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Securely move data from Office 365 to G Suite platform with a feature-rich software that has a high success rate. Migrate unlimited O365 cloud data – Email, Contacts, Calendars, Documents to G Suite with this leading and simplified solution.

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  • Migrate Office 365 mailbox - Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Documents.
  • Transfer User mailbox data in O365 to G Suite
  • Move multiple Office 365 mailboxes to Google Apps in single attempt
  • Selective data migration through multiple filter options.
  • Priority feature for early migration of specific user data.
  • Transfer newly arrived data through Incremental migration
  • Shows real time progress status of import task.
  • Provide summery & detailed report of imported items.
  • Compatible with all Windows Operating System versions.

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What It Migrates?

Entire Office 365 to Google Apps Migration in Small Time Frame

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Using Software, an administrator can complete the data transfer from Office 365 to G Suite in a shortest possible time along with all data folders of Office 365 account. It includes migration of the following items:-

Office 365 EmailsEmails of any size along with associated attachment from all mail folders can migrate by tool into designated G Suite account. Plus, the folder hierarchy and all the important mail attributes – Subject, Single or Multiple To / CC / BCC are kept intact after the process.

Office 365 DocumentsMigrate documents from Office 365 to Google Apps, along with Folder & File permission from Source O365 user accounts while maintaining the folder structure same.

Office 365 ContactsThe contacts migrate from O365 to G Suite by the tool includes one or more Email addresses, Business, Home, and Mobile number, IM address, Company name, First name, Last name, Job title, Image and much more fields in the targeted accounts.

Office 365 CalendarsWithout any hassle, move Office 365 Calendar to G Suite account. Along with this, all the details including Folder Colour, Reminders, Location, Attendees status, All day event remains unchanged after the migration task.

Note:- Special character and the Foreign language in Calendar entries are supported by the software.

Mailbox items

Plot Smooth Office 365 to G Suite Migration With Different Approaches

priority option

Software aims to complete the whole data transfer from Office 365 to G Suite in a short time window with three different options:

Incremental Migration: This migration approach helps to move only the newly arrived data from Office 365 to G Suite in the next migration job.

Priority-Based Migration: A robust and outstanding integrated feature to select some significant user mailbox and migrate those data first.

Magnificent Features of Office 365 to G Suite Migration Tool

Perfect tool to automate Office 365 to Google Apps Migration With Emails, Documents, Calendar, Contact Data

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O365 to G Suite Platform Migration

O365 to G Suite Platform Migration

Software has potential to perform complete migration from one cloud platform to different cloud email platform in minimum span of time. It export all important data from Office 365 suite such as Emails, Attachment, Contacts, Calendar Entries to any G Suite plan without compromising the data quality. Along with this, it provides Mapping facility to efficiently map Source user address with Google Apps.

Import Data

Import the Data That You Want

With the Date Filter feature of the software user can filter out the particular user mailbox data items and transfer from Office 365 to G Suite. It is applicable on all Office 365 data items – Mails, Documents, Contacts, Calendars. This feature allows users to enter a date range that will examine by the tool and involve only those items that processed in between the mentioned timeline. Besides this, user is independent to either migrate data of all the data folders or selective one.

Streamline User Interface

Streamline User Interface

The Office 365 to G Suite Migrator has an extreme interface which is very much flexible and self-explanatory. It is designed in such a manner that it offers a positive data migration experience for naive and professional users. Thus multiple users account can be migrate from O365 to G Suite with this self-guided interface.

Transfer Unlimited O365 Users Data

Transfer Unlimited O365 Users Data

Administrator is free to move any number of users into the targeted Google Apps account. There is no constraint apply to the users number. With the Office 365 to G Suite migration tool, users can migrate single or multiple users mailbox data into G Suite account without altering the data quality.

Priority option

Option to Select User & Priority

The software shows each Source Email Id and its corresponding Destination Email ID on the Users dashboard. Here, you can select a desired number of users for the migration from all the mentioned Source Email ID. Apart from this, Office 365 to Google Apps migration utility provides the option of set User Priority. It allows the users to select the users’ ID whose data going to be transfer in G Suite first.

Preserve Folder Structure

Preserve Folder Structure

Software is built with various robust features and maintaining the folder hierarchy is one of them. No matter which O365 data folder (Mails, Contacts, Documents, Calendars) administrator will migrate, the folder structure remains unchanged after data transfer from Office 365 to G Suite. User will get the same nested folders and data at designated location.

