SysTools PDF Split & Merge

Tool to Merge Multiple PDF Files & Split Large PDF Document by Page or Range

  • Allows you to Split and Merge multiple PDF files
  • Option to split PDF by Page, Even Pages, Odd Pages & Range
  • Compatible with all types of PDF files and maintain the originality
  • Option to Add Folder or Add Multiple files to merge PDF in batch
  • Compatible with all MS Windows versions upto Win 8.1
  • Adobe Reader 11.0 or below version is required to Split & Merge

List of Key Features in SysTools PDF Split & Merge Tool

split and merge pdf files

Split & Merge PDF Files

In order to manage PDF files go for PDF Split and Merge tool which allows you to break single large PDF into multiple parts according to its number of pages. Also, you can combine multiple separate PDF files into a single PDF file. This will help you easily manage multiple PDF files.

option to split pdf file

Option to Split PDF File

The PDF Split & Merge tool offers you with different options to split PDF files:

  • Split by pages
  • Split by even pages
  • Split by odd pages
  • Split by range

split pdf file by pages

Split PDF File by Pages

Using this option, users can split a single large sized PDF file having multiple pages into separate files. The software will create single PDF file for each page within the PDF document. At the destination location software will save output PDF files sequentially numbered to make it easier for you to track the pages.

split pdf by even pages

Split PDF by Even Pages

With this option you can create a separate PDF file for all the pages in even number of count. For instance; if there are 10 pages in your PDF file then using this option will create a PDF files for pages numbered as 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10. This will not make any changes to the source PDF file but five PDF document will get created at the target location.

split pdf by odd pages

Split PDF by Odd Pages

Similar to the options mentioned above, software will split up odd numbered pages of the selected PDF. For example, if you are having a PDF file with 10 pages then the software will create a PDF file each for pages numbered as 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9. So, all in all, 5 PDFs will be created without making any changes to the original file.

splti pdf file by range

Split PDF File by Range

This option is included to help those who want to split their PDF file by range. Suppose, you have a 12 page PDF file and only four pages from the middle are needed (2-5). Select the respective range and software will create PDF files for each page coming within that range. Also, the original PDF file will remain as it is.

merge multiple pdf files

Merge Multiple PDF Files

On the contrary to splitting PDF files, if you have a bunch of PDF file then you can also merge them all into a single PDF for easy management. The software allows you to add a folder of PDF files to create one combined PDF document out of it. No changes will be made in the original PDF formatting of files being merged together.

compatible with all versions

Compatible with All Versions

You can split or merge PDF file(s) on any version of Windows Operating System i.e. Windows 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP and all below versions too. Along with this, the SysTools PDF Split & Merge application is capable of running smoothly with any version of Adobe Acrobat as it supports all its editions.

PDF Split & Merge Tool Screenshots
pdf split and merge
Step 1: PDF Split and Merge
browse pdf file
Step 2: Browse PDF File
choose split options
Step 3: Choose Split Options
splitting of pdf file done
Step 4: Splitting of PDF File Done
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Trial Limitations

Demo version of PDF Split & Merge software allows the users to save the PDF file after Split or Merge operation, with watermark of "SysTools Split & Merge".

Download PDF Split & Merge Software

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System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 10 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Question
Is there any limitation on number of PDF files that I can merge?

No, there is no such limitation. You can merge any number of PDF files at once.

What Clients Say

I only wanted to split up a particular number of pages from my PDFs but didn't think it was possible until I found out about the tool from SysTools. You have built a complete package. Using the split by range option I successfully got what I wanted from the tool without any issues.

Brandon Jack, Australia

Thanks a lot SysTools Group and all its teams individually. Without the developers the tool wouldn't be possible and without the support department I wouldn't have been able to run this creation of yours smoothly. Though it's easy to use but the fear of ruining the outcome made me approach the team.

Jemma Lee, Spain
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