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Recover Corrupt MDF & NDF SQL Server Database & Export into SQL Server Database

List of SQL Recovery Tool Key Features

sql file recovery

SQL File Recovery

With SQL file recovery software you can Recover All tables, stored procedure,functions, views, rules, Triggers and associated PrimaryKey, Unique keys, data types & all other components.

quick sql file scan

Quick & Advance Scan

SQL database recovery software offers you two scanning modes. Select Quick scan is to over normal file corruption and Advance mode is for severe file corruption.

mdf file recovery

MDF & NDF File Recovery

You can recover the primary and secondary database i.e. MDF and associated NDF files. The software will scan both these files and recover the deleted table's data as well. You can also preview all the components in it. read more

recover deleted sql data

Recover Deleted SQL Table's Data

  • There are possibilities that you might have deleted some of the SQL table's either accidentally or unknowingly. In that case, SQL database repair tool will help you to recover most of the deleted SQL database table's.

save scanned file

Save Large File Scan & Save Time

After scanning of both MDF and NDF files, you can save the scanned file as .str file to desirable location. This will save the scanning time; if the process is closed in between; later you can start over again by simply loading the saved .str file.

preview items

Preview Database Components with Item Count

Software will preview all scanned & recovered database items like tables, column, keys, indexes, Triggers, procedures, functions with item count in its in-built viewer.

auto detect

Auto Detect SQL Server Version

  • The software is smart enough to auto detect the SQL Server version of MDF or NDF file. But; if you know the actual version SQL Server then it is recommended to check the appropriate SQL Server version manually.

export to sql server

Export to SQL Server Database

This export option is for you; if you want to directly move the files into live SQL Server database. Here you need to provide database credentials like Server name, Database name; Username and password etc.

export to sql script

Export as SQL Server Compatible SQL Script

  • As you export files to Server compatible SQL script a .sql file get created; which you can easily keep on any machine and use to restore data on any SQL Server.

export schema

Export Schema / Schema & Data

  • SQL file repair tool allows you to export the database with only schema of selected tables, procedures etc. Alternatively, you can export the tables with both schema and data in it.

support xml data

Support XML Data Type

  • SQL recovery tool will recover the XML data as well; if you have created columns and variables of the XML type or stored XML documents on a SQL Server database.

desired item selection

Export Selective SQL Files

You can export the selective items from the MDF or NDF file and save it. The software allows you to check or uncheck the files and folders.

suspect database error

SUSPECT Database Recovery

Avoid the issue of SQL database being marked as SUSPECT with SQL MDF database recovery tool. If you are unable to connect with database due to file SUSPECT error then repair & recoverSQL database. read more

SQL Recovery Tool Screenshots

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SQL Recovery Software Specifications

sql recovery box

Size: 3.1 MB

Version: 6.0

Trial Limitation

Demo version of SQL recoverySoftware previews all the recovered components, but cannot export & save them.

system requirement

  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install SQL Server on my machine to use this software?

I have corrupted MDF file of size 30 GB but SQL Server is not installed on my machine. Can I recover my MDF file without having SQL Server environment?

Software does not require SQL Server environment availability on your machine for scanning MDF file. But if you want to export scanned items into SQL Server database or into SQL Server compatible scripts, then you need to have SQL Server environment.

Is There any Limitation on Size of File that I can Recover ?

No, there is no such limitation on size of file. The software can scan and recover .mdf or .ndf file of any size.

How many .mdf / .ndf files can I recover at a time?

Software can scan and recover one MDF file at a time but you can add multiple NDF files at the time for scanning.

How to Load Saved Scanned File (.str) ?

If you saved your last scanning session as .str file then next time you don't need to scan it again to open the same .mdf file. Rather, you can save your time by simply loading the saved .str file. Go to Load option in Menu Bar and open the STR file.

Do I Need to Have Live SQL Server to Use this Program?

No, Software does not require SQL Server environment to be installed on your machine for scanning of MDF file. It will scan successfully even without SQL Server environment. But if you want to export scanned items into SQL Server database or into SQL Server compatible scripts, then you need to have SQL Server environment.

Does the program support database created on SQL Server 2012?

Yes, the tool's latest Version 6.0 can recover SQL Server 2012 database file.

How Can I Restore the Recovered File on My SQL Server ?

You can export the database files directly into the SQL Server database with Export to SQL Server Database option. You only need to provide the Server credentials and you must have full admin rights on SQL Server.

How Can I Run SQL Script (.bat file) in SQL Server ?

If you have saved the data in .sql script format then follow the steps to know how to run .sql file script in SQL server.

Does the Software work for "Suspected Database" successfully?

Yes, software will work for all type of corruption issues. suspect recovery

What Our Customer Says...

I am really impressed with SysTools SQL recovery software as its accuracy and speed is marvellous and it solved entire issues; which is absolutely incredible. In 30 years of database management, I have never found such effective database recovery software. I have obtained this software and recover my all data back.

— Bred Michelle, London

I accidently erased various rows of multiple tables using deleted command. Unfortunately; I was not having any backup of my deleted database. Recently I found SysTools SQL recovery Tool online & with the help of this software I was able to recover 100% of my data. I want to thanks the support team which helped in recovery.

— Wills Santos, Sweden

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