Status Log File Generation

Status Log File Generation

The summery report for the performed migration from Office 365 to G Suite can be saved in the system as CSV file. This file contains information about each type of data you elected to import (emails, contacts, calendars, and document). The information includes – Success, failure & status of the migrated data folder. Besides this, a separate detailed Activity Report saved in the system automatically for each data item selected for migration job. It includes details like – Source ID, Destination ID, Status, Source File Name, Destination File Name, Source Folder Name, Destination Folder Name, Error, Size.

different Approaches

Approaches to Migrate O365 to G Suite

SysTools Migrator offers the most effective way to transmit data from one email system to another one by providing the Incremental Migration Approach.

Incremental Migration: Helps admin to move data from Office 365 to G Suite account which are newly arrived rather than complete data while doing the migration process again. This migration approach prevents duplicate data entries. Note: The migration should be done on the same machine where migration is already completed.

Real Time Migration Status

Real Time Migration Status

Office 365 to G Suite Migration Tool provide the status of on-going import procedure on its dashboard. Here, you can track the status of the migrated item at three different stages – Pending, Processing, Completed. If you want to display all the mailbox status then, click on All Tab for the same.

Retry Failed Option

Facility of ‘Retry Failed’ Option

During O365 to G Suite migration, if any kind of catastrophic disastrous situations occurs and process gets stopped by the software then, click on Retry Failed button. It will again migrate the data that was not imported during the earlier procedure.

SysTools Migrator - Office 365 to Google Apps Migration Specifications

Trail Edition of the Tool to Migrate or Move Office 365 user mailbox data into G Suite platform

Software Download

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Safe & Secure

Size : 9.6 MB

Version : 4.0.2

Trial Limitations

The demo version of Office 365 to G Suite Migration Tool will export complete data ( Mails, Contacts, Calendar & Contacts) from two user account only.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

8 GB is recommended

Minimum 4 core Processor 2.3GHz

Operating System

Windows 2012 Server, Windows 7/8/8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)


  • Launch the software as "Run as Administrator" if you are using Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7.
  • Destination User(s) should be already created at G Suite destination Admin account.

      Pre-requisites for Office 365 as source

  • Create Console Project in Office 365.
  • Make sure to enter Source Service Account Client ID, pfx Key Path & Password as "systools".

      Pre-requisites for G Suite as destination

  • Create Google Console Project.
  • Enter Service Account Client ID & P12 Key path of Google Console Project.
  • Add Scope to validate the G Suite admin account. Read more...

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows - 2008/2012, Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Additional Requirements

  • Minimum Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6



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How do I import mails from Office 365 account to new Google Apps account?

You must have admin credentials of both O365 and destination G Suite account to perform the same.

7 Simple Steps to migrate O365 to Google Apps:

  • Step 1: Download & Run SysTools Office 365 to G Suite Migration Tool
  • Step 2: Add “Office 365” admin credential & authenticate
  • Step 3: Enter admin credential for “G Suite account”.
  • Step 4: Choose “Preferences” & “apply filter” options.
  • Step 5: Set Source – Destination user mapping.
  • Step 6: Select “user accounts” & provide “user priority”.
  • Step 7: Click on “Start button” to begin platform migration.

Yes, the software has a Categories option where user can easily opt for any folder – Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Documents. By default, all the options are selected. It also help you to effortlessly migrate G Suite to Office 365 account.

No, the software always keeps Email format, body structure, metadata attributes (To, CC, BCC) in the original way in G Suite account as same as available in Office 365 account.
Yes, the Office 365 to G Suite Migration tool follows the incremental migration approach. Through which only the newly arrived data will transfer from Office 365 to G Suite account during the same O365 user’s mailbox migration.
Using Office 365 to Google Apps migration utility, users can easily maintain the same Source email id in the destination account. To do this, opt for Same As Source Email ID option under the Mapping feature.
Yes, the software has integrated Date Filter option. It works is to add a date scope and exclusively migrate the data that comes in between the provided date range.
Yes you can, through the Retry failed option you can retry the failed or interrupted migration process. So that there is no need to repeat the complete migration procedure.
No, the tool offers Incremental migration feature it will avoid the duplicate of mailbox data while repeating the migration from Office 365 to G Suite.
After complete the Office 365 to G Suite Migration you will get a detailed report of data transfer. In which it will specifically mention the data which are success and failed during the migration process.
To perform the data migration from Office 365 to G Suite use this O365 to G Suite Migrator tool. By using this software move emails, contacts, documents and calendar to G Suite.
To migrate or add calendars from Office 365 to Google calendar use this tool. Along with this, you can also migrate other data.
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