files:

Step 1: Click on 'Browse' to select PDF file for splitting

Step 2: Select the suitable splitting option i.e. Split By Page, Range, Even, Odd Pages

Step 3: Click on 'Process' to start the procedure of splitting PDF files

Step 4: Pop up windows shows the completion of process

Steps to Merge PDF Files:

Step 1: Click on Add File or Add Folder to select PDF files

Step 2: Click 'Process' to start the procedure of merging PDF

Step 3: Click 'Save-As' to select the desired location

Step 4: Pop up window preview the completion of the process

“My PDF file contains 15 pages and I want only second and third page of PDF file. Is this possible with this tool?

Yes, of course, the trial version of PDF Split & Merge tool provides various options to split PDF files & one among them is "Split PDF by Range". With this feature, you can set the page range as (2-3) and get the desired pages. But, the demo version of the software will add watermark in the resultant PDF.

No, the software does not provide any limitation on the number of PDF files to be merged. You can add any number of PDF files to perform merging process.

Yes, of course, this PDF splitter and Merger software is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems including 10.

No, there is no file formatting done by the tool, all the data remains intact or unchanged. It is a trouble free utility that can will only combine and split PDF files without making any alterations.

Yes, this tool is compatible with all versions of PDF documents.

Yes, this tool provides the option to Split PDF file by page. By using this option you can create a Separate PDF File into Single Pages.

“I am having a PDF document and I need to extract only even pages from it. So, is it possible to use this tool to perform this task?"

Yes, of course, this tool provides multiple options & one among them is Split PDF by Even Pages. By using this option you can get all even pages of PDF file.

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